90s blowout hair is making its comeback! If you love fun and fierce looks with a ton of bounce and volume we know that you’re going to fall in love with some of these ideas. Not too sure what to pick out for yourself, or maybe you don’t know all the details on what 90s blowout is? Either way it may be, we are going to help you out and answer your questions. Here is what you should try out and book with your favorite hairstylist sometime soon.

Top 14 90s Blowout On Short Hair

1. Blonde Voluminous 90s Blowout


Go for full volume and try out this blonde look. If you’re someone who lives for the old school of doing hair and you enjoy voluminous looks, this is perfect for you! Ladies who are in their mid-thirties are going to fall in love with this design for their formal moments.

2. Black Hair 90s Blowout


This shiny and gorgeous black hairdo is for ladies who love cute and feminine looks. If you want you can also add layers to your design. Anyone who likes volume will fall in love with this beauty.

3. Warm Toned Blonde 90s Blowout Hair


Make sure that you give it a go with this hairdo if you’re someone who fancies long and blonde locks, as well as fluffy volume. You should color your hair every five weeks to tone it properly. The final look is often worn by mature women who enjoy elegant hairstyles.

4. Short 90s Blowout Haircut


Cool-toned blonde hairstyle such as this one is the ultimate design that was worn proudly back in the 80s. If you love wispy hairdos and you want to add some stylish bangs on top, we can vouch for this beauty!

5. Orange 90s Blowout Haircut


These types of hairdos were very popular in the 90s. The color itself is also gorgeous, don’t you agree? If you’re someone who likes drama and you trust your hairstylist fully (or if you think that you can recreate the look yourself), why not go all out?!

6. Black Hair With Layers 90s Blowout


Try out this voluminous blowout and make your bangs as sexy as ever! If you love layers and you’re ready to commit to something new, modern, and unique, this is truly it.

7. 90s Blowout On Short Hair 


If you are a fan of 90s blowout haircuts and you trust your hairstylist when it comes to doing layers, this is ideal for you. Make sure that you color it regularly and cut your ends often to get rid of any tangles.

8. Warm-Toned Chocolate 90s Blowout


A warm-toned short bob hairdo such as this one is a gorgeous look for the summertime period. If you love to color your hair on your own and you trust your hairstylist fully, this is perfect for you and your new transformation.

9. 90s Blowout Hair With Layers


Get some stylish and cute layers on top of your defined and elegant 90s blowout. Ladies who like to follow old-school trends and those who want to add vibrancy to their look and youthful appearance are going to love this design.

10. Natural Color 90s Blowout Hairstyle


Younger women can also enjoy their crazy and voluminous 90s blowout. If you watch a ton of TikTok trends then you know of this look and its popularity at the moment. Are you ready to commit to it and rock it with full confidence?

11. Black And Glossy 90s Blowout Hairstyle


If you like black and glossy hair and you also enjoy defined voluminous strands – it is time to give it your go with this look. It is a must-try 90s blowout that you can achieve with a couple of brushes and minimal heat.

12. Blonde 90s Blowout With Middle Parting


Women who love their blonde hair and want to add volume to it should give it a go with this design. Go for cute bangs and round up the 90s vibe that others may not dare to wear.

13. Chocolate Brown 90s Blowout


You should color your hair every 6 weeks and commit to this chocolate brown beauty if you enjoy hairdos that have multi-purpose. It is easy to adjust per season and per your hair length, type, and shape.

14. Icy Platinum 90s Blowout Hairdo


Icy platinum blondes are going to look so fierce and feminine with this exact hairdo. Show off your locks and rock this beauty knowing that it is a popular look for younger women, especially on TikTok.

Bring Back The Old School Hairdos!

So, are you eager to embrace your inner 90s model? If the answer is yes, just know that we got your back! Ladies of all age groups are going to enjoy this list, as well as our extensive descriptions.

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