Are you trying to rock some cool & stylish bangs, but you’re not too sure which length to go for? If that is the case and you’re ready to experiment, we highly recommend that you give baby bangs a go! They are coming back in fashion, and are often worn by women who love short, messy & a bit punk/rock looks. Keep on reading and get inspired with our top picks.

Top 26 Baby Bang Hairstyles

1. Dark Brown Hair Baby Bangs

This long dark brown beauty with cute and cool wispy bangs is going to look amazing on younger women. If you fancy trendy hairdos and you want something elegant, as well as popular at the moment, this is for you.

2. Short Bob With Baby Bangs

A short bob with cute and cool wispy baby bangs such as these is for younger women who love to follow trends. If you are a teen and you see a lot of these looks on TikTok, why not follow it completely and rock proudly?

3. Fun Voluminous Hair With Baby Bangs

Short baby bangs such as these are going to attract a lot of looks. If you love retro and hipster-like ideas and you’re a fan of quirky and voluminous looks, this is for you!

4. Dark & Long Hair With Baby Bangs

Dark, long, and very modern, this hairstyle with defined bangs is going to look amazing on women who are in their thirties. If you want to stand out with something new and modern that others won’t have, this is the right look for you!

5. Thin Bob With Baby Bangs

If your hair is naturally thin and brittle, you can try out this look. It is going to suit most young women who adore trying out new wispy edges and funky haircuts. Show this one off and enjoy its messy baby wispy texture.

6. Chopped Hairdo With Baby Bangs

Go for a shorter bob and decorate it with these retro curls. Women who are in their twenties will enjoy this look the most. It is gorgeous and wispy, as well as a practical stylish hairdo that you can wear during any event, as well as during your office hours.

7. Elf Cut Baby Bangs Hairdo

Short elf blunt cut moment with cute bangs such as these will look the best on women who want something low-key and low maintenance. If you want you can also cut your own bangs to achieve this style.

8. Messy Wavy Hairdo With Baby Bangs

Messy wavy and quite curly, this hairdo is for women who love their fluffy natural texture. If you like your short and natural-looking bangs + you fancy doing cute curled-up moments, this is for you.

9. Defined Bob Cool Baby Bangs

Women who like short and simple bobs, as well as those with naturally straight hair are going to fancy this beauty. Decorate it with some mini baby bangs to get this retro yet elegant outcome.

10. Cool Blonde Hairdo With Baby Bangs

A wavy blonde hairdo such as this one with mini bangs is the perfect look for most serious and formal women. If you want to look elegant and in tune with your age and profession, this blonde wispy outcome will suit you.

11. Hot Pink Hair With Baby Bangs

Not a lot of women would dare to do this hairdo. Would you? If you want to attract a ton of attention and looks, this gorgeous and bright hot pink hair color is the right one for you, along with its mini retro bangs.

12. Black Haircut With Baby Bangs

A black haircut with these elegant bangs is going to look amazing on women who are in their twenties. If you enjoy chic cuts that are nowadays popular on Instagram and social media, this is the right pick for you.

13. Wavy & Voluminous Dark Brown Hair With Baby Bangs

This dark brown and gorgeous beauty is a common look by teen women. If you enjoy darker hairdos and you’re into natural, quick, and easy, as well as soft looks, this is for you. Set the bangs in place and enjoy them for the entire day.

14. Fun Pixie With Baby Bangs

This short blonde and fun pixie is going to look amazing on younger women who want something effortless and elegant. If you’re a fan of shorter cuts and you want to color yours in this platinum shade, why not go all out? The end result is catchy and trendy, perfect for women who want to embrace that rock n roll look.

15. Cool Short Dark Brown Hair With Baby Bangs

If you enjoy your natural texture and your short brown hair, give this a go. This wispy hairdo with short baby bangs has that retro 70 vibes and is the perfect look for most women who are all about simplicity.

16. Pixie Haircut With Baby Bangs

Baby blonde hair and these cool bangs will look amazing on young women who love to rock emo or punk rock hairdos. If your natural hair is quite thin and your strands are prone to breakage, this is for you. It is quick, easy, and effortless, perfect for anyone who wants a hairdo that is “on the go”.

17. Fun Curly Hairdo With Baby Bangs

A defined curly hairdo and this messy texture are going to look amazing and gorgeous on women with naturally fuller and thicker strands. Pair it with these short bangs to get that full effect and a wow moment.

18. Retro & Curly Baby Bangs

A retro curly hairdo with wispy locks is going to look great on women who enjoy defined and sleek transformations. If you’re a fan of old-school op and classy ideas that are quite easy to recreate on your own – book this hairdo.

19. Cool Edgy Baby Bangs

If you’re a little daredevil who enjoys rocking fierce hairdos and piercings, this is the right look for you. Show that you’re a little diva and that shorter hairdos can look gorgeous when executed the right way.

20. Short Chopped Mullet Baby Bangs

This chopped mullet is going to look lovely on most mature women. If you want a quick and easy solution and if you’re a fan of bowl cuts and baby bangs, this is the ultimate duo in your case.

21. Hot Bright Yellow Hairdo With Baby Bangs

Combine your baby bangs with this gorgeous yellow/orange hair dye. This is a modern and popular look these days, often seen on TikTok and worn by younger ladies. If you want all the attention, you’re going to achieve it with this one-of-a-kind beauty.

22. Chopped Brown Hairdo With Baby Bangs

This chopped brown bob with cute baby bangs is a hairstyle to die for! If you’re a fan of elegant transformations and you enjoy trying out something new quite often, why not book this design?

23. Long Layered Hair With Baby Bangs

If your hair is long and all in layers, why not tame it and take it down just a little by sticking to short baby bangs? This way, you’re going to get the best of both-worlds mix that you’re going to fancy the most.

24. Elegant Hairdo With Baby Bangs

If you’re all about elegance and glamour, this is for you. Women who are in their thirties may fancy this look the most. Show it off knowing well that it is a unique and gorgeous hairdo that not a lot of people can recreate or rock!

25. Light Blonde Hair With Short Baby Bangs

Make sure that you can commit to this coloring process before you book this haircut. It is a gorgeous, long and elegant design that most women are going to enjoy for their formal moments. If you are a fan of icy blonde looks and you trust your hairstylist, why not go all out with this design?

26. Icy Silver Baby Bangs

Icy silver is a unique shade that not a lot of people are going to enjoy or pull off as easily. If you’re a fan of unique ideas and you always want to try out something new and be a trendsetter, we highly recommend that you give this a go.

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