Ready to rock and try out some of the prettiest balayage highlights and hair ideas? If you want to try out something new keep on reading since we have a lot of options, ideal for different hair colors, lengths, as well as age groups.

Balayage hair is an interesting technique where your hairstylist applies color in such a way that you end up with a flawless & natural-looking color. The end result is also used to contour your face & give you a bit of color without making a dramatic change to your appearance. There is not a lot of hair dye used in the process either, which means that your hair won’t get damaged.

Balayage highlights are for every lady. You can get them no matter your age, hair length, or go-to event. However & mostly, balayage highlights are worn in the Fall. This is because a lot of women want to freshen up their look and switch up their color right after Summer passes.

Blonde Hair Balayage Ideas

1. Blonde Balayage Medium Length Hair

Sexy & effortless, ideal for younger women who want a change.

2. Wavy Blowout Blonde Balayage Hair

Book yourself a trustworthy hairstylist and get this gorgeous blonde look for formal gatherings.

3. Blonde Balayage Hair Ponytail

Tie your hair half-up half-down and represent your balayage highlights in such a way.

4. Short Blonde Balayage Hair

Stick to yellow highlights if you have a warmer undertone.

5. Wavy Light Blonde Balayage Hair

If you have naturally long & healthy hair you’re going to love this look.

6. Hollywood Curls Blonde Balayage Look

Represent your natural blonde & spice the look with a set of new balayage highlights.

7. Long Icy Blonde Balayage Highlights

This icy blue looks perfect along with your natural roots. The look is perfect for younger women.

8. Silver Highlights Blonde Look

This silver-colored hue is perfect for anyone who wants to stand out with their chosen color.

9. Medium Length Balayage Blonde Look

This blonde balayage hair look is super feminine & wavy, perfect for long hair.

10. Balayage Hair With A Clip Detail

Get yourself a clip detail to decorate your hair and your playful balayage highlights. Ideal for anyone who loves cute ideas.

Light Brown Hair Balayage

1. Caramel Brown Hair With Balayage Highlights

Flirty caramel highlights look perfect for the Summer, wouldn’t you agree?

2. Short Light Brown Hair Balayage Look

This shorter length is perfect for women who are into low-maintenance and effortless looks.

3. Wavy Look Balayage Hair

This short hair and these highlights look perfect for the wedding & future brides!

4. Short Wavy Look Light Brown Balayage Hair

Balayage highlights will look great even on top of your natural hair color.

5. Curly Balayage Hair

If you’re lucky and blessed enough to have curly hair you are going to like this as your final go-to look.

6. Wavy Medium Length Balayage Hair

Icy highlights with light brown natural color look great on women who have pinky-tone or cool-toned skin.

7. Warm Caramel Feminine Balayage Highlights

Frame your face with frontal balayage highlights and show off this beauty for formal and everyday gatherings.

8. Long Gorgeous Light Brown Hair With Balayage Highlights

These gorgeous balayage highlights will look the best on women who have naturally long and healthy hair.

9. Loose Wavy Balayage Hair

Brush out your hair and your curls in order to achieve this salon-like outcome.

10. Light Brown Hair Subtle Balayage Highlights

Do you want some subtle balayage highlights that can look flirty? These are perfect for the office.

Dark Brown Hair Balayage Ideas

1. Dark Brown Hair With Light Brown Balayage Highlights

This dark brown hair with subtle balayage highlights is chic and trendy without being too dramatic.

2. Dark Brown Hair With Front Balayage Highlights

Get some frontal balayage highlights if you love to look sensual with your style.

3. Chocolate Colored Balayage Highlights

Dark chocolate hair will look great with some lighter balayage highlights. Make sure that it looks healthy and shiny before you start to rock it.

4. Feminine Blowout Chocolate Balayage Highlights

If your hairstylist knows how to do seamless blowouts, make sure to book them and recreate this look.

5. Chocolate & Caramel Balayage Highlights

Chocolate hair and caramel highlights are a great combo detail for those who love chic ideas.

6. Dark Brown Chocolate Hair With Frontal Highlights

Frontal highlights and lighter balayage highlights can look perfect for the office, wouldn’t you agree?

7. Medium Length Chocolate Hair With Balayage Highlights

The ultimate voluminous blowout that screams Hollywood vibes.

8. Sultry Balayage Highlights Auburn Undertone

If you want an auburn shade or hue to your hair you’re going to enjoy this balayage look.

9. Dark Brown Balayage Hair With Yellow Highlights

Yellow or orange highlights will easily complement this balayage hairdo.

10. Wavy Blowout Dark Brown Hair Look

Get a gorgeous blowout and these caramel low-lights for the perfect Autumn switch!

Black Hair Balayage Highlights

1. Dark Black Hair With Light Highlights

Dark brown or dark black hair can look good with some yellow or orange subtle highlights.

2. Long Black Hair With Lighter Balayage Highlights

This long hairdo is feminine and very high-maintenance.

3. Long Black Silky Hair With Subtle Balayage Highlights

If you are someone who enjoys and appreciates a subtle change you are going to enjoy these silky light balayage highlights.

4. Straight Black Hair With Balayage Highlights

If you prefer long & straight hair, why not give it a go with these dark black balayage highlights?

5. Natural Dark Hair With Balayage Highlights

Brush out your hair and achieve these Hollywood waves with ease.

6. Dark Black Hair Subtle Balayage Highlights

Dark brown hair and light brown highlights are a common go-to semi-natural look.

7. Long Black Silky Hair With Balayage Highlights

Go for some loose waves and enjoy this beauty if you don’t mind the upkeep.

8. Short Black Hair With Dark Brown Highlights

Shorter hair looks playful & is the perfect low-maintenance idea.

9. Long Black Hair With Chocolate Balayage Hair

Black hair and highlights toward your ends will look magical & fashion-forward!

10. Short Dark Brown Hair And Subtle Highlights

Subtle highlights and shorter hair are for anyone who enjoys cute & subtle transformations.

Are you ready to try out your new hairstyle and hair color? Are you a fan of balayage highlights? If so, which one out of these 40 options is your must-have? Book yourself a trustworthy hairstylist, and get to coloring!

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