Natural hair is gorgeous and has a texture that no other hair can compare to but sometimes people like to change their hair up a little and that includes a whole new color. Before even heading in that direction though, you should do a little research on what hair dyes work best with your natural hair. With a little research you don’t have to worry about harming your natural curl but also being able to get the flair you want.

We took some time to look for some of the best products for natural hair. These products will give you the dream hair you want without risking your natural hair in the process. Read on to see our favorite hair dyes for natural hair.

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Nourishing Color Crème

Not only will your hair get a new color, but it will also get a good hydrating boost in the process. The dye contains some amazing moisture-rich ingredients that will help triple nourish your hair. Some of the ingredients include avocado, olive, shea oils, and grapeseed. The formula is drip free, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your floors or having dye run across your face either.

Even with the darkest of hair tones, Garnier Nutrisse works well to life your original color and help give you your new desired shade. The hair colors come in twenty-three different shades that include a caramel chocolate, cool denim, and a sweet fig. You’ll get amazing results on dark hair and you can buy it only for less than $10.

Dark & Lovely Go Intense Hair Color

This hair dye is super pigmented, and it will nourish your hair at the same time. The ingredients include a anti-drying crème that is infused with olive oil and lemon peel extract. You’ll get amazing shine from this dye but also smoothness, which we all honestly need. The formula is drip-free and has a fade resistance so it will last for a long time.

This hair dye is perfect for darker shades and comes in nine different colors. Shades include passion plum, radiant copper, and spicy red. You can grab your’ s online for $5 to $7.

Clairol Beautiful Collection

If moisture is your prime concern than the Clairol Beautiful Collection is perfect for you. The formula helps you lock in moisture and it’s infused with aloe vera, jojoba oil, and vitamin E that will help nourish your hair and improve your curl elasticity. The formula also has no ammonia and can add up to 45% more shine to your mane.

The dye is fade resistant and gentle on the hair. Each order comes with three bottles, so you get more than enough product, and it only cost $17.

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair

Fashion colors are totally still in and you might want to have a new, semi-permanent hair color that is a little different than everyone else. The shades are highly pigmented, and they will leave your hair silky smooth after application. This color is great because it does not require any developer or toner to set but it also works better on lighter color hair. You can mix multiple shades to create your own unique color as well.

The formula is vegan and cruelty-free, and it adds a nice shine to your hair. You can buy your own fun and funky colors off Amazon.

Revlon Ammonia-Free ColorSilk Moisture-Rich Color

With Revlon you get a long-lasting color that is also high definition. The formula is ammonia-free and is designed for natural hair that will help leave your hair looking soft and healthy. There is a nourishing post-treatment conditioner that you can apply after your color that will help improve the texture of your hair.

The hair dye is infused with argan oil that helps make your hair look silky and luminous. The color looks great with multi-tonal hair and it is infused with UV defense to help keep your color looking fresh longer.

Adore Plus Extra Conditioning Semi-Permanent Hair Color

With Adore Plus color you get a gentle dye that is enriched with a long-lasting formula. The formula will help nourish your hair because it contains aloe vera, vitamin E, jojoba oil, ad herbs that gives you a soft and silky feeling.

The hair color comes in sixteen beautiful shades that are all natural and it has amazing gray coverage. The processing time is also only twenty-five minutes and it leaves you with a natural finish. This dye is perfect for all hair types and is ammonia and peroxide free.

Shea Moisture Rich Nourishing Rich Hair Color System

When it comes to natural hair color, Shea Moisture is one of the best. They have a new formula that is infused with certified organic healing ingredients. The formula includes shea butter, acai, flax seed, Abyssinian oils, and soy protein that will give you a vibrant color.

There is minimal damage when you apply this color and there is a large range of colors you can choose from. The formula helps hydrate your hair during the process time and it makes your hair a little easier to manage.

When it comes to a natural hair dye, we got you covered. These brands all do wonders when it comes to coverage and moisture and is perfect for your natural hair.

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