With how insanely popular Instagram is, it is always a great place to look to find inspiration for your hair. Thousands of pictures are always being uploaded to Instagram and you can find a variety of different styles that fit your needs on any given day.

We found forty of our favorite short hairstyles on Instagram this week and want to share them with you. Take a look below and see if you get inspiration on how to style your short hair.

1. Dramatic Cut

If you need a sign to take the plunge and cut your hair off, this is it. Doing a dramatic cut can be very therapeutic and completely 180 your total look. Going for a short pixie will help show off your face and adding a lot of volumes helps give you a hip look.


2. Sleek Bob

This sleek bob will give you an amazing look and a sleek style. Give yourself a lot of volumes to keep your hair out of your face and run a straightener through the rest to really help give yourself a sleek and styled look.


3. Rounded Lob

Sure curly lobs are very popular but this lob scream chic and stylish. Give your lob a rounded look and give your bangs maximum volume. Wear your hair straight and run some styling cream through it for a nice finish.


4. Red Pixie

We are all about adding some fun colors to your hair. Try out this beautiful red pixie with side-swept bangs to really wow your friends and turn some heads. The color is just the right amount of fun but not too dramatic.


5. Lob with Bangs

Bangs are always a great way to change your look without going overboard. The lob is a classic hairstyle that you can wear in a variety of different ways. When you add bangs to it you give yourself a fresh start without having to change your hair a lot.


6. Pinned Back Bob

Nothing is as bad as having your hair in your face when you don’t want it there. Try out this amazing style by taking a clip and pinning your hair back. It makes your hair look super sleek and styled and it is super easy to do.


7. Blunt Bob

Bobs can be worn in a ton of different ways and if you are looking to have a simple style then look no further then this blunt bob. You can wear your blunt style straight or curly, plus there is just enough hair to pull it back.


8. Accessories

Adding accessories to your hair is simple and really amplifies your look. Add some jewels, like this photo here, to really give yourself some attention without adding a ton of work. Sleek your hair back to show more of your face off as well.


9. The Mohawk

If you have been thinking about doing a mohawk, just go for it. A mohawk looks super cool and is edgy. Your friends will be jealous of how good you look with this amazing style.


10. Pink Bob

Adding a fun color into your bob, like this light pink, has a way of revitalizing it and making it fun again. Add a slight curl to your hair for a nice wave and let your favorite color shine on your head.


11. Lob with Side Bangs

Rocking a lob is easy but if you add this beautiful side swept bangs to it then you are giving yourself another whole look. The best thing about this lob is it is super easy to style and doesn’t take a lot of time, so if you’re busy you’re in luck.


12. Curly Bob

Curls are a great way to get instantly stylish and add a lot of volume to your look. Go with a more natural curl, like the photo here, to get a glam feel to your hair.


13. Multi-Colored Lob

Add color to your hair can give you a lot of dimension and shape. Try going with a light blonde color and add a shadow root so you can skip some salon visits. This color will look perfect on anyone and works in both summer and winter.


14. Top Heavy Pixie

This pixie cut is full of volume, style, and you honestly will look cool with it. Give yourself a ton of volume and length on top and if you really want to take it up a notch, throw in a fun color. Keep your sides short and really enjoy this style.


15. Fashionable Lob

Don’t be scared to throw a fun color on your hair and totally rock it. Take inspiration from this beautiful sunset hair color and enjoy your new hair color, we promise it will turn heads.


16. Styled Pixie

This pixie is fun and gives you an edgy feel. Do a deep side part and give yourself some side bangs. Add an undercut in the ack and get some hair off your neck. Lastly, if you feel bold throw on a fun color and enjoy your new short hair.


17. Angled Bob

Just because you have a bob doesn’t mean it needs to be blunt of straight. Take some inspiration from this angled bob and cut your hair a little uneven. The length in the front will make your face look longer but the shortness in the back will feel amazing.


18. Messy Lob

This fun, messy lob is the perfect style for anyone who isn’t sure what to do with their hair. Curl your hair a bit and add in some texture spray to give it some lift. Shake your hands through your hair to give it a messy look and you are done.


19. Peek-a-Boo Color

If you want some color added to your hair but not sure if you want to fully commit, then try these peek-a-boos. The color hides under your hair and will only show when you want to. It is a fun way to change your style without being too wild.


20. Posh Pixie

This pixie cut looks adorable and is a great style for someone who is worried about having short hair. Give yourself a lot of length on the top so you have some hair to play around with and style, but cut the back super short to get that pixie feel.


21. Pink Pixie

This pink pixie look is fun in numerous ways. The color is a beautiful color to wear and the added length gives you a lot of options on styling. The shortness in the back helps keep your hair off your neck and still gives you a short vibe.


22. Curly Mohawk

Let your natural curls rule here and wear them in a mohawk style. Add a fun pop of color if you want or keep your natural. The added volume from your curls will really take this look to the next level.


23. Boyish Pixie

This boyish pixie is adorable to wear, and the added bangs will look amazing on just about anyone. If you want to be a little extra go ahead and add the multiple sections and color and live your best life.


24. Bob with Blunt Bangs

These micro blunt bangs look chic on just about anyone and can make your style look super edgy. Pair it with an angled short bob and you will be looking like one hot friend when you go out.


25. Curled Bob

This beautifully curled bob looks gorgeous on everyone and can really make your look glamorous. If you want to be a little extra, throw a crown on and really take your hairstyle to the next level.


26. Fire Lob

This orange lob just screams fire and this color is a color you’re going to want to throw on your hair. The lob is simple to wear and is versatile, add in a fun color and you will be instantly turning heads on the street.


27. Easy Boxer Braids

Boxer braids are a great way to get your hair out of your face but still look stylish at the same time. The braids look awesome and when you take them out the following day you will have epic curly hair with a ton of volume.


28. Wicked Pixie

This pixie cut is cool and amazing and something you can totally rock. With the volume on top that gives you a ton of styling options and the cool sidecut, your friends will be envious at your killer hairstyle.


29. Dark Angled Bob

This sleek and dark bob is a great look to wear, especially during the winter time. The angel of the bob will be a lot of drama and attention to your face but still give you the true feel of a bob in the back.


30. The Untamed Bob

This beautiful bob is a gorgeous color and a very simple look for anyone to wear. Add a blunt bang into the mix to really give yourself some drama and when you go to style it, add a bit of curl and run your fingers through your hair for the messy look.


31. Textured Pixie

If you are looking to ramp up your pixie then ask your stylist to add a lot of texture to your look. Finish off by adding some highlights to your tops to really give yourself some dimension.


32. Ombre Lob

A great way to take your lob from boring to fun is by adding a fun ombre to it. Try this color out where the ombre fades from bright red to a lovely orange. You can even throw in a bang to give yourself a full-blown new look.


33. Shaved Head

There is nothing wrong with chopping off all your hair and starting from scratch. Shaving your head can be very cleansing and give you fresh hair to start your journey with. You can even take inspiration from this photo and dye it a fun new color.


34. Stacked Color Bob

You can take your stacked bob up a level with this amazing color combo. Adding two colors together like this will give your hair a lot of dimensions, not to mention it looks cool. Wear your hair curly or straight, it will look amazing either way.


35. Silver Pixie

This pixie looks gorgeous and is super easy to style and maintain. Having your hair shorter on the sides and back will cut down your styling time and by adding the fun silver color to the top, you automatically made your hair a little more stylish.


36. Rocker Bob

This bob looks awesome and the different colors swirling around it just brings more attention to the style. Having long bangs really adds to the rocker look with this style and the short, blunt bob will make it easy to style and wear.


37. Artistic Shave

If you really want to show your artistic side and shave your head, don’t be scared to add a chill color and an awesome design, like this photo here. The style is show off your personality and look amazing.


38. Pink Lob

This super angled lob looks killer and by adding this fun pink color, you will be instantly turning heats. Adding a darker color to your roots will help your grow out and ombreing it down into a light oink keeps your hair color on trend. The severe angled cut looks awesome and gives you just enough hair to play with.


39. Superhero Hair

Ever wanted to create your own killer look, well try this beautiful superhero hair. Shave your head everywhere but the top and give yourself a ton of volume. Style It off to the side a bit and this hairstyle will instantly transform your look.


40. Throwback Bob

This vintage bob is adorable and paired with the right makeup, it will totally make you look like Marilyn Monroe. Create a deep side part to give yourself a lot of volumes and don’t forget to add sight curls all over the place to achieve the perfect look.


Don’t be afraid to try something new and always bring photos to your stylist so they can get the same idea of what you are looking for. Instagram is the perfect place to really find some styles that call to you and something unique you can try.

Credits: @American_Salon

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