January is here which is the month of “new year, new me.” Although you may not have a new year’s resolution, maybe you want to change your look up a bit. Regardless if you do a massive cut or a bright new color, we decided to help you out and share 45 of our favorite short hairstyles that were shared on Instagram this month. Take a look at these short hairstyles and see if any of them fit your mood, maybe you will easily find your next style.

1. Cotton Candy Curls

Really start this year off with a bang and add a duo color to your hair. Let your color pop by cutting your hair into a bob style and add blunt bangs to the mix. If you are looking for some volume then add a bunch of curls.


2. Silver Lob

Lobs are still popular in 2019 but you can make your lob a little more unique by adding some silver dye to it. Silver is an edgy color and works well on almost anyone.


3. Curly Pink Bob

Bright fun colors are in this year and pink hair will make a statement. Try out this lovely pink color and take it up a notch by cutting your hair into a bob style.


4. Sunset Lob

This two-toned lob is screaming to be put onto your head. The color fades from a beautiful red to a lovely yellow and will make quite a statement when you wear it.


5. Berry Shadow Roots

Shadow roots came into the scene last year and are perfect for people with dark color hair that loves fashion colors. This washed out berry pink looks wonderful on everyone and pairs perfectly with a shadow root. Add a lob hair cut and you will be the envy of all your friends.


6. Fiery Bob

Bob hairstyles are great to wear and look amazing but when you add this fiery red color to the mix, you are entering the high fashion world.


7. Grey Lob

Grey is normally a color associated with age but grey hair is becoming popular and a great color to wear. Keep your hair longer with a lob cut and pack the color on.


8. Girly Lob

Show off your favorite colors with this beautiful lob. Curl your hair to give it some definition and really show off your stunning color.


9. Balayage Lob

Balayage color will always be popular and if you are looking to keep your hair natural but with some flair, a balayage is perfect!


10. Pink Braids

If you are struggling to style your hair, try this look out. Part your hair down the middle and add two braids on each side. Tie them off at the top and let your hair float down around your hears. The style is simple but looks awesome.


11. Simple Braid

Try adding a little spice to your look with this chunky braid. Just take a section of your hair in the back and braid it into a big braid. Curl the rest of your hair and enjoy your beautiful style.


12. Purple Lob

Everyone says to go dark for winter so why not try out some dark purples. This color will hold well over the winter and looks stunning.


13. Curly Blue Lob

This cobalt blue color is stunning and a great color to wear if you are unsure about dying your hair a fashion color. The added hints of silver really make your hair pop, especially if you add some curls.


14. Autumn Lob

If you are unsure about cutting your hair short, try this longer lob. It is the perfect in-between of long and short and when you add this fun autumn color it will really elevate your hair.


15. Curly Fire

Make a statement with this awesome yellow and red color mixture. Curl your lob to really get the full effect of the color and to show each section off perfectly.


16. Mermaid Lob

If you have had your lob for a while and need to change it then try out this fun mermaid color. The mixtures of purple and blues pair well together and look stunning on everyone.


17. Natural Lob

Keep your color natural with this fun long lob. Blonde is a great color to try out and when your curl in nicely in a longer lob, you get a girl next door feel.


18. Blunt Bangs

Change your lob up a bit by adding some long blunt bangs to the mix. Keep the rest f your hair straight with blunt ends to really get a cool, edgy look. Step it up a notch by adding this fun purple hue.


19. Blue Bob

This blunt blue bob is stunning and screaming to be on your head. The color will turn heads and the bluntness of your cut will add so drama to the look.


20. Glitter Lob

By adding glitter to your look will transform it to drab to fab. The color is fun and when you add some curls and glitter you are really ramping up your style.


21. Burgundy Lob

This angled lob looks perfect with a burgundy color. This color is great if you aren’t ready to dive into fashion colors but want something a little unique.

22. Purple Mohawk

If you are really looking for a change why not dive into a mohawk? It’s a great way to start fresh with your hair and add some fun colors.


23. Bubblegum Pink Lob

Bubblegum pink hair is super in and looks cute on just about anyone. Keep your roots a little darker to add some depth to the color.


24. Dark Angled Bob

An angled bob adds a lot of length and depth to your face and honestly it looks cool. Take your color up a notch by adding some dark blues and greens to the mix so when the sun hits it, your color blinds everyone.


25. Electric Lob

This bright blue color is perfect for those winter blues. Add a darker blue to your roots for a run ombre effect and curl your lob to show all the colors off.


26. Rainbow Lob

If you are having an issue deciding on a color to dye your hair, why not try them all. Add this fun rainbow color to your look and embrace all the colors of the rainbow.


27. Rose Lob

Rose is a color that is popular right now and why not add the color to your hair. The color is fun but not too outside the box if you are nervous to color your hair.


28. Sunset Lob

Grab that sunset and put it on your hair. This beautiful mixture of purples, pinks, and oranges screams spring and looks stunning on just about everyone.


29. Magenta Bob

Elevate your look by cutting your hair into a bob and adding this fun purple and silver color to it. The colors flow beautifully together, and the bob cut really makes a statement.


30. Yellow Lob

You may never think to dye your hair yellow, but the color looks cool and edgy. Pair it with your lob and keep your hair mainly straight to continue the edgy look.


31. Braided Ponytail

Get your hair out of your face with this gorgeous braided ponytail. Take your hair and French braid it from the front of our head all the way to the back. Tie the braid at the crown of your head and curl the rest of your hair.


32. Lavender Bob

Take your bob to the next level with this beautiful lavender color. This one toned color looks great and with the bob cut it looks even better.


33. Silver Rounded Bob

A rounded bob really helps give shape and dimension to your hair. With a shadow root to help blend the colors, this silver color looks stunning.


34. Funky Undercut

An undercut is a great way to get your hair off your neck and show your own personal style. Shave a fun design into your hair and add some funky colors to the longer strands.


35. Black Ombre Lob

If you want to dip your toe into some fun colors why not dip-dye your ends. Try these grey ends to start off slow and see if you like the funky colors.


36. Mermaid Bob

This mixture of blues and greens in a mermaid blend look stunning on everyone and only adds to a beautiful bob haircut.


37. Curly Mohawk

Take your mohawk game to the next level by keeping it longer on the top and adding a bunch of curl to it. If you really want to get edgy you can even shave a fun design onto the side of your hair.


38. Sunrise Lob

Embrace the sunrise with this gorgeous colors and wear your lob in a straight style. Not all lobs need to be curly to look amazing.


39. Red Angled Bob

Keep your hair longer in the front and shorter in the back to achieve this fun angled bob. Add a funky red color in to give yourself a little sass and your hairstyle will be turning heads.


40. Fairy Pink with Accent

Adding accents to your hair, like headbands or pins, can change your look without you having to do much. Next time curl your hair and add a fun floral headband to give yourself a curl fairy style.


41. The Top Knot

Top Knots became popular in 2018 and are still going strong in 2019. Take a section of your hair and tie it into a bun and leave the rest of your hair down. It is a fast and easy way to make your hair look great without doing much.


42. Orange Pixie

A pixie cut looks adorable and you can amp it up a bit by adding a fun color like this orange.


43. Shaved Design

If you want to shave your head, why not add a fun design to it. Try out something like this and add a fun pop of color while you’re at it.


44. Natural Lob with Bangs

Dye your hair in a balayage fashion and add some blunt bangs to the mix to really take your lob from boring to fun.


45. Crazy Color

If you really want to change your look then go for this futuristic look. Go for an angled micro bang and shave one side of your head. Keep the top longer, like a mohawk almost, and then dye it some funky colors. You will be making a statement with this style.


2019 is the perfect time for some change and to really go for a short hairstyle that you want. Hopefully you got some inspiration from these cuts and color and you aren’t too afraid to face the scissors or try a new color.

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