Are you a brunette that craves a gorgeous blonde hairdo? If you’re looking for some blonde looks with a dark base and brown roots – welcome! In this article, we are going to talk about some of the prettiest and super trendy looks that one girl can go for. If you want to rock a blonde hairdo but you don’t want to invest way too much money or time into its touch-up, you’re exactly where you need to be. Keep on reading and find your new look down below.

1. Who Should Go For This Hairstyle?

Women who have naturally light brown or dark brown hair can pull off blonde looks with ease and effortlessly. This is because you can place blonde highlights or blonde hair dye on top and with ease. Those who want to enjoy and embrace a fun & new change that is not too hard to achieve or is high-maintenance will enjoy this look.

2. How To Achieve Blonde Hair With Dark Roots?

Simply let your brown hair grow and show off your roots as time goes on. As you get to your preferred length add hair dye and bleach all over. This look is not too hard to achieve, but do make sure that you book a hairstylist who knows how to do transitions or balayage highlights to fulfill your wishes.

3. Is This Look Pricey or Hard To Maintain?

This depends on the outcome that you’re going for. In most cases, this color touch-up and switch-up will cost you anywhere from $80-$150. Maintenance-wise, all you need is a proper shampoo and toner to combat the yellow undertone.

Long Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

1. Voluminous Blonde With Dark Roots

Cute dirty blonde look that you’re going to love for everyday wear and any event.

2. Natural Brown Base With Highlights

Go for these blonde highlights on top of your brown base to rock this ultimate outcome.

3. Long Blonde Hair With Natural Base

If your hair is naturally long you’ll want to spice it up with some ombré or balayage highlights.

4. Chocolate Hair With Blonde Highlights

Chocolate brown hair base and some simpler blonde highlights will work so well and look cute on mature women.

5. Icy Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

This icy blonde will suit younger women and those who like trendy and fashionable ideas.

6. Elegant Hollywood Waves Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

If you need something fancy and formal consider going for this wavy look.

7. Blonde Hair With Dark Roots Blow-out

This dark brown base and light highlights will work on any age group and hair length.

8. Blonde Wavy Hair With Dark Roots

Spice up your look and make it more intriguing with this coloring technique.

9. Straight & Sleek Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

If your hair is straight you’re going to like these highlights on top of your brown base.

10. Elegant And Wavy Blonde

Women who plan on having a birthday party or those who are looking for a formal look will enjoy this beauty.

11. Blonde Hair With Dark Roots For Everyday

Throw on some blonde highlights to your brown base to make this look more attractive.

12. Natural Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

This longer hairdo will suit women who are in their twenties the best.

13. Icy Silver Blonde Hair

Stick to this light blonde icy silver vibe if you’re someone who enjoys snowy and modern ideas.

14. Wavy Natural Blonde

Brush out your hair to achieve this serious amount of volume and to enjoy these cute loose waves.

15. Light Blonde With Icy Undertones

Tie your hair in the back and you’ll end up with this cute semi-formal night our blonde hair with a brown base.

Short Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

1. Straight Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

If you have naturally straight hair or bob hair this look will suit you for sure!

2. Short Blonde Hairdo

Go for this blonde yellow undertone and show off the beauty of this look for everyday wear.

3. Blonde Hair With Dark Roots For Everyday Wear

A hairstyle such as this one will require frequent maintenance and color touch-up.

4. Low-maintenance Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

This hairdo with frontal pieces just shows you that hair and color can truly frame the face!

5. A-line Bob Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

If your natural hair is straight and dark brown you can switch it up lightly with this highlight addition.

6. Straight Blonde Bob

Shorter bob hair and this blonde look will look the best on women who are in their thirties.

7. Retro & Loose Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

Go for these side-swept bangs if you can’t make up your mind for something new and for a change that will suit your facial features.

8. Straight A-Line Blonde Bob

Women who are in their forties will enjoy this look quite a lot.

9. Chopped Short Hair Blonde Look

Add a subtle amount of volume and show off your cute side with this new hairdo.

10. Short Icy Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

Icy blonde hair and a dark brown base will look Hollywood-like. If you know how to maintain this color why not give it a shot?

11. Ombre Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

Go for these cute waves and curls down the ends to spice up your everyday highlighted hair.

12. Short Balayage Blonde Hair With Dark Roots–xi9szGa/

Women who enjoy ombré or balayage hair and highlights will like this outcome the most.

13. Defined Bob Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

This cute short blonde bob will look cute on women who prefer low-maintenance and effortless looks.

14. Short Chopped Pixie Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

This hairdo just shows you that even cute chopped pixie cuts can be worn in such a sleek and modern way.

15. Short Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

Women who are in their forties or fifties will enjoy this cute and cool cut the most. It is errorless and easy to maintain and style on a daily.
Time To Experiment And Go Blonde!
Which blonde hairdo was your favorite from the bunch? Let us know if you’re ready to color your brown base and add some stylish highlights on top of it. Natural brunettes and women who enjoy subtle change will definitely find their new look here in a heartbeat.

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