Do you have blue eyes? If so, did you know that this is the second-rarest eye color to have? Right after green. Women with light or dark blue eyes will appreciate this article, as well as our recommendations in terms of how you should color your hair. If you’re not too sure what to go for and if you want to explore your options and make a drastic new change – this article is for you! Here is what we recommend in your case.

30+ Best Hair Colors For People With Blue Eyes

Rich Brunette: A rich brunette hair color is the perfect subtle change that one can go for. If you want a seamless transition and something that is easy to maintain, give this a go.

1. Long Rich Brunette Hairdo

Long, dark brown, wispy, and voluminous – this hairdo is a true beauty! If you’re in your twenties we know that you’ll want to copy this design.

2. Thick & Voluminous Rich Brunette Hair

Women who love their bold and outgoing voluminous strands will enjoy this longer look. If you have the time and patience to grow your hair and you want a ton of compliments on it – this is for you.

3. Warm Toned Rich Brunette

A warm-toned rich brunette look such as this one is for women who are in their twenties. It is a popular hair color that will attract a ton of positive comments while emphasizing your crystal blue eyes like no other shade!

4. Long Rich Brunette Hairstyle

A rich and warm-toned look is for those who love their natural locks and subtle shine. Show off this brown hairdo and its elegant wispy curls everywhere you go knowing that it is going to attract a lot of attention to your blue eyes.

5. Warm Toned Rich Brunette

This warm-toned blonde hairdo with frontal highlights is going to look amazing for the summertime period. Show that you trust your hairstylist and you’re ready for a feminine change with this look!

6. Rich Brunette Hair For Women With Blue Eyes

Add some rich and light highlights to the roots of your natural brown hair. This way of coloring and styling your locks will look amazing on women who are in their thirties.

7. Rich Brunette Hair For Women With Thin Hair

Try out this hairdo and hair color if you’re a fan of lighter shades. This subtle highlight transition is going to look amazing on women who are in their thirties.

8. Bob Rich Brunette Hairstyle

A warm-toned rich bob in this length is going to look healthy and shiny! If you’re a mom trying to look like a true trendsetter – this look is for you! Get regular cuts to maintain this bob length.

Warm Blonde: Warm blonde shades are a common hair color idea for the summertime period. If you’re looking for a new switch-up and you want to add freshness to your hair – this is how you can do it. Warm tones will often compliment women with warmer skin tones as well.

1. Modern Warm Blonde Hairstyle

A warm blonde hair color such as this one has to be colored every 2 months to maintain its undertone. If you enjoy lighter shades and you want a new look to rock, give this a go.

2. Elegant Warm Blonde Hair

Elegant warm blonde undertones and this extreme length are for women who can handle the maintenance. If you’re a fan of stylish and modern transformations, give this blonde look a go.

3. Fun Warm Blonde Bob Hair

A short fun warm toned blonde bob such as this one is a common go-to by women with blonde eyes. If you want something chic and low-maintenance, as well as vibrant – this is it.

4. Lob Warm Blonde Hair For Women With Blonde Eyes

A lob in this shade of blonde is for women who love to try out new ideas. Add subtle curls down your ends and rock this feminine lob everywhere you go! Just use the right toner to maintain and prolong the outcome of these locks.

5. Wispy Warm Blonde Hair

A wispy warm toned blonde look such as this one is going to look the best on women who are in their thirties. Add a couple of warm-toned highlights and just know that your blue eyes are going to pop like never before!

6. Wavy Warm Blonde Hair

This shade of blonde is going to look so amazing and popular for the fall period. If you want something new that is easy for day-to-day styling, book this cut!

7. Yellow Toned Warm Blonde

Yellow-toned blondes are on the high-maintenance side. If you prefer warmer pigments and you have time and patience to keep up your hairdo, why not give it a go?! The end result is super wispy and flirty.

8. Elegant Warm Blonde Hairdo

Try out this elegant warm toned blonde look for any type of formal event. If you enjoy subtle curls and elegance, this is perfect for your icy blue eyes!

Copper Red Hair: Copper red hair is definitely one of the most fierce hair colors that one can go for. Do you enjoy dark reds or oranges? Copper red is the perfect in-between shade that is going to make your blue eyes pop due to the contrast! If you want the perfect fall hairdo – this tone is for you.

1. Wavy Long Copper Red Hair

A long and wavy copper red hairdo such as this one is for women who enjoy subtle curls and cute transformations. This is also very low maintenance.

2. Fun Long Copper Red Hair

Long and red copper hairdo such as this one is super dominant, fun, and fierce. Women who enjoy cute looks and those who can commit to the coloring process will enjoy this wispy outcome.

3. Elegant Copper Red Hair

Leave your roots dark brown and color the ends in light orange dye. This elegant and seamless ombré transition is going to attract a lot of attention to your blue eyes.

4. Warm Toned Copper Red Hair

Not a lot of women would dare to try out this copper shade. Would you? If you enjoy bright, dramatic, and super noticeable hair color ideas – this is for you!

5. Copper Red Hair For Women With Blue Eyes

Try out a couple of cute and seamless highlights when it comes to this hair design and hair color. This is going to look like such an ultimate fall shade.

6. Bob Copper Red Hair

Short bob copper red hair that you should try out, especially if you’re in your twenties. This is such a popular trend at the moment, and it is also a low-maintenance hairdo that you’re going to enjoy rocking.

7. Long Copper Red Hairdo

Long, wispy, dramatic and so mysterious – this copper red hairdo is for women who want a new look that is appropriate for the fall season. Try this hair color with curled ends and rock it knowing that it is a bulletproof solution.

8. Cool Long Copper Red Hair

This shade of red is going to look so feminine and fun with blue eyes. If you enjoy longer looks and you want a stylish outcome that is so popular this fall – book this design.

Black Hair: Black hair and black locks are for those women who appreciate low-maintenance and quick and easy looks. If you can’t commit to one hair color and you prefer simplicity and even hair tones, black is the right shiny look to explore!

1. Wavy Black Hair

A wavy black hairdo such as this one is going to look amazing for any type of formal event. Show off your subtle curls and their full shine!

2. Elegant Black Hair

Elegant dark brown or almost black hair color such as this one is very low-maintenance. If you want a hair dye that is long-lasting and it doesn’t wash out as easily, this is for you to explore!

3. Black Hair Ponytail

Show off your dark black hairdo and tie it in this ponytail to make your eyes pop even more! This way, you’re going to get an outcome that is even more snatched.

4. Shiny Black Hair

Shiny and long black hair is an amazing contrast to your blonde eyes. If you want a dramatic difference and an outgoing hair color, this is for you.

5. Sleek Black Hair

Go for this shiny and straight black bob if you want something elegant and low-key. Women who are in their thirties or forties may appreciate this design the most.

6. Bob Black Hairdo

If your hair is on the thicker side and you enjoy your black locks – this is great for your next transformation. Stick to thicker and more voluminous outcomes to get even more compliments on both your hairdo and your eyes.

7. Long Healthy Black Hair

How long is too long?! Some women love to rock long and bold locks, while others are all about simplicity. If you prefer your long and shiny locks and you can maintain them, why not go all out with this design?

8. Black Hair Curls

Lastly, are you someone who has thick Afro curls? Do you want to show them off in their full glory? Women who have blue eyes, black hair, and shiny curls will get a lot of compliments on their appearance!

New Color Time

New hairdo – new you! If you’re looking for a change and you want something that is going to complement your blue eyes, we know that you’re going to find it right in this article! Let us know what you’ve enjoyed the most, we can’t wait to see you rocking something new.

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