Fashion colors are extremely popular right now and blue is a top contender. Blue hair lets you have a lot of freedom due to the variety of shades that you can choose from when going blue. This hair color also fades great and can last an extremely long time. When it comes to choosing a blue color for your hair, you can have a lot of fun with the color and your style. If you want to style your hair different and need a bigger change, blue is a great option to go with.

If you’re in the mood to change you hairstyle and go with something a little more fun, here are our favorite blue hairstyles you can rock.

1. Cool Blue

This blue mixed with silver and black makes for a stunning color.

2. Blue Pixie

Pixies are perfect for introducing fun colors.

3. Ocean Blue

Go with darker roots and a dark blue color.

4. Split

Split your blue with another fun color.

5. Purple

Purple pairs perfectly with blue.

6. Tips

You don’t have to fill commit to blue hair.

7. Peacock

A shaggy peacock color is great for a new style.

8. Bangs

Pair your bangs with a stunning color.

9. Pop of Color

You can add just a little pop of color.

10. Long Pixie

Keep your pixie long and blue.

11. Cotton Candy

Being bright and vibrant is a fun color.

12. Bob

Your bob will look amazing with a blue color.

13. Blue Melt

Picking two different blues makes a beautiful melt.

14. Sleek Blue

Go for a sleek style and cool color.

15. Blue Highlight

Highlight your hair with dark blue shading.

16. Curled Blue

Styling your hair go beautifully with blue hair.

17. Lighter Blue

Going a little lighter might be fun.

18. Aquamarine

You can have a little spin on blue.

19. Root Mixture

Let your root be one color and hair another.

20. Sapphire

This deep blue is a gorgeous color.

21. Turquoise

A bright and fun blue will make your hair stand out.

22. Shadow Root

A darker root will let your blue really stand out.

23. Undercut

Let the underneath of your hair be bright and fun.

24. Blue Swirl

Swirl blue throughout your hair.

25. Seafoam

Blue and green are two stunning colors together

26. Blue Rainbow

Run a little rainbow through your blue.

27. Rounded Bob

Make your rounded bob a little funner with blue.

28. Unicorn

You don’t have to choose just one fun color.

29. Steel Blue

If you don’t want to be as bright, go for a deeper color.

30. Blue and Grey

Look like the ocean with this amazing duo of colors.

31. Fauxhawk

Let your fauxhawk stand out a little more.

32. Icy

Your blue can be cool and icy.

33. Butterflies

Have an array of colors is a fun idea.

34. Blue Melt

Let the blue melt through your hair.

35. Short and Sweet

A shorter bob and an ocean blue pair perfectly.

36. Cobalt

Really stand out with cobalt hair.

37. Sour Patch

Cooler colors make for a stunning look.

38. Angled Cut

Your cut doesn’t have to be the only dramatic thing.

39. Pastel

Pastel blue it trendy and fun.

40. Blue Texture

Give your hair some texture for a stunning look.

You can do a lot when it comes to blue hair and it never will go out of style. Which color blue is your favorite out of our list?

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