Do you want to try out a bob hairdo with tresses? If so, you’re exactly where you need to be! In this article, we will be discussing and showing off a ton of cool and modern looks. If you’re a picky person who is often indecisive, we got your back! Here are some gorgeous haircuts that you will want to show off in 2023!

20+ Bob With Long Tresses Hairstyles

1. Blonde Bob With Long Tresses

This blonde bob with long tresses is for women who enjoy fluffy voluminous cuts. If you enjoy definition and cute bangs, as well as a bit of fluff – this is for you.

2. Warm Toned Bob With Long Tresses

Embrace this JLO gorgeous haircut and show that you love defined edges. If you enjoy wispy bangs and you want to try out a unique hair coloring technique on top of your wispy bob, we can vouch for this look.

3. Everyday Bob With Long Tresses

Tousled bob with bangs that women of all ages can wear. If you enjoy shiny blonde looks and you want something modern and trendy, why not this creation?

4. Curly Bob With Long Tresses

Go for a curly-tousled moment and spice up your baby hairs with your favorite curling product. If you love to wear your hair fluffy and you love shorter locks, then go for it! Women who are in their thirties might like it the most.

5. Soft Brown Bob With Long Tresses

Try out a mini cute lob with tousled bangs and a retro braid in the back! Younger girls will fall for this look, as it will put an emphasis on their young and playful character.

6. Natural Bob With Long Tresses

A short and stylish lob with one braided detail is perfect for women who love romantic looks. Give yourself just enough time to end up with the exact same style for daily wear, especially if you plan on doing it on your own.

7. Thick & Chunky Bob With Long Tresses

This tousled long bob with thick and chunky Afro braids will show off your elegance and your heritage. If you like chunky braids and you prefer stylish locks – this is for you.

8. Afro Bob With Long Tresses

Try out this awesome tousled lob and decorate it with w couple of beads. The thick and curly chunky texture is going to look so fierce when styled this way.

9. Bob With Long Tresses For Women

Blonde women are going to fall for this look. If you’re someone who enjoys your natural hair texture and you want to show off your elegant curls and tousled pieces, we recommend this hairdo.

10. Warm Toned Bob With Long Tresses

Decorate your cute little lob with your favorite highlights. If you love switching your look quite often and if you’re into layers, this will speak to you. Curl the ends lightly and enjoy this beauty for the entire day.

11. Brown Bob With Long Tresses

Long frontal pieces for your lob will look feminine and elegant. If you’re someone who knows how to do their hair on a daily, why not stick to one specific look? The final result will look amazing on women who are in their twenties.

12. Wavy Bob With Long Tresses

Go with these defined curly strands and decorate your lob with beads. Women who love retro and hippie hairdos should give this cut a go.

13. Bob With Long Tresses With Braids

Women who are little rebels are going to fall for this haircut. This shade, color combo, and design will suit younger girls who enjoy flirty and straight-to-point creations.

14. Bob With Long Tresses With Highlights

A hot orange shade with defined curls is a common look for the summertime period. If you love to switch up your look regularly and you’re very picky about your hairdo, you should give this one a chance.

15. Hot Orange Bob With Long Tresses

The perfect little tress lob that will stand out! Make sure that you can color your hair every 2 months to prolong this beauty.

16. Black Bob With Long Tresses

Cool bob with long tresses that you’re going to fancy for everyday wear. Women who have naturally thick and defined texture will enjoy this look, as well as its healthy strands.

17. Wavy Hairstyle Bob With Long Tresses

Long tresses can be around the mid-portion of your head. Women who love cute and romantic looks are going to fall for this beauty. Show it off for any gathering or event.

18. Hot Red Bob With Long Tresses

Thick curls and retro beads will show just how much your haircut can dictate your sense of style. Younger girls will fall for this design, that’s for sure.

19. Chunky Curly Bob With Long Tresses

Defined curls and outgoing bob inspirations are for women who like to stand out and show off their locks. Set them in place with your favorite hairspray so that they can look luscious.

20. Short Bob With Long Tresses

If you’re a low-maintenance girl and you love shorter hair, why not embrace this look? It will suit you and your low-key look.

21. Super Curly Bob With Long Tresses

Try out asymmetrical hair and show your curls to their full potential. Invest in your hair gel or cream to maintain the design.

Time For Something New

Bob haircuts don’t have to be too plain or boring. Are you looking forward to something new? If so, which design is it going to be out of these stylish options? Women of all ages can enjoy these cute looks, so let us know your top pick before, we would love to see you wearing something trendy and elegant off of our lists.

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