Choosing a caramel color for your hair is a great decision. The color gives you the best in between with light and dark, plus it looks stunning on everybody. The best thing about caramel coloring is the variety of options you have with the color. You can go dark with light sections, or the reverse. Caramel looks great with a balayage and it works well in almost any season you wear it in.

If you’re looking for a change, a new hair color is the best way to go. These are a few of our favorite caramel looks that you can get a little inspiration from when you go to your next hair appointment.

1. Soft Caramel

Go for a lighter look with this soft caramel color.

2. Glazed

This caramel glazed look is stunning.

3. Caramel Honey

A caramel honey color will lighten your color beautifully.

4. Chestnut Caramel

A lighter brown caramel is perfect for a fall look.

5. Deep Caramel

If you want to go a little darker for your caramel, this is it.

6. Balayage

You don’t have to go super light for a balayage.

7. Rich Caramel

Choose a richer color to highlight your caramel look.

8. Lob

Pair your lob with a gorgeous caramel color.

9. Caramel Waves

Styling caramel hair will be so easy.

10. Golden

Get a beautiful shine with a caramel color.

11. Pixie

Lighten up your pixie with a little caramel highlights.

12. Caramel Blend

Blend your color seamlessly.

13. Milk Coffee

A beautiful blended color is just what you need to change your look.

14. Burnt Caramel

Add darkness to your look.

15. Envy

Everyone will be envious of your stunning color.

16. Chocolate Caramel

This deep color is stunning.

17. Ombre

Caramel is the perfect color to go for an ombre with.

18. Fudge

Swirl a little caramel through your fudge.

19. Long Layers

Accent those layers with a gorgeous color.

20. Caramel Bob

This bob looks amazing with caramel tones throughout it.

21. Texture

Let you texture shine.

22. Breathtaking

A caramel color will instantly turn heads.

23. Fresh

If you need something different and new, caramel is the way to go.

24. Neutral

Your caramel doesn’t have to be a big change.

25. Sunkissed

Let the caramel color give you a sun kissed look.

26. Short Bob

Go short with your hair and light with your color.

27. Blend

A caramel blend will be your new favorite look.

28. One Length

Keep your bob at a simple length and have fun with he color.

29. Hint of Caramel

Add the tiniest hint of caramel in your look.

30. Red

Throw a little red in your look.

31. Bangs

Pair your caramel hair with a stunning set of bangs.

32. Classic

A caramel color can give you a classic look like this.

33. Show Stopped

People will love your new look with this color.

34. Curls

Let your curls shine with a caramel color.

35. Dimension

Its all about dimension.

36. Rounded Bob

This rounded bob is perfect with a caramel color.

37. Sunshine

Let the sun shine with your color.

38. Braid

A braided style works well with caramel.

39. Haunted

Embrace the darker tones of caramel.

40. Brunette

Who said blondes were the only one who have fun?

41. Messy

Rock a messy look.

42. Bold

Show off a new bold color.

43. Toffee

A toffee color is right up your alley.

44. Caramel Layers

This look is even more reason to try caramel.

45. Light Caramel

Go for a color that will change your entire look for the best.

46. Truffle

Lighten that dark hair with a little caramel.

47. Highlights

This is the reason you need a little caramel highlight in your life.

48. Strawberry Caramel

Mix your caramel with some strawberry

49. Caramel Delight

This caramel color is perfect for the summer.

50. Angled

Try out an a-lime cut with your new color.

51. Contour

Let your caramel coloring contour your hair.

52. Bright

Go from caramel to blonde easily.

53. Spring Fun

The change n weather means a change in hair.

54. Sunset

This caramel ton is a sunset dream.

55. Brilliant

Do you need anymore reasons to go caramel?

Caramel is a stunning color to wear. It works for everyone and is massively universal, you can’t go wrong with the look.

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