Cashmere blonde hair color is a gorgeous option and a feminine shade that you can try out this spring or summer season. It is a unique shade of blonde which is soft & luxurious. It is created by mixing cool and warm blonde hues that work in harmony together to get you the prettiest & shiniest locks. The coloring process is customized to your natural hair color, skin tone & undertone. The end result means that you will be left with healthy luscious hair, which looks & feels a lot like cashmere. If you are up for maintenance and you want to give something new a go – here is how to rock cashmere blonde locks!

Top 20 Cashmere Blonde Hair Color Ideas

1. Long Voluminous Cashmere Blonde Hair

This long and voluminous cashmere blonde hairdo is going to attract a ton of attention, looks, and compliments. If your hair is on the longer side and you enjoy lighter ends and darker roots, this is for you! The end result is going to look amazing on women who are in their 20s-30s.

2. Silky Smooth Cashmere Blonde Hair

Silky smooth and super wavy, this blonde cashmere hairdo is going to look amazing for the fall season. If you enjoy this shade of blonde and you’re ready for a change of some sort, why not this?!

3. Straight Cashmere Blonde Hair

Sleek, straight, and elegant blonde hairdo such as this one is going to look amazing on most women who are in their thirties. You are also going to enjoy it if you prefer shorter bob hairdos.

4. Wispy Cashmere Blonde Hairstyle

Try out this voluminous look and just know that these cashmere highlights are going to attract a ton of attention during the summertime period. If you prefer everyday appropriate hairdos and you’re a fan of low-maintenance looks, this is for you!

5. Simple Cashmere Blonde Hair Look

Simple cashmere blonde shade such as this one has to be colored the right way and maintained the right way. Make sure that you trust your hairstylist and that you book the best person you know in order to enjoy these fierce results.

6. Cashmere Blonde Hair With Bangs

Add these cute and cool bangs to round up the look. If you prefer precision and you want a cashmere stylish hair color, this is for you! Show it off and just know that it is going to suit different age groups as well as skin types.

7. Wispy Cashmere Blonde Hair With Curled Ends

Curled ends are a fun statement that one can go for. If you enjoy wispy looks and you want to try out something modern – this is it! Women who prefer chopped cuts and that asymmetrical hairdo – this is for you.

8. Feminine Cashmere Blonde Hair

This icy-white platinum blonde is a pretty look for the fall. If you enjoy lighter shades and you’re a fan of side-swept hairdos, give this a go. Style your locks with your favorite hairspray and prolong their wear time.

9. Warm Cashmere Blonde Hair

If you prefer warm tones, this is for you! Show off this gorgeous and voluminous hairdo knowing that it is the best look for women who enjoy elegance and volume. The end result has to be colored every 4 weeks so you can maintain the outcome.

10. Warm Toned Bob Cashmere Blonde Hair

Short bob hairdo such as this one is going to look amazing on women who need a low-maintenance look. Keep your roots natural and dark brown, but let your ends shine with this stylish blonde shade. Women who are in their teens may enjoy this look the most.

11. Everyday Look Cashmere Blonde Hair

Cashmere blonde such as this one is going to look feminine and flirty. Add subtle curls and locks to get this fiery and feminine hairdo. If you’re a fan of shorter looks – give this a try.

12. Light Cashmere Blonde Hair

Add layers and highlights to your hair. If you want a short bob and you want to try out something new on top of your lighter hair, book this haircut. Shape your facial features and add an emphasis to your head shape with this cool cut.

13. Pixie Cashmere Blonde Hair

This cashmere blonde look is going to suit so many different women. If you’re in your forties, this is for you! Not only that this pixie is hot and stylish, but it is also so elegant when combined with the cashmere blonde shade.

14. Stylish Cashmere Blonde Hairstyle

Go for cashmere blonde highlights and show off this look at any event or opportunity. If you want a professional look and you’re into straight and sleek ideas, this is for you.

15. Voluminous Straight Cashmere Blonde Hair

You can make your hair a lot more voluminous by playing around with its length and highlights, as well as shadows. Go for a long voluminous front too and rock this look especially if you’re in college or in your twenties!

16. Chopped Bob Cashmere Blonde Hairdo

A chopped bob with layers and fluffy bangs is a hairdo that most women can rock. If you enjoy low-key and low-maintenance ideas, this is for you! Get regular cuts (every 2-4 weeks), and you’re going to enjoy the outcome.

17. Light Pixie Cashmere Blonde Hair

A lighter shade of cashmere blonde such as this one is easy to achieve, even in the comfort of your home. If you enjoy shorter hairdos and you want a new and true “mom” cut – this is great for you.

18. Warm Colored Cashmere Blonde Hair

Warm tones are going to look so good for the summertime period. If you want a cashmere blonde look that won’t look too washed out or even burnt when exposed to the heavy sun – this is for you.

19. Long Blonde Locks Cashmere Blonde Hair

Add the right hair toner to achieve this look. You should color your hair every 5 weeks to maintain and prolong this stylish design. You are going to look like a true diva with this style.

20. Wavy Locks Cashmere Blonde Hair

Lastly, go with these cashmere blonde highlights and place them on top of your longer locks. Women who love beach waves and lighter shades are going to fall in love with this hairdo for the summertime period. 

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