Sometimes we all feel like we need a complete transformation to bring us confidence and breathe fresh air into our lives. Those of us who have been growing our locks for a while often feel reluctant to undergo the chop, that hair took a lot of years to grow! However, thanks to the celebrity transformations that we have witnessed over the year, we know that the risk can be worth the rewards.

Check out our list of 15 celebrities that have gone from long to short, and back again, and get some inspiration!

Halle Berry

Halle Berry has always enjoyed mixing up her look. Over her time as a contestant in the Miss USA and Miss World competitions in the 1980s to her time as an Academy Award winning actress, Halle Berry has always known how to rock both long glossy locks and the perfect pixie.

Halle rocking a long bob in the 1980s.

Halle rocking her iconic pixie cut in her breakthrough role as a Bond girl.

Lauren Conrad

A girl’s girl, reality TV star turned fashion guru Lauren Conrad started her evolution as a typical California girl with long and luscious locks. But as we saw Lauren transform from teenager to woman, and as her style evolved, she too underwent the chop! Conrad is now rocking a sleek and stylish bob.

Conrad with the typical long California locks.

Post chop, Conrad’s new bob.

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco made a name for herself playing a typical attractive but dumb blonde on the Big Bang Theory, confusing and fascinating her brainy neighbours. As the show evolved, we learnt that while Cuoco’s character may not be book smart, she is far from stupid, and is no longer a dumb blonde. As Cuocs and her character evolved together, it seemed she wanted to transform as well, so she chopped her luscious blonde locks into a stylish pixie.

Cuoco with her classic long blonde locks.

Cuoco rocking her pixie chop.

Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev became a household name thanks to her iconic role on the Vampire Diaries, a teenage supernatural drama that demanded luscious dark brown locks. When Dobrev left the show in order to expand her prospects as an actor, she wanted to shed the character and become her own woman. One important step, lose the locks! Something seems to be working as her acting career has gone from strength to strength.

Dobrev rocking her teenage dream Vampire Diaries locks.

Dobrev rocking new short locks for the new chapter of her life.

Anne Hathaway

When playing an unexpected princess in The Princess Diaries, Anne Hathaway established herself as a classic beauty with long, sleek dark locks. But as Hathaway transformed from teenage drama queen to serious actress and young woman, Hathaway wanted to experiment with her looks. The

A young Anne Hathaway with her natural hair kept long.

Hathaway rocking her short crop while accepting her Oscar.

Julianne Hough

The dancer turned actress, and best friend of previous list entrant Dobrev, was another classic California girl with long, blonde beach locks. As she evolved as a person, expanding her career and tying the knot with her bow, her style had to grow with her. The dancer also underwent the chop, combining a gorgeous blond layered bob with sexy and stylish bangs.

Hough as the classic blonde bombshell.

Julianne with her bob and bangs.

Scarlett Johansson

Always considered a bombshell even as a teenager, Scarlett Johansson sported the classic long locks of a sexy young woman. As Johansson broke out of object of lust roles into serious, if still sexy, parts, she also found the confidence to change her look, with one of the sexiest crops to grace our screens.

Scarlett with her classic young bombshell look.

Johansson looking sexy with her shorter locks.

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller successfully transformed herself from socialite to serious actress and is now a well-respected force in the industry. Miller certainly had some bumps along the way, in particular in her infamous personal life with the actor Jude Law. It is no wonder she wanted to transform herself from innocent youth to strong woman. One part of that process was experimenting with her hair, leaving behind her long blond do for an equally flattering short crop.

Classic Sienna when she was still more socialite than actress.

Sophisticated Sienna with her flattering blonde bob.

Carey Mulligan

Quickly recognised as a talented actress, the young Cary Mulligan was considered to have the face of an angel, perfect for those waif-like roles. But over the years Mulligan has shown her fortitude, and that she is more mischievous pixie than sainted angel, and she decided to get the pixie cut to match.

Young Mulligan with her classic long locks.

Mulligan transformed with her iconic short do.

Jennifer Lawrence

As a young actress making a name for herself, Jennifer made the most of her naturally gorgeous locks. She was so attached to them that while filming the Hunger Games she preferred to wear wigs rather than dye her own natural hair. Eventually agreeing to work with her own hair, as feared, the treatment for the movie damaged her locks and she was forced to undergo the chop. But since, she has never looked back!

Young Lawrence with her beloved long locks.

Lawrence embracing her new short look.

Kristen Stewart

Although she already had many acting roles under her belt by the time she took on the Twilight, Bella Swan is the character that made Kristen a household name. Many fans struggled to distinguish between Kristen and her character. Seeking to both find and express her true identity, one thing Kristen did was lose the Bella locks. She has since rocked a variety of distinctive short punk dos, the envy of young trendsetters around the globe.

Kristen Stewart is Bella Swan with her iconic long brown hair.

One of Stewart’s many fearless short looks.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone made her name playing teenagers, and had to maintain that teenage long hair look for many years. As she graduated from quality teen comedy to serious actress, Stone had the freedoms and the confidence to experiment with edgier looks. She has brought a number of stunning short looks to the red carpet.

Young stone rocking her eternal teenager look.

Bringing a distinctively Emma Stone bob to the red carpet.

Charlize Theron

The South African model turned actress Charlize Theron broke into the industry by playing a sexy object of desire, which sometimes required sexy long locks. The industry and Theron quickly realized that beyond the gorgeous looks as a talented and serious actress. Theron went on to experiment with roles, and her hair, sporting a number of enviable short looks.

Miss Theron during one of her long hair phases.

Charlize pulling off a sexy short look like no one else.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is another young actress whose early role, as no other than Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, made her a household name. It also made it difficult for people to distinguish between the actress and her character. But Watson and Granger are similar in that they are both smart and ambitious. When filming ended on the final Harry Potter chapter everything changed. Watson enrolled in Brown University, started taking on adult roles, and transformed her look with an angelic pixie.

A gorgeous young Emma Watson with her Hermione Granger locks.

Watson ready to take on the world with her sophisticated new look.

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams graduated from teen drama star of Dawson’s Creek to sophisticated actress. She transfoemed from innocent young girl, to sophisticated woman. Williams also experienced much of the world, including the loss of the father of her daughter, Heath Ledger. As Williams grew, so did her style. She left behind the long locks and a teenager to embrace the sophisticated and much copied short do of a woman.

Williams with her Dawson’s Creek locks.

Williams with her now famous blonde pixie.

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