Do you want to try out a new hairdo? Maybe you’re looking for something that is a well-known classic, as well as something that will never go out of fashion. If that is the case, this article is for you! Keep on reading as we present you some of the best and coolest classic men’s haircuts that will always pop, and that will look so good on loads of different men, no matter their age, hair length, or hair color. Find your next inspo and book your hair appointment asap!

20+ Best Classic Men’s Haircuts

1. Classic Pompadour Haircut

A cool pompadour such as this one is forever going to look good and stylish. It is a look that rarely goes out of fashion. If you enjoy classy ideas and you love that subtle slick-back moment, this is for you! Show it off since it is a true beauty, perfect for most formal events.

2. Defined Curly Top Classic Hair

A high top with curly edges and defined lines is going to look the best on guys who are in their twenties. If you enjoy sleek ideas and you want to try out something new or you’re a fan of high-up tops, book this look! It is not too hard to maintain either.

3. Swept Back Classic Hair

A swept black classy look such as this one is a true classic. It is commonly worn by those who are in their twenties or thirties. If your hair is naturally lighter and is in this light brown or dark blonde color spectrum, this is going to suit you so well. The end result is formal and perfect for your prom or wedding days!

4. Elegant Classic Hairstyle

If you have 5-10 minutes to spare early in the morning and you enjoy looking good and feeling classy, this is for you. Make sure that you brush your hair out in one direction to achieve this beauty. The end result, when done with a ton of hairspray or hair gel, is going to attract a lot of love and attention among most women.

5. Classic Hair For Mature Guys

Even mature men can look good and classy! If you’re a fan of slick back hairdos and you have grey hair, why be ashamed of it? This silver natural grey hairdo is going to make you look and feel young, which is what most men want, right?

6. Curly High Top Classic Hair

A curly high-up top with defined curls is a popular look among younger guys and those who want to look like “players”. If you’re a fan of your natural texture and you’re proud of your curly locks, why not show them off so that everyone can see them?

7. Brown Voluminous Classic Hair

This hairstyle is going to look amazing on most guys who have naturally thick and full hair. If you’re a fan of defined strands and you love showing off your texture + you’re a low-maintenance guy, this is going to speak to you on so many different levels.

8. Faux Hawk Classic Hair

Faux hawks are one of the most popular hairdos that have been around for ages. Guys love them since they are so versatile, as well as quick and easy to style. If you’re a fan of defined and sleek edges and you fully trust your hairstylist, this is for you!

9. Common Classic Haircut

This is a common and popular hairdo that is often worn by businessmen. If you like straight and sleek edges and you enjoy pairing your stubble shorter beard with it, this is the perfect combo. It is going to look the best on men who are in their thirties.

10. Messy Cool Classic Hair

A messy hairdo such as this one is for those who enjoy quick and easy looks. If you’re a fan of practicality and you want something that you can style within minutes, this is for you. It will take you 2 minutes to do your hair early in the morning, which is what makes it so great.

11. Swept Back Classic Hair With A Fade

If you have fuller hair and love your natural texture, give this a go! This gorgeous design is for guys who enjoy their fullness and defined tops, as well as guys who are in their twenties, craving a modern look they will not go out of fashion anytime soon.

12. Crew Cut Classic Hair

A crew cut is a classic that never fails. If you’re someone who enjoys elegant looks and you want to rock an oldie but a goodie, this is it! Most guys can pull off this beauty, no matter their age. Want to give it a go?

13. Curly Brown Top Classic Haircut

If you’re in your twenties, this hairdo may suit you the best. It is a curly high-up top with a fade detail that can attract a ton of looks. Men who wish to stand out will enjoy this fancy and modern design.

14. Black Faux Hawk Classic Hair

A black faux hawk such as this one with a subtle detail on the side is for guys who enjoy trendy ideas. If you can cut your hair every 2-3 weeks to maintain this exact shape, why not give it a go? It will look good on most age groups.

15. Black Haircut Classic Hair

Classic Caesar hairdo such as this one is a modern look that is often worn by guys who enjoy trendy transformations. If you’re a fan of voluminous ideas and “clean” nicely done hairdos, this is for you. Show it off and set it in place with just a bit of hairspray or hair gel to maintain the design.

16. Blonde Classic Hair With A Fade

Guys who love simple ideas will enjoy this blonde outcome. If you have fringe bangs that you wish to show off, this is for you. Get a fade detail on the side to maintain this look and enjoy its timeless beauty.

17. Classic Hair Thick Hairdo

If you have naturally thick hair, why not show it off? Guys who are in their twenties may enjoy this the most. Add a ton of hair pomade to maintain the look and prolong its wear time, and also get the exact shiny and stylish outcome.

18. Blonde Modern Classic Hair

For some guys, coloring their hair is a must-do move. If you want to look trendy just know that you can’t go wrong with an icy blonde hair color. If you enjoy showing off your hairdo, consider this beauty.

19. Classic Hair Buzzcut Look

Cool buzzcut such as this one will take you 20 minutes to cut! You don’t have to cut it too often, which is why anyone can do it. It is also a budget-friendly solution. Make sure that you combine the look with a cool beard as well.

20. Classic Hair Fade Cut

A fade such as this one will take you 1-2 minutes to style in the morning. If you prefer shorter & low-maintenance ideas, this is something for you to consider doing. 

21. Classic Hair Spiked Look

A spiked-up look such as this one is going to look great on younger guys. Add your favorite hair pomade to set your locks in place for the entire day. Brush it out and spread evenly all over your palms and into your hair to get this stylish outcome.

22. Blonde Curly Classic Hair

A cool blonde curly hairdo such as this one will look great on guys with naturally gorgeous locks. Add your favorite curl product to achieve the exact same voluminous outcome.

23. Voluminous High Top Classic Hair

A high-up top curly updo such as this one is a gorgeous and formal look. It is often worn by guys who want to look trendy + this is the most popular fashionable haircut at the moment. 

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