Do you enjoy shorter bob hairdos? How about a collar bob-length style? The collarbone-length bob is considered a unique take on this haircut, and rocking this design can be a bit tricky depending on your personal preference. However, with the right approach, technique, and hairstyling products you’ll easily pull off this design. Here is what you’re going to fall in love with!

Top 25 Collarbone Length Bob Hairstyles

1. Icy Blonde Collarbone Length Bob

Delicate and playful, isn’t this hairstyle stunning? It can exude beauty and charm across various age groups, making it an alluring concept worth considering. Are you captivated by its style and voluminous tresses?

2. Black Collarbone Length Hair

How about this cute look? It is often worn by anyone who wants to stand out and look like a trendsetter when it comes to their chosen beauty.

3. Bright Red Collarbone Lob

Make sure you get regular haircuts when it comes to this hair design. You should get some layers as well to maintain this design and recreate an identical outcome.

4. Collarbone Length Lob Straight Hair

Age is no barrier for this hairstyle; it’s versatile for anyone to embrace! Are you excited about something like this, especially if you’re a fan of bold lobs? This creation is sure to capture everyone’s admiration— are you prepared to be smitten yourself?

5. Blonde Collarbone Length Hair For Fine Hair

Keep your natural hair color and go for this stylish collarbone cut. If you like chopped hairdos and you love a bit of asymmetry, this will fully interest you.

6. Hot Pink Collarbone Length Lob

The collarbone-length bob, often referred to as the “clavicut,” perfectly grazes the collarbone, creating a chic and universally flattering look. If you love bright and wild colors you’re going to go crazy over this bright pink hairdo. 

7. Blonde Collarbone Length Bob With Bangs

Blonde women are going to go crazy over this look. It is a classic and common choice by most workaholic women who like to add elegance to their daily looks in their own way and with a twist.

8. Collarbone Length Bob With Layers

Lob haircuts look very wispy and feminine, and they’re often worn by low-maintenance and practical women. If you’re someone who loves elegance and you prefer a short hairstyle this will intrigue you.

9. Above Collarbone Haircut

A black and wispy collarbone-length bob can be an everyday must-do transformation. If you’re a fan of shorter chopped hairdos and you love natural colors, this will have it all!

10. Fun Blonde Collarbone Length Bob

It’s time to enjoy an elegant bob such as this one, don’t you think so? If you love lob hairdos and you’re intrigued by something modern, you’re going to fall for this hairdo.

11. Black Hair Wispy Collarbone Length

Show off your cute and stylish lob by trying out this elegant style. Anyone who loves lob hairdos is going to enjoy emphasizing their love for these soft curls on a daily basis.

12. Collarbone Length Lob Hairstyles

Collarbone length bob is easy to maintain and recreate, making it an everyday necessity. If you love your subtle blonde color and you want simple waves paired along just book this haircut already.

13. Bright Blonde Collarbone Length Lob

This trendy hairstyle gained popularity for its versatility, allowing individuals to effortlessly transition from casual daywear to sophisticated evening styles. If you are a platinum blonde we know you’re going to go crazy over this beautiful design. 

14. Warm Toned Collarbone Length Bob

The collarbone-length bob is celebrated for its low-maintenance appeal, providing a balance between short and long hair for those seeking a stylish yet practical option. This hairdo is very sleek and chic and you’re going to love its golden hue. 

15. Fun Lob Collarbone Length Hairstyle

A short and cute collarbone-length bob with defined wispy waves will make you look attractive and ready for both day and nighttime festivities. If you are into stylish ideas and you trust your hairstylist fully, heads up as this is going to intrigue you.

16. Natural Brown Collarbone Length

Celebrities like Emma Stone and Taylor Swift have embraced the collarbone-length bob, contributing to its widespread popularity in the fashion world. If you are a trendsetter yourself and you enjoy short and sweet hairdos why not try this black bob? 

17. Straight Brown Collarbone Length Bob

The cut’s adaptability extends to various hair textures, making it an ideal choice for straight, wavy, and curly hair alike. If you have naturally thick hair this will look great on you!

18. Flirty Blonde Collarbone Length Haircut

A bright blonde and vibrant hairdo such as this one is going to look awesome when done in layers. If you have platinum blonde hair and you’re ready to express it, you’ll love this look.

19. Collarbone Straight Bob

Are you ready to welcome a new hairdo and enjoy a transformation? If you’re super picky about your looks and you want to look like a well-put individual – this will amaze you.

20. Icy Blonde Collarbone Length Lob

Cut your hair every three months to maintain this style and length. If you like cute ideas and you want to come off as a trendsetter this will intrigue you.

21. Brown Hair With Wispy Bangs Lob

Even younger women are going crazy over a collarbone-length bob. It is super trendy these days and it tends to grab the attention of young teens. If you’re a fan of layers we know this is going to intrigue you.

22. Short Lob Collarbone Length Hairdo

With its face-framing qualities, the collarbone-length bob enhances facial features and offers a timeless, elegant aesthetic that suits a wide range of personal styles. You should pair it along with some wispy bangs as well to get this chic cut. 

23. Curly And Wavy Collarbone Length Lob

Keep your natural hair color but spice it up with a lob design. This is a practical and stylish idea that will look lovely on most busy and workaholic moms, so why not try your best to achieve it?

24. Collarbone Length Cute Lob

A collarbone-length bob with a warm undertone is perfect for the summer season. If you’re quite picky you’re going to like everything about this look.

25. Fun Blonde Collarbone Length Hair

Go for stylish layers and enjoy this wispy bob. A warm-toned brown with the right hair-cutting technique will easily emphasize your natural beauty.

Chop It Off!

Which bob hairdo did you enjoy the most out of the bunch? There’s a bit of everything for everyone, so what does your personal preference and gut say? One thing’s for sure: all of these are worth doing.

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