Do you have green eyes? If so, did you know that this shade is the rarest of them all? This is what makes you unique, and it is also something that you can brag about! Now that you know this, are you also ready to explore some gorgeous hair options and colors that will furthermore compliment your gorgeous eyes? You must book a hairstylist who can meet your expectations and requirements. This is why this article is going to help you look and feel gorgeous inside out. Keep on reading and find a look that you’re gonna want to copy, asap!

Top 30 Best Hair Colors For People With Green Eyes

Golden Brown: You can’t go wrong with golden brown. This shade is typically a must-do for the fall season. If you enjoy warm tones, this is for you!

1. Wispy Wavy Golden Brown Bob

Try out a shorter bob and see how it compliments your gorgeous green eyes.

2. Feminine Golden Brown Hairstyle

Women who can handle the maintenance of their luscious long and golden locks should try this coloring technique.

3. Elegant Golden Brown Hair

You can look like such an elegant queen with this wispy and wavy hairstyle.

4. Golden Brown Bob Hair

This A-line golden bob is for women who want a bit of that asymmetrical touch.

5. Fun Bob Golden Brown Look

Keep your roots dark brown and try out this lighter golden brown shade down your ends for the best elegant outcome.

Mahogany Hair Color: This cool shade and the mahogany color is a unique blend of red and purple. If you enjoy darker shades and want a ton of shine, this is perfect for you and your green eyes!

1. Long Mahogany Color Hair

Color your hair every 5 weeks when it comes to this specific shade to prolong its beauty.

2. Wispy Mahogany Hair Color

Wispy mahogany hairdo such as this one is going to look amazing on women who are in their 30s.

3. Straight Mahogany Hair Color

If your natural hair is straight and shiny and you’re a fan of darker shades, try this out for any upcoming event!

4. Bob Look Mahogany Hair Color

Your green eyes are going to pop with this stylish shade. It is also a must-do for the fall season.

5. Mahogany Hair Color For Women With Green Eyes

Keep your base dark brown or black and glaze a bit of mahogany on top.

Ash Blonde Hair: Complement your green eyes with the right shade of blonde. Ash blonde is ashy, dirty, and a bit modern at the moment – perfect for those who enjoy cool tones instead of warmer undertones.

1. Long Ash Blonde Hair

Long ash blonde hair is very high-maintenance. Make sure that you can color it every 4 weeks.

2. Wavy Ash Blonde Hair

Short ash blonde hairdo such as this one is going to look amazing on workaholic women.

3. Ash Blonde Hair For Women With Green Eyes

Keep your roots and your dark base natural, but add ash-blonde highlights down the ends.

4. Ash Blonde Hair Bob Look

If you are in your forties we highly recommend that you give it a go with this pixie cut.

5. Cool Ash Blonde Hairstyle

An ash blonde hairdo such as this one is going to look amazing for your formal events & night-outs.

Chestnut Hair: Your green eyes are going to pop with the right brown undertone. Chestnut hair is very dominant & vibrant + it can look so good when you’re out in the Sun.

1. Voluminous Chestnut Hair

Moms who love practical hairdos and quick and easy transformations will fancy this style.

2. Chestnut Hair For Women With Green Eyes

If you love warm tones and wispy wavy locks – this is ideal for you!

3. Slick Shiny Chestnut Hair

Cut your hair every five weeks to maintain this chestnut design and this exact length. It is the best hairdo for women in their thirties.

4. Blowout Chestnut Hair

Try out this seamless blowout and show off your curls for any formal event.

5. Wavy Hairdo Chestnut Hair

This chestnut shade has to be achieved with the help of your hairstylist. It is not for those who are impatient or low-maintenance.

Hazelnut Hair: The most common hair color for the Fall season is the hazelnut shade. If you are a natural brunette and you have a warm skin tone – this is for you! It is one of the easiest shades to pull off from this list. 

1. Long Brown Hazelnut Hair Look

Dark long brown hazelnut hair such as this one is for women who are in their twenties. It is easy to achieve and maintain.

2. Voluminous Hazelnut Hair

Go for subtle curls and wavy ends to achieve this glamorous hazelnut design.

3. Bob Hairdo Hazelnut Style

Bob hairdo hazelnut cut such as this one is going to look amazing on moms who want a practical design.

4. Wispy Long Hazelnut Hair

Curl your ends with your favorite curling iron to achieve this stylish hazelnut look.

5. Short Bob Hazelnut Hair

Cut your hair every 4 weeks if you wish to get this exact same bob look.

Copper Hair: Copper red hair is a unique shade of red & orange that is going to make green eyes shine! If you love romantic & sensual hair dyes (and you have a lighter skin tone), explore this option.

1. Super Long Copper Hair

Long & feminine, this fiery hairdo is going to attract a ton of attention and looks everywhere you go.

2. Straight Copper Hair

Try out these stylish layers and make your copper hair come to life.

3. Bob Copper Hair

Bob copper hairdo such as this one is going to look amazing on women who are in their 30s.

4. Short Bob Copper Hair For Women With Green Eyes

Bright and sexy – don’t you want to try it out?

5. Light Copper Hair

If you are a teen we recommend going with this copper shade & bob cut a try.

Show Off Your Gorgeous Green Eyes!

Are you ready for a new hairdo? If so, which hair design you can’t wait to style and show off? Let us know and make your green eyes pop like never before, we can’t wait to see it!

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