Cool tone brunette is such a gorgeous shade, as well as a color that is often worn for the fall season. Do you enjoy lighter hair colors, and do you fancy cool undertones that can bring out your eye color, and skin tone? If so, it is time to consider some new hair ideas and color options! Here is what we recommend that you get. The ultimate list of cool and “cool” brunette hairdos.

20+ Cool-Toned Brunette Hairdos

1. Long Cool Tone Brunette

If you enjoy wispy hairdos and you want something elegant and modern, this is for you. You should color your ends but keep your roots natural for that ultimate outcome and a seamless blend.

2. Cool Tone Brunette Hairstyle

Women who are in their twenties are going to like this design the most. If you want a hairstyle that works and looks good for most events and gatherings, we can vouch for this beauty.

3. Straight Cool Tone Brunette

Keep your hair straight and your color will come to play! This way of styling your hair and wearing it straight is the best design for younger ladies and those with naturally thicker and straighter strands.

4. Natural Cool Tone Brunette

Leave your hair natural brown and only add one layer of a glossy undertone to achieve this haircut. Women who love shiny and elegant outcomes are going to fall for this look, especially in the spring!

5. Voluminous Cool Tone Brunette

The ashy dark brown top with subtle cool tone highlights is going to look the prettiest for the spring season. If you’re a girl who loves playful hairdos and you trust your hairstylist that they can recreate the exact same design – explore this beauty.

6. Bob Cool Tone Brunette Hairstyle

If you’re a busy workaholic mom who loves practical ideas and you want one short and cute bob – this is for you. It is the perfect office design and a haircut that is going to come in handy for your formal moments.

7. Bob Cool Tone Brunette With Highlights

Ladies who like subtle and lighter highlights are going to enjoy this cool-toned look. If you prefer romantic hair ideas and you want a transformation that is great for everyday moments, why not this beauty?

8. Cool Tone Brunette Haircut

Try out a darker base for your cool-toned haircut and try out this design for your next big and important project or something major. Ladies who enjoy cool-toned highlights and soft curls are going to go crazy for this design.

9. Cool Tone Brunette Hairstyle With Middle Parting

Yellow-toned haircut with that subtle icy hue is for anyone in their twenties. Show that you enjoy longer looks and that you can maintain your design by fully commuting to this beauty.

10. Cool Tone Brunette With Bangs

This short bob design is often worn by those who enjoy refined and elegant styles. If you are into business-appropriate looks and you need something that you can wear to pretty much any occasion, why not this look?

11. Light Cool Tone Brunette

Grow your hair long and healthy if you want something that others don’t dare to recreate. This specific look is going to suit ladies in their twenties the most.

12. Feminine Blowout Cool Tone Brunette

Go for a feminine blowout and try your haircut in this wispy way. Ladies who enjoy full bangs and those who want to try out something fancy will fall for this look. Are you ready to give it a go?

13. Cool Tone Brunette Hairstyle Look

Keep your roots dark brown and natural. If you enjoy fall-inspired shades and you are a classy lady, this look is for you. Go for wispy bangs and add volume to them to recreate this gorgeous concept.

14. Fall-Inspired Cool Tone Brunette

Go for a pair of wispy curtain bangs if you want an elegant outcome. Women who like their fluffy and voluminous strands are going to fall for this look. Set it in place with loads of hairspray to keep the look on for the entire day.

15. Trendy Cool Tone Brunette

Ladies who like shorter wispier looks are going to love this design. You should add some subtle highlights to get this cool-toned outcome. Cut your hair every 5 weeks to prolong the outcome and maintain the same length.

16. Cool Tone Brunette With Highlights

Long, thick, voluminous, and healthy, this hairstyle is a must-try for the summertime period. Anyone who enjoys defined and curly or wavy ends is going to adore this outcome.

17. Straight Bob Cool Tone Brunette

Try out a short and defined sleek bob such as this one if you’re a fan of elegant and sleek strands. The more shine, the better it is for this look! Getting regular Olaplex treatments should also be your goal in this case.

18. Cool Tone Brunette With Bangs

You should have the right type of hair toner if you wish to maintain this color. It is not that easy to pull off, so heads up before you fully commit to it.

19. Cool Tone Brunette Haircut For Ladies

Go for a middle parting if you want to get this stylish design. This haircut is going to look amazing on women who are in their twenties.

20. Natural Brown Root Cool Tone Brunette

Try out this wispy bob if you’re someone who likes elegance. Add a ton of hairspray to hold the design in place and to prolong the wear time of these locks.

21. Chocolate Cool Tone Brunette

Cool tone haircut like this one is a must-do by ladies who love fluffy looks. If you’re a fan of stylish and modern designs that are popular for this current season, this one is for you.

22. Elegant Cool Tone Brunette

Ashy cool-toned haircut such as this one is going to look the best for the fall season. If you trust your hairstylist we believe that now is the right time to commit to this look.

23. Cool Tone Brunette Hairstyle Idea

Lastly, give it a go with this haircut. It is a popular look by those who are high-maintenance. Make sure that you have the right type of hair shampoos and conditioners to commit to it fully.

Color Your Hair!

Ready to color your locks? If so, which design and style do you love the most? All of these hair ideas and stylish options can suit different ladies and age groups. Which one do you plan on wearing and enjoying in the near future? Let us know!

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