Cornrows are a stunning style that is low-maintenance and easy to take care of. With cornrows, you hair sits close to the scalp and is braid into a variety of different shapes, all depending on whatever look you want to go for. While cornrows are low-maintenance, it doesn’t mean they can’t be dressed up and used for upscale events also. Cornrows are the perfect hairstyle for literally anyone and any event you want to go to.

Here are 50 of our favorite cornrow styles that are begging to be tried.

1. ZigZag

Have some fun with your cornrows and design a unique zigzag design.

2. In the Back

You can also cornrow the underside of your hair for a low-maintenance updo.

3. Small Details

If you love a good cornrow style but don’t want to fully commit, just do a small section.

4. Tint of Blue

Add some color to your cornrows for a nice pop.

5. Unique Part

With cornrows you have the opportunity to add your own unique part to your look.

6. Beads

Add a fun look with beads on your ends.

7. High Pony

Rocking a high pony with cornrows is a stunning look.

8. Swept Back

With your cornrows you have the opportunity to choose the direction of your hair.

9. High Bun

Wrap your cornrows into a high bun for a beautiful style.

10. Blonde

Add a little blonde through your look for a change of color.

11. Single Part

Cornrow just a single part in your hair.

12. Rainbows

Have some fun with your cornrows and add the entire rainbow.

13. Classy

This classy cornrow look is perfect for any event.

14. Shuruba

This Ethiopia and Eritrea style is gorgeous.

15. Details

Add details and designs to your cornrow style to really stand out.

16. Accents

Cornrows are the perfect look to add a little accent to.

17. Bob

Rock a stunning bob style with cornrows.

19. Faux Hawk

A faux hawk looks stunning with a set of cornrows.

21. Natural Waves

Cornrow half your hair and let the rest be natural.

22. Minimal

Go with minimal rows for a sleek look.

23. Unique

Choose a look that is uniquely your own.

24. Half Up

Cornrows are a great look to wear half up.

25. Multiple Colors

Have fun with your cornrows and add multiple colors to your look.

26. Sleek and Long

A long cornrow style is a must.

27. Directional

Have fun with the directions of your cornrows.

28. Ombre

An ombre cornrow style is stunning.

29. Width

Go between chunky and slim with your braid width.

30. Embellishment

Add a little something to your cornrows for a pop of sparkle.

31. Star

You can totally rock a star with your cornrows.

32. Chocolate Braids

Chocolate color braids look gorgeous.

33. Mohawk

Even with cornrows you can have a cool mohawk look.

34. Purple

Purple is a beautiful color to wear with cornrows.

35. Braid Ponytail

You don’t have to cornrow your entire head for a stunning look.

36. Diamond

A diamond pattern will look amazing with your cornrows.

37. Pink Ombre

Have fun with some pink colors.

38. Lob

Rock your cornrows in a lob style.

39. Side Cornrows

You can style your cornrows to the side.

40. Vibrant

Add whatever vibrant colors you want to your look.

41. Waves

This style will look beautiful on anyone.

42. Burgundy

Burgundy hues through your cornrows is stunning.

43. Crown

This crown style is perfect for cornrows.

44. Knotted

Try out this gorgeous style for your cornrows.

45. Copper

Copper colors with your cornrows will turn heads.

46. Chunky Blonde

Have fun with your braid width and color.

47. Circle Braid

Doing small cornrows is a great style.

48. Goddess Braids

This cornrows will make anyone look like a goddess.

50. Layered

Even with cornrows you can have a layered look.

Cornrows are a beautiful style that works for any opportunity. Which style is your favorite?

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