Are you ready to enter the classic charm of the cub haircut? This edgy and versatile hairstyle, a modern take on the iconic bob, exudes a perfect balance of sophistication and bold style. It also reminds a lot of a wolf haircut, only done in different lengths. It is mostly characterized by its geometric precision and striking silhouette, often worn by young women who enjoy wavy, wispy, and reckless ideas. Here is all that you should know about this statement-making look and here are some fun options worth doing.

Top 25 Cub Cut Hairstyle Ideas 

1. Cub Cut Hairstyle

A cub haircut is often described as something short and wispy, yet perfect for girls who love to stand out. A cub hair design is very short and reminds a lot of a wolf design. Do you like that yourself?

2. Short Cub Cut

If you like longer hairdos and you trust your hairstylist fully, it’s time to try out this design. You should cut it every 3 weeks to maintain the length and the design.

3. Cub Cut Female Sexy Design

Do you enjoy subtle highlights? Are you a fan of wispy ideas? Anyone who likes retro wolf hairdos will also fall in love with this cub design.

4. Curly Cub Cut

Cub hairstyle and this type of layered look is for ladies in their forties. If you’re eager to experiment with something new and playful we know this is going to attract your attention.

5. Wet Cub Cut Hairstyle

A cub cut is called a cub cut because it resembles and represents a little wolf, or its cub. If you’re a fan of layered ideas and you want to try out something modern but in your own way, this will make you think twice and you’ll be intrigued by the design.

6. Hot Pink Cub Cut

Are you a fan of bright and wild hairdos? This hot pink design is often worn by teen women who enjoy the glamour. Heads up since bright pink is very easy to wash out and lose its pigment, and you should be coloring it often.

7. Orange Cub Cut Hair Design

A hot orange hair color is often worn for the fall season. Ladies who like wild and fun hair ideas are going to enjoy this pigmented design. It will suit any age group.

8. Short Dark Brown Cub Cut

A cub hair design such as this one is going to look lovely on mature ladies. If you’re in your thirties to forties and you’re ready for a unique change and a fun outcome, why not this look?

9. Natural Brown Cub Cut

Embrace your inner wild and retro wolf and try out this bang design. Wispy edges and just a bit of hairspray will go a long way and will do wonders for this gorgeous haircut.

10. Curly Cub Hairstyle

Even those with curls can try out this look. If you like your natural locks and you’re ready to show them off, this is how to do it! Moisturize your curls and define them no matter the event or your daily moments.

11. Warm Toned Orange Cub Cut

A cub cut with a hint of orange is going to look lovely and playful. If you enjoy pigmented hair ideas and you want to try out something different and a stylish design with a pop of flame to it (literally) this will intrigue you.

12. Light Blonde Cub Cut

You’ll look like a little reckless cub and you’re going to enjoy your new blonde hair design. Just make sure to cut your hair every 3 months and color it every other month as this shade of blonde can be tricky to maintain.

13. Light Orange Cub Hairdo

A cub haircut design with a shade of orange is a must-try for the fall season. If you can and you’re brave enough why not color your hair on your own? The final design will look the prettiest on ladies in their twenties.

14. Bright Purple Cub Cut

Are you ready for a fun new shade? This cool bright purple design with simple bangs is for girls or women who love to stand out. Try out this design and just know that you’re going to be one of a few who dares to wear it.

15. Cub Cut Curly Design

Curl your ends and try out this cub design knowing it’s a show-stopping piece. Add your favorite curl cream to maintain the locks and to define your natural volume. The final design is a gorgeous outcome no matter your age.

16. Brown Cub Cut With Bangs

Do you like this dark brown cub hairdo? It is quite pigmented and is very easy to achieve. If you enjoy subtle hairdos and you don’t want to try out a drastic change when it comes to your look – why not this beauty?

17. Half Split Cub Cut Hairdo

A cub hairdo with two different shades is an interesting choice to make. If you’re in your teens or early twenties you’ll rock this effortlessly and with ease. Are you eager to give it a go?

18. Fluffy Voluminous Cub Cut

How gorgeous is this full blowout hairstyle? Ladies who like wispy designs and women who love fuller tops will love this outcome. If you’re a serious woman or a workaholic mom who enjoys defined hairdos – this is a must-do in your case.

19. Pale Blonde Cub Cut

Ladies with light blonde hair and women who love pale blonde outcomes are going to fall for this outgoing design. You should color your locks every eight weeks as this design is on a high-maintenance side.

20. Cub Cut Hair With Bangs

Cut your hair short and embrace the cub outcome. When paired with some bangs this hairstyle can look runway perfect. Embrace your model look and fall in love with this sleek and wet design.

21. Short Natural Brown Cub Cut

If you’re a fan of low-maintenance ideas and you want to try out something easy to recreate, you’ll like this hairdo. It is simple and sleek, often worn by those who want something stylish and simple for daily moments.

22. Bright Red Cub Cut Hair

Add a dash of red and add this elegant hairstyle to your must-do list. You should color your hair every 5-7 weeks to prolong the design. If you’re a fan of highly pigmented ideas and you’re into fluffy and full hairdos, this is perfect for you.

23. Stylish Cub Cut

Try out this cub hairstyle and pair it along with these stylish bangs. Ladies in their thirties will fall for this outcome. Embrace your little cub and just know that no one is going to have something as stylish and similar as you.

24. Long Cub Cut Hair Idea

Cut your hair in layers and add a touch of sophistication with this outcome. If you are a natural brunette and you enjoy wispy ideas and you’re ready for something cute, this will suit you so well.

25. Brown Cub Hairstyle

This stylish long cub design resembles a lot of a sleek wolf cut. It also has some bob elements to it, making it a stylish and easily adaptable design for everyone.

Are you ready to embark on this new journey?

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