Are you a fan of dark chocolate brown hair? This shade will never go out of fashion! Women of all ages can rock and try out a stylish chocolate brown hair dye, it all comes down to finding the right undertone that suits you. Chocolate brown hair is mostly worn for the fall season, and it can look very elegant and stylish when done the right way. Figure out what’s your perfect hue and undertone by browsing through some of the options down below.

20+ Dark Chocolate Hair Looks

1. Long Dark Chocolate Hair

Long and warm-toned, this haircut is often a must-try by girls who enjoy shiny and slick locks. If you prefer warm tones and you want the perfect fall-inspired shade, this is for you!

2. Voluminous Dark Chocolate Hair

Voluminous and a bit frizzy, this hairdo is often worn by girls who have naturally wavy & thick textures. Why not define your strands with your favorite hairspray and wear the design to any event you like?

3. Dark Chocolate Hair Style

A chocolate warm haircut that you’re going to fancy for a night out with the girls. Show your locks and let the shine come through! Once you set it in place with your favorite hairspray you’re going to enjoy it for big the entire day.

4. Wispy Dark Chocolate Hair Style

Add subtle highlights onto your darker natural base if you wish to simply and lightly spice it up. Anyone who prefers minimalistic haircuts and changes will gravitate toward this gorgeous design.

5. Dark Roots Chocolate Hair Look

This dark chocolate brown shade is going to look the best for the fall time season. If you enjoy lighter, icy, and ashy undertones, why not go all out with this gorgeous wispy design?

6. Warm Tone Dark Chocolate Hair

You should color your hair every 2 months when it comes to this look and this specific design. Although it is low-maintenance when compared to the rest, it is vital that you cut it regularly to maintain the outcome.

7. Light Dark Chocolate Hair

This light shade of chocolate brown is going to look the best on women with naturally lighter roots. If you are a fan of lighter shades and if you have a warm & pale undertone, this is for you!

8. Dark Chocolate Hair Straight Look

Brush your hair out and try out wispy and fluffy curls! Women who enjoy defined locks and those who are always rocking subtle voluminous strands will naturally gravitate toward this design.

9. Wavy Dark Chocolate Hair

Moms or simply women who are in their thirties to forties will fall in love with this hairdo. Curl your ends, and color your hair every 2 months to enjoy this look.

10. Dark Chocolate Hair Cut

A dark chocolate haircut with a subtle shine is for women who like elegance. If you’re a fan of defined locks and you want something that you can wear for your day-to-day events, this is it!

11. Voluminous Fluffy Dark Chocolate Hair

Voluminous and super stylish, this brown hairdo will look amazing on women who like shorter looks. This type of bob will suit you for your business meetings and important moments/gatherings.

12. Stylish & Elegant Dark Chocolate Hair

You can achieve this haircut by coloring your hair every other month or so. Cut it every couple of weeks as well to enjoy stylish & healthy strands. The final outcome will look good on most women, no matter their age.

13. Dark Chocolate Hair With Bangs

Dark chocolate and super defined, this look is for those who want something warm-toned. If you enjoy layer haircuts and if you want something wispy – this is perfect!

14. Wavy Shiny Dark Chocolate Hair

If you want a short bob hairdo that is covered in shine, why not recreate this beauty? Women who are in their twenties will fancy this look. Make sure that your ends are long, shiny & healthy before you fully commit to this design.

15. Brilliant Glossy Dark Chocolate Hair

Super long, super brilliant and so glossy, this haircut is very popular for the fall season. It has that chestnut undertone that will make you look like a true diva!

16. Chopped Dark Chocolate Hair

Chopped cut with long and wispy bangs that you’re going to love if you’re a low-maintenance person. You should try out Olaplex hair treatment if you wish to prolong the shine of this gorgeous hairdo.

17. Dark Chocolate Hair Wavy Style

If your hair is naturally waxy & has a bit of texture, this is for you! A warm-toned chocolate hairdo such as this one will make you pop and stand out everywhere you go.

18. Dark Chocolate Hair Middle Part

Opt for a middle part if you’re into classic & classy hairdos. Anyone who has naturally wavy, thick & healthy hair will love this gorgeous design.

19. Highlight Dark Chocolate Hair

Long and straight haircut such as this one is perfect for the Spring season. Pair it with this shiny undertone and nourish it with the right hair mask for long-lasting results.

20. Night-Out Blowout Dark Chocolate Hair

This is the perfect nigh-out blowout hairdo that you’re going to love for most events & special gatherings. If you prefer wispy haircuts and you trust your hairstylist fully, why not let them do their magic?!

21. Dark Chocolate Hair With Cool Bangs

Lastly, why not try out this gorgeous chocolate brown haircut with flawless and wispy bangs?! Women who like longer looks will fall in love with this design. The final result is very popular and often spotted on Instagram & Pinterest.

Try Dark Chocolate Hair!

Time to start coloring! Are you ready for the ultimate transformation? All of these cuts and colors can come in handy, and they can look beautiful on women who fancy subtle hair dyes. Which one is going to be your top pick this time and season? Let us know!

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