There is something gorgeous about dark red hair. This wine colored hair looks fantastic on anyone and is perfect for the summer and winter seasons. The best thing about dark red hair is the versatility but also the feeling of a new change without going to drastic with your color. If you love a fun and deep color that will looking stunning on you, consider going dark red.

Here are a few of our favorite dark red looks that will give you a little inspiration for your next trip to the hairdresser.

1. Dark Red

This lob is stunning in numerous different ways.

2. Red Pixie

Go super short with your pixie and add a touch of red.

3. Bob

Bobs look stunning when you pair them with a fun red hue.

4. Sleek

Dark red with sleek straight hair makes for an amazing combination.

5. Merlot

This fun red color will look stunning on anyone.

6. Pops of Red

Go with a shaggy look and add pops of red.

7. Black Cherry

Once you commit to a stunning red color you won’t go back.

8. Cherry Red

You can add a little brightness to your red.

9. Mahogany

Pair your red with a little brown for a fun look.

10. Ombre

Try out an ombre red color for a beautiful look.

11. Mixed Red

Run different reds throughout your style to get amazing results.

12. Muted Red

You can go with a more tamed and easy red.

13. Dip Dye

Add a little spunk to your dip dye.

14. Rounded Bob

A rounded bob and a deep red looks perfect.

15. Simple Lob

Let your lob be simple and go with a stunning red color.

16. Long Pixie

This long pixie is gorgeous with red highlights.

17. Berry Vibes

Red and berry colors look gorgeous together.

18. Dark Roots

These dark roots pair perfectly with a burgundy color.

19. Angled Cut

An angled cut is unique and fun and adding red makes it a great combo.

20. Red Balayage

A balayage coloring is popular but change it up with a red shade.

21. Deep Red

This deep red is stunning and perfect for the winter.

22. Sassy Bob

A sassy and shaggy bob with red color is great for a new style.

23. Curled Style

Pairing curls with your red is a beautiful idea.

24. Red Melt

Melt a variety of reds into your hair for a stunning melt.

25. Classic Lob

A classic lob with dark red make for a egregious look.

26. Short Red

Go with a shorter style and a fun color.

27. Pixie Bangs

A pixie style with bangs with give you a fun look.

28. Fire

A sassy bob and a sassy color make for a fire look.

29. Red Highlights

Throwing red highlights in your hair brightens it up in a fun way.

30. Short Bob

A short bob with bangs looks amazing with a dark red hue.

31. Red Sections

Throwing red throughout your hair becomes a beautiful style.

32. Duo Color

A dark and a red looks beautiful mixed together.

33. Full Red

Go all out with your red color.

34. Black

Pair your black hair with red highlights for a stunning contrast.

35. Layers

Add layers through your red look.

36. Bangs

Make your look sassier with some bangs.

37. Minimal

A minimal red coloring is great for a small change.

38. Braided Style

Braids looking amazing with red in them.

39. Red and Purple

This red and purple shade looks stunning through your hair.

40. Stunning Red

People heads will turn with this gorgeous color.

41. Sleek

Sleek and red is beautiful for a style.

42. Updo

You can easy do a stunning look with gorgeous red hair.

Dark red hair will look gorgeous on anyone who tries it out. Once you color your hair you won’t want to go back.

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