Planning a fantastic date night idea with your other half? It doesn’t matter if you’re dating someone or if you’re married – a date is a date! So, this means you should try your best to look and feel your best. You can do that by booking a hairstyle that suits you and which is complementary. Not too sure what to go for or how to enhance your feminine ideas? Here are some cool and creative ideas you’ll enjoy!

30+ Date Night Hairstyle Ideas 

1. Date Night Hairstyle Half Up Half Down Look

A high-up ponytail is the perfect date night hairdo that you’ll love for your next big and fancy date. If you have light and subtle curls that you want to define when out on your date, this is worth checking out and recreating.

2. Formal Bun Date Night Hairstyle

Light blonde hair tied in a braid will make every woman look and feel like a princess. The key to maintaining this hairstyle is using a ton of hairspray and bobi pins to keep it in place. If you like romantic hairdos you know what to do next!

3. Date Night Hairstyles For Medium Hair

You can look cute and elegant with your formal hairstyle. Just add these stylish hair clips and try out this formal hairstyle with accessories. This silver-colored or white colored bead will add so much style to your formal outfit and will look the best for a classy dinner date night out.

4. Simple Date Night Hairstyles

Go for a high up messy bun and embrace your reckless look. If you have less than 10 minutes to spare and you want an updo, you’ll fall for this design! Ready to try it out?

5. Messy Retro Ponytail Date Night Hairstyle

Chic and defined ponytails will never go unnoticed. If you prefer messy textures and you’re a fan of retro ideas + you have a skilled hand and you want a long-lasting updo that will survive your dancing moments, this one will not go unnoticed!

6. Low Bun Date Night Hairstyle

A low-placed stylish bun is very formal and elegant. Girls who enjoy elegance and anyone who has a formal date ahead will fall for this idea. Don’t forget stylish jewelry as well which will round up your look and make you look even more modern and trendy.

7. Date Hairstyle Blonde Look

Try out this stylish scarf design and place it in your braid. Once styled the outcome will look very Parisian-like. If you’re a fan of elegant and romantic hairdos you’ll enjoy this wispy idea. Heads up as you should go for a silky scarf so you don’t break your strands or cause frizz.

8. Wavy Voluminous Date Night Hairstyle

Half up half down hairstyle with a subtle messy bun in the back will look the prettiest for your formal date dinner nights. If you are off somewhere fancy – this is a must-book.

9. Long Blonde Hair With Hair Clip

Embrace your straight hair and add one hair clip or hairpin to the top side. This will make you look feminine and playful, as well as flirty, which is perfect for your date night!

10. Beach Waves Elegant Date Night Hairstyle

Hollywood curls or beach waves will look pretty when paired with a dramatic makeup look. This hairstyle will make you look like a diva, especially when you pair it with your red lipstick.

11. Date Night Hairstyles For Thin Hair

A low-placed bun and this fun orange hair color will look amazing for the fall season. This is a romantic look that you’ll like no matter your event or age group.

12. Long Ponytail Date Night Hairstyle

A sleek and long party-perfect ponytail tends to look the best for your club or dance night. If your date plans on taking you out somewhere fun and you plan on partying the night, this is perfect!

13. Messy Fishtail Braid Date Night Hairstyle

Go for this retro fishtail braid and keep your hair simple and relaxed. Women who enjoy party-inspired ideas that are on the low-maintenance side should try this look, mainly because it is perfect for your casual date nights.

14. Blonde Low-Placed Date Night Hairstyle

How often do you go on dates? How important is it for you to make a good first impression? If you want to look like a feminine girl for your next event, recreate this exact same hairstyle on your own and show off your night-out-inspired look!

15. Date Night Hairstyle Braided Look

Girls who like elegant ideas and women who have blonde hair will want to try this out. This is a reckless and fancy bun that makes your facial features pop and look feminine, which is perfect for sensual women who want to look delicate and elegant.

16. Formal Braid Date Night Hairstyle

The key element when doing this hairstyle? Patience. This type of braid will look the best for those who are trying to leave a romantic vibe for a very romantic gathering. If you have some time to spare, style away!

17. Long Brown Date Night Hairstyle

Long and healthy chocolate brown hair doesn’t require a lot of touch-ups. In fact, you can have the perfect date night out look just by leaving your hair long and voluminous, as well as wispy.

18. Date Night Hairstyle Formal Bun

A formal bun and this wavy design can look flirty and feminine. If you like wispy buns and you prefer serious-looking ideas, check this one out and only book it with a skilled hairstylist.

19. Black Wispy Ponytail Date Night Hairstyle

Chic and messy ponytails with defined frontal bangs is the perfect clubbing hairdo. Define your bangs with your trustworthy hairspray and style with confidence.

20. High Updo Bun Date Night Hairstyle

If you want to embrace your inner goddess and you wish to look like JLO, why not try out this feminine bun design? If you and your hubby are going out for a date night or something formal, this will suit your event the best.

21. Blonde Date Night Hairstyle Look

Go for this fluffy and voluminous blonde bun and add some subtle waves. Book the best hairstylist you know of as this design is a time-consuming one.

22. Brown Wispy Date Night Hairstyle Idea

A lot of guys love to see women with bright and bold red lipstick for their date nights. Pair this with fluffy waves and you’ll have the time of your life!

23. Wavy Date Night Hairstyle Idea

A subtle wispy blowout and these highlights will make every woman look and feel like a princess. If you are in your twenties and you love the simplicity of your look, you can’t go wrong with this!

24. Cool Space Buns Date Night Hairstyle

Space buns are a newer trend on the market which tends to look great and party-perfect. If you’re out to a club and you want to have a good time, party on!

25. Messy Blonde Ponytail

Try out a loose ponytail since this hairdo is very easy to do and recreate, even on your own. All you need is seven minutes to spare, a bobi pin, and a hair tie!

26. Platinum Blonde Date Night Hairstyle

Add one giant braid detail across the top portion of your head. This is often considered a romantic hairdo, and it looks very country-like, perfect for romantic souls who have an important date or event ahead.

27. High Up Ponytail Date Night Hairstyle

A high-up and defined sleek ponytail with your natural hair color looks very glamorous, don’t you think? If you are a fan of dark-colored hairdos and you like to look like Ariana Grande, this will come in handy.

28. Warm Toned Orange Date Night Hairstyle

Dramatic makeup and a dramatic hairstyle will look glamorous and feminine when paired together. Blue-eyed women will also love this shade of orange on them. If you like drama and you’re ready to stand out, this will not go unnoticed.

29. Low Placed Date Night Hairstyle

Bright blonde and bleached blonde fluffy ponytail when worn loosely and with this messy top will make you look like a trendsetter. Don’t forget a lot of hairspray to prolong it’s wear time.

30. Retro Date Night Hairstyle

If you are in your teens or twenties this hairstyle will intrigue you and will suit you the best. Anyone who loves defined, straight, and sleek edges will love this vibe.

31. Messy Bun Date Night Hairstyle Idea

If you’re rushing out the door and you have less than five minutes to spare + you’re into reckless and messy updos, try this style! It is a gorgeous idea that will make you look perfect for any event, dinner, or activity.

32. Blowout Date Night Hairdo

Some ladies will enjoy a simple blowout which will define their natural texture and their locks of hair. It is not pricey yet it is a bulletproof solution that always works.

33. Fluffy Blonde Date Night Hairstyle

Color your hair every 6 weeks to maintain this shade of blonde. For your date night out, incorporate some stylish bangs into the story and make yourself look like a true diva.

34. Low Placed Bun With A Hair Clip

Last, but not least, why not add some fun accessories to your sleek bun? These golden additions and simple hair clips will make your bun stand out, especially when paired along with other golden elements!

Do you want to outshine the competition and look like the main prize? You can do that, as long as you’re ready to experiment with some feminine and unique looks from our list. Which one did you enjoy the most? Let us know and look like a true romantic couple this time around!

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