Have you heard of the deva haircuts before? If not, now is the right time to consider them and start wearing a fun new look that will suit you! In fact, a deva hairstyle will suit any woman with curls, wanting to emphasize her natural texture. Keep on reading and find out how to style your hair and browse through 30+ unique options. We know that you’re going to love them.

What Is A Deva Cut?

Deva hair better known as DevaCut is a unique hairstyle and hair cutting technique that includes sculpting the curl at an angle and by following a specific pattern. Thanks to the signature Deva waterfall cutting technique, a structured way is applied and defined soft curls are achieved. Deva cut is done layer by layer, curl by curl. Once done, it can last for quite some time!

How Pricey Is A Deva Cut?

Deva haircut price runs anywhere from $60-$150 at most hair salons. The final price point will depend and vary on the hair length, style, as well as expertise level of your hairstylist.
1. Brown Deva Hair


Cute and elegant, this dark brown look is for women who like to show off their natural color and curl pattern.

2. Dark Blonde Deva Hair


Add a bit of warmth to your look, especially if you’re looking for a fall hairdo!

3. Deva Hair With Highlights 


Go for some sweet balayage highlights and spice up your look for everyday wear.

4. Short Brown Deva Hair


Shorter hair such as this one will be a lot more practical and low-maintenance, why not give it a go?

5. Silver Deva Hair


Women who have gray hair can also consider this full-blown-out voluminous outcome.

6. Light Blonde Deva Haircut


If your hair is blonde and on a lighter side this look will suit you and look stylish.

7. Curly Frizzy Deva Hair


Add some dimension and color depth with these cool lighter highlights.

8. Deva Hair With Frontal Highlights 


Decorate your frontal hair part with some cool highlights and give it a subtle switch-up!

9. Blonde Deva Haircut


Deva cut such as this one will suit younger women who can handle the maintenance the most.

10. Light Colored Deva Hair


A must-have and must-try look for the summer season and spicing up or refreshing your color.

11. Natural Brown Deva Hairstyle


Dark brown short deva cut or layered cut will suit women who want something cute and simple for everyday wear.

12. Hair With Highlights Deva Hair


A blonde look such as this one will look amazing without being too hard to maintain.

13. Hot Red Deva Hair


If you’re a fan of red color give it a go with this light red beauty!

14. Short Brown Hair With Highlights Deva Hair


Moms who like to stand out and wear gorgeous looks on an everyday basis or to the office will enjoy this outcome.

15. Curly Deva Haircut


Give your cut a bit of freshness and play with these cool blonde highlights.

16. Tight Curls Deva Hair


This deva cut will look phenomenal and attention-seeking on women who like to show off their curl pattern.

17. Light Brown Deva Hair


Long, retro, and loose, this beauty will suit women who really enjoy divalicious looks!

18. Short Black Deva Hair


Black and shiny, this deva cut will look elegant and super sleek thanks to its use of oils and curl pattern.

19. Frizzy Updo Deva Hair


If your hair is a bit frizzy just know that you can also recreate this look.

20. Short Black Hair Deva Cut


The ultimate dark brown deva cut that you’re going to fancy if you’re into shorter looks and easy-maintenance ideas.

21. Dark Blonde Deva Haircut


Freshen up your color and look with this blonde addition and highlights.

22. Soft Brown Deva Hair


Naturally curly and brown hair will look phenomenal with this deva outcome.

23. Bright Red Deva Hair


Red hair with a bit of shine will look elegant and romantic, does this sound like your vibe?

24. Short Gray Deva Haircut


This look just goes to show you that mature women can also rock this beauty.

25. Orange Deva Hairstyle


If you’re looking for a flawless fall hair switch-up this is perfect for you!

26. Silver Deva Hairstyle


Go for this icy white silver vibe and show that you’re into unique and cool ideas.

27. Brown Roots With Highlights Deva Hair


Women who like dark brown hairdos or looks that are colorful will enjoy this beauty.

28. Tight Curls Black Hair Deva Cut


Add elegance to your hair with these tight curls. You will love the outcome for any event.

29. Brown Updo Deva Hair


Make sure that you get regular cuts to maintain this hair length.

30. Deva Hair With Bangs


Add some cute little hair bangs and emphasize this fringe along with a deva cut.

31. Short Natural Brown Deva Hair


Short bob deva cut is for women who want a low-maintenance look and something simple to wear.

32. Sleek Deva Hair


Add shine to your curls and spice up your hairdo with this elegant beauty.

33. Curly Brown & Blonde Deva Hair


Those who like a bit of color freshness will enjoy this switch-up.

34. Tight Curls Deva Hair


Anyone can go for a deva cut, do you dare to give it a go?

35. Bleached Deva Haircut


If you want to tone your hair and give it a go with some highlights this will suit you.

36. Auburn Deva Hair


Orange hair is flawless and attention-seeking, perfect for those who dare to stand out.

37. Dark Brown Deva Haircut


Try this deva cut and show off its volume and elegance for any event.

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