Dusty brown hair color is very modern and chic for this year. Do you want to spice it up and switch it up? Women of all ages love this shade and its undertone, which is why we know that you’re going to like it as well. Dusty brown is the way to do it for the fall season, as well as for the spring. Here is all that we recommend trying out in the near future.

30+ Dusty Brown Hair Colors

1. Short Dusty Brown Hair


Short and sweet dusty brown look that you can wear for daily moments. Women who need something office friendly and practical are going to fall for this look.

2. Light Colored Dusty Brown Hair


Light-colored dusty brown with bangs and layers is for women who have fluffy voluminous hair. If you love to add texture and volume – why not go all out with this look?

3. Bob Dusty Brown Hair


Dusty brown hairdo and this bob length are going to look so good on low-maintenance women. If you enjoy lighter hues and you want defined pieces and pops of color, this will suit you.

4. Wavy Dusty Brown Hair


Chestnut dusty brown haircut is a popular shade for the fall season. If you enjoy switching up your look often depending on the weather or the season, this is for you! Show that you know how to flow with the wind by committing to this look.

5. Straight Haircut Dusty Brown Hair


The cute bob works and looks so feminine! Grow your hair every now and then and cut it only 4-5 weeks apart. The final result will make you look like a true diva.

6. Voluminous Dusty Brown Hair


Try out voluminous hairdos and pair them with your favorite dusty brown shade. Show that you know how to wear wavy locks, and that you’re all up for stylish and modern 2023 haircuts.

7. Dusty Brown Hair Blowout 


When you try out a feminine blowout like this one and you add dusty hair color on top, you’re going to fall in love with the outcome. If you prefer wavy ends and you know how to do this hair on your own, what’s stopping you from going all the way out?

8. Light Brown Dusty Brown Hair


A light brown dusty shade and a feminine blowout will emphasize your sensual side. If you’re a girly girl who loves to have fun and experiment with her subtle locks, we can vouch for this look.

9. Simple Dusty Brown Hair


Simple, yet gorgeous! If you like dark brown hair with a hue of dusty undertone, this is ideal for you. Curl your ends with your favorite hairbrush to achieve the same pattern.

10. Voluminous Dusty Brown Hair Design


Voluminous and dusty, this hair color is a popular choice for the fall season. If you trust your hairstylist and you’re ready for a feminine change make sure that you book this look.

11. Dark Colored Dusty Brown Hair


A darker-colored and almost natural-like style that will suit different age groups. Curl your ends just a little bit to end up with this wispy everyday outcome.

12. Dusty Brown Hairstyle Idea


You should color your hair every two months or so to get this hue. Anyone who enjoys subtle curls and seamless soft waves will fall in love with the design.

13. Dusty Brown Hair Inspiration 


A warm-toned dusty brown hairdo that you can wear to some important events. It is flowy and very romantic-looking.

14. Dusty Brown Hair Thick Hairdo


A straight and dark dusty brown cut that is going to look amazing on women in their thirties. If you want a simpler hairdo that you prefer straight edges with a bit of highlight, this is a must-do!

15. Light Toned Dusty Brown Hair


A light-toned and warm dusty brown shade can look irresistible! Don’t you agree? If you’re someone who loves soft waves and wants that true full-on hair transformation-book this design.

16. Short Bob Dusty Brown Hair


Women who are all about practicality and cute looks are going to like this bob. The dusty shade and its light curls will make you fall in love while making it the perfect office look!

17. Wavy Wispy Dusty Brown Hair


Wavy and wispy design such as this one is for girls who enjoy cute and formal waves. Color your hair every two months to enjoy its results and undertone.

18. Dusty Brown Hair Bob Hairdo


Try out bob haircuts if you have shorter hair, and pair them with dusty brown highlights. This design is very popular for the fall season.

19. Healthy Shiny Dusty Brown Hair


If your hair can grow long, healthy, and shiny – we recommend giving it your all with this style. It is sleek and feminine while being somewhat formal.

20. Short Bob Dusty Brown Hair


Try out layers and play with these wispy bangs. If you’re in your mid-twenties this is something for you to try out.

21. Natural Dusty Brown Hair


Dusty brown is achieved when you combine two different kinds of brown together. If you love to DIY your own hair dye, why not furthermore experiment and play with it?

22. Wavy Elegant Dusty Brown Hair


Try out layers and a dusty brown undertone. Creative, feminine, and flirty – everyone will adore this look and its cute wispy layers.

23. Dusty Brown Hair With Highlights 


Dusty brown is such a popular shade for the fall season. Don’t you just love adding a bit of color and dimension to your roots and your feminine character?

24. Dark Brown Dusty Brown Hair


You should color your hair every 5 weeks when it comes to this specific shade and color. If you prefer beige and cool undertones – why not go all the way out with this beauty?

25. Warm Toned Brown Dusty Brown Hair


Dusty brown shade and dusty brown hair will always look fashionable. If you truly trust your hairstylist and you love their work and approach, why not commit to them and let them give you the hairdo of your dreams?!

26. Cute Dusty Brown Haircut


Go for these subtle waves and this ombre addition. Ladies who love cute curls and those who want to show off their feminine blowouts will enjoy and love all about this look.

27. Voluminous Dusty Brown Hair Look


This dusty brown shade and hue of blonde is a common go-to for the summer season. You should curl your ends and show off this style for your prom or any important event.

28. Long Dark Dusty Brown Hair


A chocolate brown dusty hairdo that is not too hard to pull off. You can also get this color and exact shade on your own.

29. Dusty Brown Hair Pinterest Inspo 


If you want something cute and stylish with a dusty undertone, we can vouch for this beauty. Anyone who is in their twenties will love all about it.

30. Cute Dusty Brown Hair Design


A dusty brown shade that you can wear for the fall season! This beauty is gorgeous, voluminous and very popular by women of all ages.

31. Warm-Toned Dusty Brown Hair Look 


Lastly, get your hands on this look and try doing a fun wispy design. Curl your ends with a curling wand to achieve this exact look.

Is dusty brown your next go-to move? If so, which design is going to be your next must-do new haircut? Let us know, we can’t wait to see you rocking and trying out something else!

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