eBoy haircuts are so popular and common nowadays. This is because they are often worn and recognized by younger generations and men who enjoy new wave trends and modern hairdos that scream for attention! If you want to give it a go and try out this haircut we recommend that you read the rest of this article, there’s a lot that we will offer.

What Is An Eboy Haircut?

An Eboy haircut is a hairdo that has a significant amount of volume around the front portion of your face. It is also described and known as a curtain hairstyle. It is somewhat long and is usually styled behind your ears. The look can suit and look good on those who are in their teens but is worn by any age group and any hair texture/length. If you like stylish ideas this will suit you!

How Pricey Is An Eboy Hairdo?

Don’t expect to pay too much for this hairdo. The thing is that it is like your typical haircut and blow-dry. In fact, it will go for $40, including cutting, styling, and blow-drying. The end result will last you 3-5 weeks (for some even more) without the need for a touch-up. Perfect for low-maintenance people.

1. Curly Eboy Haircut


This eboy hairdo is really flowy and defined. You will love it if you’re in your twenties, looking for that curly modern look for daily chic wear.

2. Side Swept Eboy Hairdo


Go for a bit of that side-swept action and moment. If you are a modern fellow and you enjoy trendy cuts this will suit you!

3. Black Hairstyle With Bangs


Dark brown or black hair can look so good when styled in a eboy way! Show off this beauty for any upcoming event.

4. Eboy Medium-length Hair


A look like this will have to be cut every 3 weeks. Heads up when it comes to these longer hairdos since they are really high-maintenances.

5. Bright Blonde Eboy Hairdo


Want a bit of blonde to your look? This hairdo will require frequent color touch-ups. Go for it only if you can maintain the look.

6. Natural Brown Hairstyle


Natural brown hair and this eboy moment will look so powerful. The look will suit any age group.

7. Light Blonde Eboy Hairstyle


Want to try out this side-swept bang moment? It is so cool and modern, often worn by men who like beaver colors.

8. Long Straight Eboy Haircut


Go for this eboy cut only if you enjoy defined looks and super shiny/glossy strands.

9. Bleached Blonde Eboy Look


Light blonde or icy blonde is a brave choice for most men. Try out this cut only if you dare to wear trendy high-maintenance looks.

10. Brown Hairstyle Look


Dark brown natural hair is easy to maintain. Spice up the look with this type of haircut for your glamorous daily wear.

11. Light Brown Eboy Hairstyle


This hairstyle is for men who like their natural texture. Show it off for any event and enjoy its trendy outcome.

12. Bright Orange Eboy Look


Such a modern bright orange hairstyle, dare to try it out? It is fashion-forward and a popular look on Instagram nowadays.

13. Shaggy Eboy Look


Define your bangs with your favorite hair gel and rock this cut for the summer season!

14. Eboy Hair With Highlights


Add these cool light blonde highlights and show off your look for any upcoming event, big or small.

15. Bright Brown Hairstyle


Brown eboy hairdo such as this one will take 2-3 minutes to do and style in the morning.

16. Hair With Highlights Eboy Look


Make sure that you invest in your shampoo & conditioner when it comes to this shade of yellow.

17. Wavy Eboy Hairstyle


Men who are in their twenties usually go often for this eboy hairstyle.

18. Silver Icy Eboy Look


Add some unique gray highlights or silver highlights to make yourself stand out at any given moment.

19. Modern Eboy Hairstyle


Side-swept eboy hairstyle is a common choice by guys who like more volume at the front.

20. Blonde Side Swept Eboy Look


This shade and style will compliment your blue eyes so well.

21. Wavy Brown Natural Eboy Hairstyle


Go for a lot of hairspray to add volume to this look.
Want This Cool Hairdo?
Did you enjoy these playful and popular looks? Which one was your favorite? Let us know if you’re brave enough to wear any of these ideas, and which one in particular. We can’t wait to see what you fancy the most.

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