Over recent years very short hairstyles have evolved from being boyish to femme fatale chic! Cool, easy to manage and edgy, you also have more styling options that you imagined when going super short. Choose bold colours and unconventional styles to stand out from the crowd.

Here are 30 inspirational ideas for your own super short style.

Long layers on top paired with a shorter back and sides give you great definition around the jawline while still giving you something to play with and style.

Use A-symmetry to create mystery and drama.

Very short hair leaves defined facial features the star of the show.

Bring further attention to your striking facial features with a daring eyebrow trim.

Add texture by going shorter on the sides, like this super short blonde mohican.

Add some drama to your look with gradiated colour.

Of go all out with extreme colour.

The more unnatural the colour, the tredier right now.

Use multicoloured tints to add texture.

Have fun with your cut by using shaved gradiation to create funky and striking designs.

Style hair high in order to keep funky shaven designs on show.

The mowhawk is probably one of the most on trend short looks right now.

Not ready for the shave? Fake it wiith corn rows.

Mixing shaved and long is not your only option. Up your style with a ‘perfect three’ haircut that mixes three lengths.

Go Geek Chic with a bowl cut you can style on top and shaved back and sides.

Though there is definitely nothing Geek about this coloured bowl undercut with shaved details.

As well as being stylish, undercuts are useful for lightening heavy, thick hair.

Undercuts can also add style to longer locks.

But don’t be afraid to use the thickness of your hair to add drama.

Gravity defying styles will always grab attention.

Use naturally curly hair to easily add style to a short do.

Curls can add the appearance of layers.

Curls can also add drama and texture to a short back and sides cut.

Going super short does not necessarily mean sacrificing your bangs. Couple short or shaved styles with long bangs for a distinctive and dramatic look.

Contrast hair and eyebrow colour to make your eyes pop!

If you decide to go for something a bit longer like a bob, choose a style that will frame your face.

Bangs can be a great way to add the style of a shorter cut to slightly longer locks.

Short looks are a great way to keep older hair looking healthy but funky.

And recreate the best styles from history, like the flapper.

Or the iconic Audrey.

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