Looking for a new mullet haircut that can be rocked by loads of different women? No matter your age, hair color, or length – a mullet can suit you. Mullet looks are short, precise & neat. It is all about customizing the look and adjusting it per your facial features. Find your perfect design down below!

The mullet cut is a hairstyle where the hair is cut short at the front and sides but is longer at the back. It is usually quite short overall (above the shoulders) with a messy fringe addition. This type of hairdo was quite popular back in the 80s and was mostly worn by men.

  • Step 1: Work with shoulder-length hair and voluminous bangs to achieve an even cut.
  • Step 2: Ask for a length at the back of your hair that you’re most comfortable with.
  • Step 3: Add a fade detail or a buzz-cut if you like bold defined looks.
  • Step 4: Finish off the look with hairspray or gel.
  • Step 5: Make sure that you cut your hair every 5-7 weeks to maintain it and keep it looking neat.

Blonde Looks & Light Brown Mullet Looks

1. Mullet Hairstyle Icy Color 


Try out this ashy blonde look and wear it if you’re a fan of flashy ideas. Women who like to stand out and those who prefer trendy looks are going to enjoy this silver or ashy mullet look! Ideal for teens.

2. Light Colored Mullet Hairstyle


Lighter brown hair or dark blonde natural hair is so elegant and beautiful. The best part is that you don’t have to invest a lot of time or money into its maintenance. The look is so elegant and unique while being ideal for younger women and women who enjoy shorter pixie or mullet cuts.

3. Yellow Blonde Mullet Hairstyle


Bleached blonde hair and blonde looks are so elegant and easy to wear by women who wish to attract looks and get the right level of attention. This blonde mullet will suit girls who like to show off their shaggy bangs and who don’t mind touching up their color every 2 months or even more often.

4. Shaggy & Wavy Mullet Hairstyle


This bright blonde shaggy mullet look is for women who love pretty and precise cuts. If you’re someone who wants to have more volume and you prefer lighter hair color + you enjoy showy looks – this one is a game-changer!

5. Natural Color Mullet Hairstyle


Show off your natural hair color and stick to these wavy retro bangs. This hair will take you 1 hour to achieve at a hair salon, while the maintenance and touch-up on a daily are done within 2–3 minutes!

6. Bright Blonde Mullet Hairstyle


If you want a realistic mullet and you’re a fan of true old-school haircuts, you’re going to like this look. Spice it up in your own way and with a gorgeous blonde color to make it more so you and age-appropriate for your younger self.

7. Mullet Hairstyle With A Fade


If you’re a dare-devil yourself and you prefer noticeable cuts and something that is chic and rock-inspired, go for this cut! Show off your blonde dye and rock the fringe bangs proudly when combined along with your mullet.

8. Voluminous & Curly Mullet Hairstyle


Women who like shaggy cuts and a bit of volume to their hair – this is for you! Go for this naturally soft and voluminous mullet if you’re a fan of subtle ideas.

9. Dark Blonde Look Mullet Hairstyle


If your hair is quite healthy and fluffy on its own you will enjoy this mullet. Show off your natural texture and your mullet hairdo while wearing it for day or night-time.

10. Curly & Wavy Short Mullet Hairstyle


Some women like the ombré vibe, are you one of them? If so, you’re going to like this curly and ombré-colored mullet. It won’t take you a lot of time to style it, just use the right amount of hair gel or curl gel to achieve this beauty.

Brown Hair Mullet Ideas

1. Curly Dark Brown Mullet Hairstyle


If your hair is naturally darker or if you have black hair yourself you’re going to enjoy this design. This black mullet is stylish and elegant while not being too overpowering.

2. Defined Brown Mullet Hairstyle


Are you someone who likes precise cuts and defined sharp lines? If so, give it a go with this beauty! It will suit and look the best on girls who are in their twenties, as well as women who enjoy sharp lines and unique cutting techniques or ideas.

3. Voluminous & Retro Mullet Hairstyle


Wavy or shaggy hair is truly elegant. This look just shows you that your mullet hairdo can look feminine. Wear it to the office with confidence and rock this look knowing you’re the only one who has that flirty feminine mullet vibe!

4. Brown Mullet Hairstyle With Voluminous Bangs


Pair your mullet hairdo properly with your complexion and your makeup. Once executed the right way, you are going to get this feminine and elegant vibe. The look itself is perfect for women who are in their twenties and thirties.

5. Shaggy Look Mullet Hairstyle


Add a bit of hair gel or pomade in the back to achieve this beauty. This retro mullet will suit girls who like to show off their natural texture and natural color.

6. Straight Brown Hair Mullet Hairstyle


You can go for longer bangs at the front section and color your hair in black or dark brown to achieve this beauty. Make sure that you comb your hair to achieve this exact same design.

7. Mullet Hairstyle With A Fade


If your hair is a bit curly or wavy you’re going to enjoy this design. This mullet with a fade detail will work well on teens and women who like that wavy pattern.

8. Natural Voluminous Mullet Hairstyle


Lighter brown hair that is on a shorter side and these longer bangs are a dream team. Go for wispy bangs and consider rocking this hairdo for everyday events, if you don’t mind the upkeep of your bangs.

9. Dark Brown Mullet Hairstyle


Black mullets are a common go-to by women who like darker hair ideas. This one with these fluffy bangs will work and look the best for simple chic everyday gatherings. It is not too loud nor outgoing, why not wear it?

10. Short & Subtle Mullet Hairstyle


This image just shows you that mullets can be worn by anyone! If you’re a fan of sleek ideas and you’re someone who enjoys precision, this look will suit you! Most women who prefer low-maintenance ideas will love this one.

Hot & Bright Colors Mullet Ideas

1. Hot Red Mullet Hairstyle


Red mullet is a statement! Go for this hairdo if you’re a fan of loud and quirky looks that are different from the rest.

2. Light Pink Mullet Hairstyle


Pink and purple are so trendy right now. Go for this haircut if you’re a fan of louder ideas. Women who are in their twenties are going to enjoy this beauty and this funky mullet the most.

3. Green Short Mullet Hairstyle


Blue is so loud and fierce. Go for this mullet beauty if you’re into noticeable ideas and if you prefer to look dominant everywhere you go.

4. Retro Blue Mullet Hairstyle


This is another blue look that you can recreate and go for. If you’re a fan of loud ideas you’re going to enjoy this one. Heads up however since blonde hair is quite tricky to achieve and wear, so make sure that you’re confident and brave enough.

5. Black With Green Mullet Hairstyle


Combine black and green and enjoy your retro look. Green highlights can work and look so good on women who are into funky looks. The design is ideal for younger age groups.

6. Lime Green Mullet Hairstyle


This lime green mullet will suit girls who like retro looks. If you’re into bold and shiny neon looks – this will suit you. Make sure that you’re up for something innovative before you commit to this design.

7. Fiery Red ShortMullet Hairstyle


Hot fiery red is a common choice by women who enjoy colorful ideas. Make sure that you’re up for something retro and autumn-inspired before you give it a go with this red mullet. Add loads of hair gel to achieve this beauty.

8. Retro Short & Purple Mullet Hairstyle


Do you want to give it a go with purple hair? If so, this retro purple mullet will suit you. The color is tricky to get, so heads up before you book your hairstylist.

9. Mullet Hairstyle Light Pink Hairdo


Consider this sharp pink mullet if you’re a fan of lighter feminine ideas. This hairdo will take you only 3 minutes to style in the morning, so why not give it a go?

10. Coral Hot Mullet Hairstyle


Coral hair and brighter ideas are a must-have for the summer! Show off this beauty at any point and wear it proudly.

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