Christmas season is approaching, and it’s time for you to look and feel your best with the right hairdo. Nowadays most women tend to go for cute and cool updos, as they’re very easy to recreate and style on your own. If you have longer hair and you prefer swift and stylish updos, this article is for you. Keep on reading to find the perfect design for your next important holiday party or Christmas season in general.

Top 24 Christmas Party Festive Updos 

1. Blonde Bun Christmas Party Festive Hairdo

This type of Christmas updo is a popular choice by those who love braids. Ladies with naturally blonde locks and those who want to tie their own sleek braids will fall for this design.

2. Serious Christmas Party Festive Hair

Your next Christmas updo can be on a more serious side and a design such as this one will suit mature ladies. If you have grayish hair yet enjoy formal designs, how about this sleek updo?

3. Christmas Party Festive Updos Hair

Blondes who enjoy retro updos and those who want a high-up bun done in style will fall for this beauty. It is tied in such an elegant way and often looks the prettiest for formal dinners or important Christmas parties.

4. Brown Bun Christmas Party Festive Hair

If you have naturally dark brown or almost black hair this hairstyle will speak to you during the Christmas season. Don’t forget a ton of hairspray to keep your hair in place. This sleek outcome is the perfect look for your Christmas party moments.

5. Christmas Party Festive Hair With A Bow

If you have brown hair we know you’re going to like this beauty. It is tied high up and fluffy, often described as a princess design that emphasizes your elegance and your beauty.

6. Ponytail Christmas Party Festive Hair

A Christmas party can never go on without a fun and flirty high ponytail. This gorgeous feminine ponytail with braid detail and defined locks will look super cute and party-perfect. If you’re off to an event where you wish to look like the star of a show – this is for you.

7. Black Bun Christmas Party Festive Hair

A Christmas updo such as this one is described as a stylish braid and a unique feminine design. Girls who like to add accessories are going to like this blend of green and red colors and a fun bow design.

8. Christmas Party Festive Hair Long Ponytail

Not a lot of women have such long hair, which is why this design might look the best when paired with some fun extensions. If you like longer hair locks and you have a specific look that you’re going for this holiday season, it is time to rock it.

9. Blonde Christmas Party Festive Hair With Glitter

A half up half-down hairdo with cute little bow details will make you look like a princess! If you love little details and you want to add a pop of gold for holidays, this is the right way to do it.

10. Cool Braid Christmas Party Festive Hair

A bright warm-toned red hairstyle and this braid go hand in hand together and are perfect with one another! Ladies who like cute ideas and those who enjoy sexy braids will love this look. Don’t forget your favorite hairspray as well to prolong their wear time.

11. Orange Christmas Party Festive Hair

A Christmas party updo such as this one is perfect for ladies who love buns and those who want to add a bow detail to the story. If green is your favorite color this design will suit you so well.

12. Christmas Hairstyle With Accessories

A bright golden hairdo with a crown detail is for ladies who want to be remembered this Christmas season and for this Christmas party. Decorate your hair with a cute tiara and show off just how feminine and elegant you are.

13. Romantic Bun Christmas Party Festive Hair

Decorate your whole head and your hair with several details and accessories. Ladies who enjoy red beads and those who want to look sexy will fall for this updo braid with a main piece accessory at the center.

14. Christmas Hair With A Tiara

Show off your cool and unique bright purple updo and try out this hairstyle for the upcoming Christmas party! Make sure you are comfortable enough with it as this design may not be for everyone’s personal preference.

15. Ponytail Christmas Party Festive Hair

This sleek ponytail with a scarf accessory is the perfect look for your Christmas party. If you prefer longer ideas and you have fluffy voluminous hair we know this will attract your attention.

16. Dark Brown Christmas Hair Party Idea

Celebrate Christmas in style and add some cute wispy bangs at the top. If you like cute fringe details and you’re a fan of updos, why not fully embrace this gorgeous design?

17. Christmas Party Festive Hair With Accessories

A long fluffy ponytail like this one is for ladies with fluffy and fuller hair. You can also add one simple accessory to achieve this elegant hairdo. You will like either a hair clip or some bead details all throughout to get this effect.

18. Festive Braids Christmas Idea

How about these stylish braids? Ladies who can’t resist fun and fluffy ideas will love this blonde hairdo. If you have a skilled hand it’s time to express your flawless and brilliant fish braids.

19. Christmas Party Festive Hair With Stars

For a festive Christmas party ponytail idea, elevate your look by incorporating sparkling star accessories into your hairdo, adding a touch of holiday magic to your ensemble. Let your hairstyle shimmer and shine as brightly as the season’s spirit, making you the star of the celebration.

20. Christmas Blonde Ponytail Idea

Infuse your Christmas party with festive vibes by opting for a stylish ponytail. This one is very easy to do and you’re going to achieve it with ease in the comfort of your home.

21. Flower Christmas Style

If you love flowers and you’re quite picky when it comes to your hair accessories, how about you give this bun a try? This gorgeous brown hairdo with a giant floral touch will look lovely for important holidays.

22. Christmas Party Festive Hair With Gold Accessory

Make a bold and festive statement at Christmas parties with a chic pink, black, and white hair ensemble, infusing a touch of glamour into your holiday look. Add a golden clip as well to make your hairdo a stylish choice.

23. Blonde Bun Christmas Hair

Create an elegant and festive holiday look with Christmas bun hairdos, effortlessly combining sophistication and seasonal charm for a stylish celebration. Book the best hairstylist you know as this design can be tricky to recreate.

24. Christmas Hairstyle With Glitter

Illuminate your festive spirit with a sparkly Christmas hairstyle that adds a dazzling touch to your look, making you the star of the holiday festivities. Buy the best hairspray to achieve this exact same bun.

Are You Ready For Your Christmas Party?

And there you have it! A list filled with everything you could ever ask for. Are you into more elegant or quick and easy designs? Let us know, as you’ll be in love with everything that we’ve covered in this article.

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