French twist hairstyle ideas will always look fashionable and chic plus you can try them out for any event. They are versatile and elegant, often worn to formal events but you can also rock them for daily moments when trying to make a statement. Here are some of the most chic French twist hairstyle ideas that you’re going to love this season!

Top 24 French Twist Hairstyle Ideas 

1. Brown French Twist Hairstyle

Invest a couple of minutes when getting this look. It is a bit trickier to do, making it a rare beauty which is worth considering if you’re a fan of “twisted” ideas.

2. Modern French Twist Hairstyle For Women

You’re going to like this look for your next important event and when trying to get attention. Not everyone can recreate this braid as easily, which is why you should give it a go if you’re feeling confident.

3. French Twist Hair For Brides

If you’re a bride-to-be and you want to make a statement with your look we know that this is going to intrigue you. A French twist with subtle flower details will make every bride the centerpiece for her big day.

4. Elegant French Twist Hairstyle Idea

Classy and forever timeless, this hairdo is very elegant and feminine, often worn by mature women who enjoy subtle creations and layers with their looks. You will love some subtle bangs paired with your French twist to make it intriguing and more stylish.

5. French Twist Updo Hairstyle

A high updo such as this one with fluffy ends and wispy parts is very flirty and romantic. Make sure to set it in place with your favorite hairspray to prolong its beauty for daily or formal events.

6. Blonde French Twist High Updo

Go light blonde and show off this impressive French twist with confidence. If you like twisty updos and you prefer doing hair on your own just know that this hairstyle will take you around 30 minutes to fully master.

7. Feminine And Elegant French Twist Hairstyle

Elegance can be subtle yet chic. This twisted hairdo is for ladies in their forties who want to look well put and super feminine. You will attract looks no matter where you go with this beauty.

8. Black High Up Hair Sleek Design

A black high updo should be worn with confidence. If you have healthy strands and you enjoy your natural locks this is for you. Express your femininity at all times and everywhere you go.

9. Light Brown French Twist Hair Idea

If you are a bridesmaid and you’re not too sure which hairdo to book for your big event, we know that this is worth your time and your attention. If you like standing out without doing way too much, this will suit your preference.

10. Black Sleek High Up Bun

Black healthy hair is always in fashion and in style. Ladies who like formal looks and those who want to add a subtle accent to their French twist will enjoy everything about this style.

11. French Twist Orange Hairdo

Caramel brown hair or hair with highlights will add so much dimension to your new look. If you are a fan of subtle hair color transformations and you enjoy adding dimension to your French twist, this is the right way to do it.

12. Sleek Blonde French Twist Idea

Go for a high-up bun and twist it properly to achieve this elegant French twist design. You can hold your hair in place with the most subtle and simple hairpin or hairclip to enjoy this outcome.

13. Wispy French Twist Updo Cut

Go for a French twist and twist the look in the back to get a stylish hairdo. It is not too hard to achieve no matter your level of experience or tools that are available.

14. Brown Hair French Twist Design With Curls

A dark chocolate brown French twist updo is a must-try for any type of formal event. Girls of any age are going to fall for this design and will want to wear it in the near future.

15. Romantic And Wispy French Twist

This gorgeous warm-toned French twist is going to look amazing on ladies who like their feminine and formal ideas. It is a classy and classic idea that will never go out of fashion.

16. Blonde French Twist Hairdo Idea

Do you like warm-toned blonde French twist ideas? If you’re someone who likes elegance and you want to look like a diva or even a ballerina, this is going to attract your attention and your looks.

17. Brown French Twist Haircut For Ladies

Have the right tools and time when recreating this idea. If you’re in your twenties and you enjoy exploring new feisty ideas, this will intrigue you.

18. Black Shiny French Twist Hairstyle

The French twist hairstyle, also known as the “chignon,” has been popular for centuries and continues to be a symbol of timeless elegance.

19. Bridal French Twist Hairdo

Achieving a French twist doesn’t necessarily require heat-styling tools. Some people opt for this hairstyle without using a curling iron or straightener, making it a heat-free option for special occasions.

20. Blonde Hair With Highlights French Twist

The French twist is a go-to hairstyle for celebrities walking the red carpet due to its ability to exude a glamorous and sophisticated vibe. Do you want to look like a true celebrity with your new hairdo?

21. Natural Brown French Twist Look

The French twist works particularly well for individuals with long hair, as the length provides ample material for creating the voluminous coils that characterize the hairstyle.

22. French Hairstyle Blonde Look

If you are a platinum blonde and you want to look like an elegant lady for your big day, this gorgeous haircut will suit you. Show off your blonde locks and enjoy this French twist for your wedding.

23. Simple French Hairdo DIY Look

While some individuals prefer to visit a salon for a professional touch, many have mastered the art of creating a French twist at home, making it an accessible style for various occasions.

24. French Twist Hair With Pins

If you enjoy a light blonde hair color and you are a fan of voluminous and flirty ideas, this is going to suit you. Add your favorite bobby pins as well to set the hairdo in place and wear it with ease everywhere you go. 

Time For Something Feminine And Romantic? 

So, which one beauty is a must-try when it comes to our list and these gorgeous options? Let us know, we can’t wait to see what you end up trying out of these must-do hairdos!

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