Fringe hairstyle ideas are so in and popular right now! Fringe has made its comeback in 2022 thanks to all the TikTok trends. Women love the simplicity, elegance, and glamour of it, often rocking wispy bangs to both formal or casual gatherings. It is feminine, flirty, and easy to do. In fact, you can style it in less than 5 minutes, as long as you book a trustworthy hairstylist who can cater the cut per your preference and head shape. Keep on reading and find some amazing options down below!

What Is A Fringe?

A fringe hairstyle is a specific haircut that involves cutting and shaping your bangs. They fall in front of your forehead and are usually above your eyebrows. Hairstyles such as this one fall over the scalp’s front hairline to cover a larger forehead, often a must-do by women who have round faces or bigger foreheads. You can cut the bang in an arc or leave it ragged. The end result is customized per each lady.

How Do Fringe Differ from Bangs?

Long story short, what you call “bang” in the US is “fringe” in the UK. Basically they are the same.

How To Style A Fringe Bang?

You can style a fringe with ease by investing only a couple of minutes a day into the process. All you need is a sturdy small tooth comb that you can use to style your bangs. Make sure that you have 2-3 minutes to do the process.

  • Start out by combing your hair and wearing it straight.
  • Comb the bangs to one side or in your preferred direction.
  • Add your favorite cream or spray to style the bangs and set them in place.

Once done the right way this look will suit younger women and those who prefer modern and classy cuts, as well as a tad bit more volume at the front portion.

1. Brown Hair Long Fringe

A must-have fringe moment for women who like bob cuts! This beauty will look amazing on teens and women in their twenties.

2. Light Brown Hair With Fringe

Go for this lighter color and try out the fringe to round up the look. If you’re looking for a romantic and soft switch for the fall, this hair has got all the right elements to it!

3. Platinum Hair With Fringe

Cute blonde hair with wispy fringe bangs that will look very elegant. Play up the look with the right makeup to enjoy the cohesive vibe.

4. Chopped Bob With Fringe Bangs

Defined and long fringe at the front will look flirty and feminine. Give it a go only if you can handle the maintenance.

5. Long Layered Hair Fringe Bangs

This dark brown hairdo with cute fringe bangs is for women who like darker looks. Give it a go with this beauty if you’re into flirty ideas.

6. Messy Bob With Fringe

Shaggy and messy hairdo with cute little fringe bangs that you’re going to love for the summer season.

7. Long Bright Orange Hair With Fringe

Super long and bright, this orange hairdo is for women who can handle the maintenance.

8. Black Hair Shiny Look Fringe

If you’re a fan of volume just know that this haircut with fringe bangs has it all!

9. Chocolate Brown Hair With Fringe

Cute dark brown defined bob with fringe bangs that you’re going to like for elegant wear.

10. Neon Green With Fringe

Bright pastel neon bob with cool bangs that you’re going to enjoy for parties!

11. Chopped Brown Bob With Fringe Bangs

Women who are in their thirties will adore this business-formal cut.

12. Yellow Blonde Fringe Hair

A light blonde moment with a messy fringe that will look cute on pale women and those with a lighter complexion.

13. Straight Blonde Hair With Bangs

If you’re a fan of highlights and medium-lengths this will suit you.

14. Brown Bob With Fringe Hairstyle

Go for this low-maintenance bob with cool fringe bangs.

15. Blonde Hair With Green Fringe

A bright blonde long hairdo with dominant green fringe bangs is for younger women who want all the attention!

16. Brown Hair Layered Look With Bangs

This shaggy hairdo with mini fringe bangs will look the best on women who are in their late twenties.

17. Ombre Hair Fringe Hairstyle

Go for your natural brown roots and this red ombré moment for that sexy vibe.

18. Bleached Blonde Straight Hair With Fringe

Stunning blonde color with short fringe bangs will look amazing on party women!

19. Dark Brown Hair With Fringe

Cool dark brown hair with messy fringe bangs that you’re going to like for your night-out wear, especially when you do your makeup!

20. Chocolate Brown Hair With Fringe

Dark brown hair that is a lot more voluminous and edgy, perfect for women who like that 60s vibe.

21. Short Blonde Hair With Fringe

The yellow fringe moment is for women who like bold colors.

22. Black Hair With Long Fringe Bangs

This cute dark brown bob with fringe bangs is for women who like chic ideas.

23. Straight Blonde Hair With Fringe Bangs

Go for this long hairdo and long bangs to frame your face.

24. Chopped Bob With Short Fringe

Not a lot of women dare to go this short or bold. Do you?

25. Dark Blonde Hair With Highlights And Fringe

Consider this straight hairdo with stylish blonde highlights. A must-have for women who are in their twenties.

26. Orange Auburn Hair With Long Fringe

Bright orange hair with chic bangs! This fringe hairdo is for women who like dominance.

27. Short Black Bob With Short Fringe

This short bob with fringe bangs has that Parisian French moment that you’re going to adore.

28. Warm Blonde Hair With Fringe Bangs

Warm-tone blonde hair with cute fringe bangs that you’ll enjoy for casual wear.

29. Green Teal Hair With Fringe

Go for this cool green moment and show off the look for parties!

30. Long Hair With Highlights & Fringe

If you prefer longer hairdos and a ton of highlights along with a sexy finger, consider this beauty!

31. Bright Orange With Fringe Bangs

The perfect color and choice for the summer season for women who want to look bold and chic!

Want To Try A New Look?
Fringe hair is such a unique way of spicing up and switching up your look. If you want to cut your hair and try out some sweet bangs, you will fall in love with at least one of these 30 looks! Let us know which one is your top pick out of the bunch.

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