Women who have naturally grey hair shouldn’t be worried or ashamed of it. The truth is that all of us will show grays sooner or later, depending on our lifestyle, age, and genes! Are you looking for some hairdos and hairstyle ideas that can cover your grays in a subtle and natural way? Why would you want to go all out with a full-dye moment, when you can create a subtle and seamless transition that can make a glorious impact?! If you’re interested in something new that will compliment your age group and make you feel like a feminine lady, read on! Here is how you can seamlessly blend your gray hair to make a fantastic change.

20+ Gray Blending Colors For Transitioning Your Hair

1. Light Grey Hair Blend


Light grey hair blend such as this one with subtle curls and cute voluminous strands is going to look amazing on most women. If you’re a fan of locks that are whitish-grayish, this is for you.

2. Seamless Icy Gray Hair Blend


A seamless and perfect transition such as this one is very easy to achieve. If you’re a fan of elegant hairdos and you want to try out that perfect blend and a smooth transition, this is for you!

3. Dark Brown & Gray Hair Blend


Dark brown roots and lighter gray hair dye on top of that is going to look feminine and elegant. If your natural hair color is as dark and you want to add some softness and vibrancy to it, going icy grey is the right move to make.

4. Bob Hairdo Gray Hair Blend


This cute and soft bob hairdo is going to attract a ton of looks. Moms who want to look formal and elegant, as well as moms who want to look trendy will enjoy this hairstyle. Show off its defined edges and enjoy the glorious color combo.

5. Blonde Gray Hair Blend Look


Add some blonde hair dye on top of your natural greys. If you enjoy your stylish approach and you’re a fan of lighter looks + you can’t make up your mind on what to go for, this is a bulletproof solution!

6. Warm Toned Gray Hair Blend


A warm-toned blonde bob such as this one will easily blend in with the rest of your grays. If you fancy your hair color and you’re looking for a bit of warmth and that elegant hue to it, this is the right way to do it.

7. Chic & Short Gray Hair Blend


Go short, chic, and layered! Women who are in their fifties may prefer this look the most. If you enjoy short and defined edges and you’re a fan of layers, along with lighter hair dye, this is perfect for you!

8. Gray Hair Blend With Layers


Icy white-gray hair and a pop of blonde will look dreamy! If you’re a fan of bob cuts and you want to try out something fresh and stylish, this is the right call! Show off this look for any event.

9. Wavy Gray Hair Blend Look 


A wavy hairdo with darker roots and greyish strands can look elegant. Try out this feminine blow dry and style your hair in a wispy and voluminous way. Women who are in their thirties may fancy this hairdo the most, and they shouldn’t be ashamed of their grays.

10. Pixie Gray Hair Blend


Pixie hairdos and subtle grays are often the ultimate combo for most mature women or grandmas. If you enjoy short pixie hairdos and you want to add volume to it, this is the right way to do it. Go for wispy bangs to round up the look the right way.

11. Light Gray Hair Blend


Light grey hair blend and this cool bob are a must-do for your everyday wear. If you enjoy defined straight edges and if you’re a fan of elegance, this is for you! Color it every 2 months to maintain the design.

12. Gray Hair Blend Hairstyle


Properly and seamlessly blended in, this hairdo with blonde and icy white highlights is going to look gorgeous on most women. Add this subtle layer of color and show off the hue knowing that it is a bulletproof solution!

13. Wavy Blonde Gray Hair Blend Look 


Wavy blonde hair with cute bangs such as these is a must-do if you want to create an illusion of a fuller hairline. If you want to add elegance and define your strands, this is the right way to do it!

14. Shiny Gray Hair Blend Style


Shiny gray hair and this seamless blend is going to look amazing on women who are in their late forties. If you enjoy chic looks and you want a new design that is flattering for most head shapes, this beauty is the right one.

15. Elegant Gray Hair Blend


An elegant hair blend and this grey hairdo will suit women who have naturally darker roots and darker skin. Go for chopped designs and layers to show off this beauty for any big or small event.

16. Platinum Gray Hair Blend


A platinum grey hair blend is for women who aren’t afraid or worried about their grays. You should embrace them and you should know that sometimes hair colors such as this one can compliment you way more than they can harm you. If you enjoy straight and sleek edges, this is it!

17. Gray Hair Blend With Highlights 


Blend your grey hair in with these darker highlights. By adding enough of them, people are going to wonder which hair color and shade is your actual one. The right coloring job will make a dramatic difference.

18. Icy White Gray Hair Blend


Icy white hair will never go out of fashion. Girls who enjoy elegance and those who want something feminine and perfect for daily moments will enjoy this design.

19. Dark Roots Gray Hair Blend


Go for dark roots and let your hair look shiny and elegant, as well as perfect for your formal and office moments. The end voluminous hairdo result will attract a ton of looks and attention.

20. Long Gray Hair Blend Look 


A long feminine hairdo such as this one will take you 5-10 minutes to style in the morning. Brush it out properly and do a bit of layering. If you enjoy longer extravagant options, this is for you.

21. Bob Cut Gray Hair Blend


This short icy grey bob cut is going to look feminine and flirty. If you prefer shorter hairdos and you want something that is practical and perfect for daily wear, this is it!

22. Black Hairdo Gray Hair Blend


Go for black roots and add one subtle highlight detail. This way making a full-on transition will make you look and feel modern + you’re going to enjoy this way of coloring hair if you’re young and curious.

23. Frizzy Gray Hair Blend


Mature women and those who enjoy showing off their natural texture are going to enjoy this hairdo. Even if it is a bit frizzy, you’re going to enjoy it and you’re gonna love its layering and subtle highlights for day-to-day wear.

24. Light Icy Gray Hair Blend Look 


You can blend your grays in with a cool bubble pink shade. This way of doing transitions will attract a ton of attention, looks, and compliments. Women who enjoy cute and feminine ideas will adore this Pinterest-inspired hairdo.

25. Fun Gray Hair Blend


A fun gray hairdo with dark brown elements is a look that most mature women are going to enjoy. If you trust your hairstylist and you want to give it a go with something new and different, this is the right pick for you.

Color Your Hair!

Are you ready for a change? Want to hit that reset button? If so, which haircut do you like the most out of the bunch? Let us know what you want to recreate, we can’t wait to see you rocking something new!

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