Did you know that most people worldwide are blessed with gorgeous brown eyes? This shade and this pigment is the most popular kind, with over 80% of people having brown eyes. If you’re one of those people as well, this is the right article for you. Here, we’re going to talk about some gorgeous and stylish shades that one can pull off and go for if they have brown eyes. Learn how to make them pop with the right hair dye or highlights.

Top 30 Best Hair Colors For People With Brown Eyes

Auburn Hair

You can never go wrong with the auburn shade. It is the perfect middle shade and a combination of red and brown. The final result is fiery, and sexy, and can look natural when done the right way.

1. Wavy Gorgeous Auburn Hair 


You’ll look so elegant with this hair dye and subtle locks.

2. Light Orange Auburn Hair 


A lighter shade of orange is a good switch-up to make once you get fed up with your darker auburn shade.

3. Straight Auburn Hair 


Straight auburn hairdo and this shade is going to look amazing on younger women.

4. Caramel Auburn Hair 


Try out caramel auburn highlights on top of your dark brown base if you’re a low-maintenance person.

5. Wavy Long Auburn Hair 


A long, wavy, and feminine hairdo such as this one will make dark brown eyes pop easily and effortlessly.

Red Hair

Red hair is a popular shade that most women who enjoy sexy, bright, and fiery options tend to go for. If you’re a fan of pigmented colors and you want to make everyone stare at you and your brown eyes, this is what you should consider doing.

1. Chic Red Haircut 


If you’re a teen woman and you enjoy playful shades, book this design!

2. Straight Red Hair


Straight red hair and this lighter shade will look so good as time passes by and as the color washes off.

3. Wavy Voluminous Red Hair 


A wavy hairdo with defined locks and this shade of red is going to be a popular solution for the fall.

4. Bright Red Hair Bob Cut 


Moms who love shorter hairdos and those who are all about the low-maintenance will enjoy this haircut and hair shade. It is also perfect for brown eyes.

5. Red Hair Ponytail Look 


Try out this cute little ponytail hairdo and red hair dye to show off your playful and flirty character.

Plum Hair

Plum shade is a gorgeous shade that not a lot of women dare to go for. They should, however, since plum is a unique mixture and blend of red, black, and purple. This is also a popular fall season color for women with brown eyes.

1. Dark Plum Hair 


Keep your roots natural and stick to your brown/black hair color and gradually add plum highlights all throughout.

2. Shiny Plum Hairstyle


Super shiny, healthy, and gorgeous, this hairdo is for women who love straight hair and for women who have thinner strands.

3. Bob Sassy Haircut 


This gorgeous and chic bob is going to attract a lot of looks. It is often worn by women who are in their twenties.

4. Wavy Plum Hairstyle 


Stick with dark roots and add color down the ends. If your hair is wavy and voluminous, this is for you.

5. Elegant Plum Cut 


Make sure that you can color your hair every 4 weeks in order to maintain this shade.

Black Hair

Black hair is always a bulletproof solution. If you love darker hair and you want a ton of shine + you want an even color throughout, this is for you.

1. Black Straight Silky Hair 


This black shade with stylish bangs is going to look amazing on younger women.

2. Long Black Hair 


If your hair is long, black, and thick – give this style a go.

3. Black Hair With Bangs


Black hair with longer fuller bangs is going to compliment brown eyes so well.

4. Chic Black Wavy Haircut 


Color your roots in a dark shade and maintain the design every 5 weeks.

5. Thick Afro Curls Black Hair 


If you have thick Afro curls and locks and you want to keep the look cute without doing too much to it, trying out a black shade is the right way to do it.

Gold Hair

Gold hair or golden highlights is a gorgeous transition to make. This shade is a popular go-to for the summertime period. It will make light brown eyes pop, especially those who have honey-colored eyes.

1. Light Gold Hair


Try out this bob haircut and subtle highlights. Moms who love trying out new designs will want to give this a go.

2. Wavy Golden Hairdo 


A wavy golden hairdo and bangs will make your eyes look so warm and friendly.

3. Yellow Golden Hair 


Yellow golden shade is going to look great on women who have dark brown eyes.

4. Straight Gold Hair With Bangs


If you end up getting golden hair and highlights just know that your eyes are going to look a lot lighter.

5. Feminine Wavy Gold Hairdo 


Make sure that you can color your hair every 4 weeks to maintain this shade.

Hair With Highlights

Highlights can come in all different tones, shades, and options. If you want to experiment and you want to make a subtle change to your hair, yet one that is going to make your brown eyes pop, here are your options.

1. Balayage Hair With Highlights 


Balayage is always a bulletproof option to go for. Warmer tones will make your brown eyes pop so easily.

2. Bob With Highlights 


Try out a warm-toned balayage highlight shade and rock this look for any upcoming event.

3. Warm Toned Hair With Highlights 


Warm-toned hair with highlights and subtle curls is a must-do for your night outs.

4. Long Hair With Highlights 


If you have a warm-toned skin tone you’re going to enjoy this shade the most.

5. Blonde Balayage Highlights 


Lastly, sometimes more is more! Try out this blonde balayage hairdo and rock these locks knowing that they’re going to attract a ton of attention.

Time For A Change

Are you ready for something new? If so, which hair color is it going to be? You can easily make your brown eyes pop with any of these shades, just let us know which one it is going to be out of the bunch, we can’t wait to see it on you.

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