Haircuts that add texture will naturally and seamlessly add so much bounce to your hair. Not too sure what those haircuts are, or how to find “the one” for your face shape and age group? Don’t worry, as we got a lot of looks covered in this article. Keep on reading and find yourself the prettiest and most stylish trendy hairdo that you can effortlessly wear to any event and at any given moment. Here is what we recommend and swear by!

Top 25 Haircuts That Add Texture

Blunt Bob

The blunt bob is going to look super fun and flirty, and it is often worn by women who prefer shorter natural looks. You can try out a blunt bob if you’re a fan of adding texture, especially around your mid portion. The key is in finding a hairstylist that knows how to cut layers and edges. Here are some of your options.

1. Long Brown Blunt Bob

This long and brown blunt bob is easy to style and maintain. If you enjoy defined locks and brown hues, why not experiment with this design?

2. Natural Brown Blunt Bob

Not everyone has to color their hair to embrace a change. If you’re someone who enjoys her natural hair color but wishes to spice up the design with a new voluminous hairdo, this may suit you.

3. Fun Blonde Blunt Bob

Go for a blonde haircut and hair dye if you wish to look youthful and embrace new sleek locks. Women who are in their twenties may enjoy this the most.

4. Wavy Orange Blunt Bob

This orange blunt bob is going to look amazing for the fall season. It is a popular shade and a haircut that younger women tend to wear quite often.

5. Straight Blunt Bob

A straight sleek bob with shiny healthy edges is often worn by women who struggle to maintain their locks. Just cut your hair every 5 weeks to prolong this beauty and its style.

Pixie Hair

Pixie hair is often known and quite loved for adding texture and definition. If you prefer shorter locks and you want to add volume to your shirt and feisty voluminous style, this is for you. The best part about this look? It is perfect for serious mature businesswomen.

1. Fun Blonde Pixie Hair

Those who like icy platinum locks will enjoy this design. It is perfect for the spring season!

2. Icy Gray Pixie Hair

Even if your hair is naturally grey and if you have that silver tone, why not embrace it? Moms who want to look elegant and those who enjoy their subtle locks will fancy this icy outcome.

3. Hot Orange Pixie Hair

A hot orange bright pixie haircut that you’ll love for making a statement! Add definition and volume by spicing up your style in a wavy updo pattern.

4. Cool Brown Pixie Hair

Slay this pixie haircut and rock your elegant edges! Women who trust their hairstylist and those who love feminine everyday options will enjoy this look.

5. Hot Pink Pixie Hair

Hot pink pixie hair will attract a ton of looks. If you’re someone who likes modern and stylish ideas, this will complement you.

Shaggy Hair

Shaggy hair is often worn by women who love defined and curly edges. If you’re someone who likes wispy and wavy cuts – why not go all out with this design? It will look stunning on younger women who are craving volume and definition.

1. Wavy Natural Brown Shaggy Hair

Women who love bright blonde locks will fancy this design. Add elegance with your favorite hair foam and style them per your liking.

2. Dark Brown Shaggy Hair

Dark brown shaggy hairdo and this specific undertone will suit younger women who enjoy cute and sleek edges. Add volume to your bangs and go for a middle parting to rock its true glory!

3. Fun Blonde Shaggy Hair

A fun blonde shaggy hairdo that you’re going to love for everyday wear. Spice up the look with a curling cream on the sides to rock this retro volume.

4. Coral Shaggy Haircut

A coral-shaggy hairdo such as this one will look sleek and flirty on most women. The shade itself will attract a lot of looks, while the design will make you stand out everywhere you go.

5. Fun Brown Shaggy Hair


A fun dark brown shaggy haircut such as this one is going to look amazing on women who are in their teens. Spice up the top with your favorite hairbrush to achieve this updo and lifted outcome.

Brushed Out Curls

Brushed-out curls are often worn by women who love attention! Who says that you can’t have a voluminous hair show? If your natural texture is curly, wavy, or super defined – this is the look for you. Make sure that you use a proper hairbrush to achieve this design and add style to your upper portion, as well as length.

1. Long Brown Brushed Out Curls

This long brushed-out hair will attract a ton of looks. Style it high and up by defining your curly edges with your favorite hair cream and make your curls pop everywhere you go!

2. Elegant Orange Brushed Out Curls

An elegant and vibrant brushed-out hairdo such as this one is going to look the prettiest on younger women. Make a stylish approach and rock your curls with full confidence.

3. Dramatic Red Brushed Out Curls

Dramatic and feisty red curls will look fun and flirty. Make sure that you cut your hair every 7 weeks and color it every 5 to end up with this outcome.

4. Brushed Out Curls Hairdo

Brush your curls as you get out of the shower if you wish to achieve this pattern. Don’t be too harsh since you don’t want to break your strands.

5. Natural Curly Brushed Out Curls

Naturally curly and super bouncy can look elegant and healthy! Women who love their texture should give it a go with this cute and curly approach. Everyone will ask for your secrets and your hairstylist.

Side Swept Hair

Side-swept hair can create an illusion of a voluminous outcome. This type of hairstyle is often worn by women who enjoy retro chic and party-inspired outcomes. When worn on the side, this haircut will make you look like a true party lover, as well as a girl who loves her wispy locks.

1. Curly Side Swept Hair

Try out cute curls and rock them on the side. If you fancy everyday designs that you can wear to any upcoming event, this is ideal for you.

2. Elegant Side Swept Hair

Elegant is the way to go if you’re trying to make a serious statement. Those who are in their early thirties might like this look the most.

3. Natural Brown Side Swept Hair

Give this brown cut a go if you’re looking for something universal and easy to maintain. Women who are always trying out new fun looks will want this to play with.

4. Light Blonde Side Swept Hair

A lighter shade such as this one will suit natural blondes the best. If you’re a fan of adding texture with the right hair color – try this out.

5. Glamorous Side Swept Hair

Feminine and glamorous, who could say no to it? If you’re on the lookout for something that can come in handy for your night-outs, this is it.

Texture Time!

Everyone is going to adore your fullness and elegance on you. Are you a fan of shorter or longer looks, and do you want to try out something new? If so, what’s it going to be? These designs can suit loads of women and age groups. Let us know your top pick and show off your texturized design the next time you’re at your hairstylist’s!

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