Are you a fan of the well-known and now popular midi flick hairstyle? Now is the right time to give it a go. If you’re on the lookout for something new, cool, and trendy, this is where you need to be! In this article, we’re going to list a ton of cool options that will suit different age groups and hair lengths. Keep on reading and find something you really love down below.

Top 15 Midi Flick Hairdos

1. Soft Blonde Midi Flick Hair

Go with this short bob and give it a midi flick around your ends. Women who enjoy sweet and shorter looks will enjoy this beauty. It will look the best on those who are in their twenties or thirties.

2. Dark Brown Midi Flick Hair

Try out a midi flick at your ends and curl this beauty just a little bit. It is a subtle change that will make a major difference with women who have straight and flat hair.

3. Black & Pink Midi Flick Hair

Some women love to go all out and bold. Are you one of those women? If you enjoy colorful and wild looks and you trust your hairstylist + you want to try out something new and trendy, this is for you! Make sure that you can color your hair often since this shade will require regular touch-ups.

4. Light Blonde Midi Flick Hair

Light blonde midi flick such as this one is for women who love elegance and stylish looks. If you’re a feminine lady who loves to rock blonde locks and you also love a pop of red on you, this is the perfect sultry and elegant style that you’re going to adore.

5. Bright Yellow Midi Flick Hair

Bright yellow and vibrant hairdo such as this one is for those who like elegance and dramatic transformations. If you’re a fan of loud looks and you can handle the coloring process, why not try this gorgeous hair out?

6. Bob Midi Flick Hair

Women with naturally blonde hair will want to spice up their look every here and there. If you’re a fan of bleached looks and you want to try out something new from time to time, why not this haircut? It is going to look so gorgeous when styled in a shorter way, as well as with these messy yet cute bangs.

7. Dark Brown Midi Flick Hair

A dark brown midi flick hairdo such as this one is for women who enjoy their natural texture. If your hair is sleek and healthy, as well as naturally shiny and you want to add that mini detail to it, why not go all out with this style?

8. Icy Silver Midi Flick Hair

An icy silver hairdo such as this one will require the use of proper products. Make sure that you have the right toner in order to maintain this design. It is cute and often worn by those who like elegant and modern looks that are popular all over social media.

9. Platinum Blonde Midi Flick Hair

Platinum blonde hair such as this one is elegant and trendy. Most women who like doing layers will also appreciate this design. It is long and feminine, often worn by those who enjoy icy silver and modern cuts.

10. Edgy Midi Flick Hair

An edgy midi flick such as this one is a popular hairdo on social media these days. Women who like retro and old-school ideas will also appreciate this beauty. If you are a fan of subtle curls and major differences in your look, this trendy cut will suit you so well.

11. Sleek Midi Flick Hair

Go for a swept-back hairdo and make sure that all of your strands are set in place! Women who naturally have thin hair and love that “wet” look will enjoy this modern and trendy design. It is perfect for your formal gatherings and moments.

12. Dark Red Midi Flick Hair

Cool and trendy bright red shade such as this one is going to look hot and fiery, and id quite popular these days on social media. If you want a subtle midi flick around your front parts and you want something that will make you look and feel sexy, this is it!

13. Warm Toned Midi Flick Hair

If you’re looking for a hairdo that is elegant and you want something that you can rock for any formal gathering, this is it! Show off this beauty at any gathering and just know that most people will ask about your styling process.

14. Healthy Brown Midi Flick Hair

Women who have naturally long and luscious curls will enjoy this look. It is modern and trendy, often worn by those who can maintain their curls and subtle midi flick transformations.

15. Short Black Midi Flick Hair

Lastly, if you enjoy shorter hairdos and you like elegant cuts + you fully love the volume, this is for you! Rock the upper front in this wavy way and make sure that you set your locks in place in order to maintain the design for day and night-time moments.

Time For Something New

And there you have it! Are you ready to rock something new from this list? If so, please let us know which hairdo you can’t wait to copy in the future. We can’t wait to see your next transformation.

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