Heatless styling for short hair is a savior when it comes to curly locks and sensitive hairdos! If your hair is prone to breakage, severe drying, and dehydration, you may want to try out another way of styling it. This is why and where heatless hairdos might come in handy! Keep on reading and discover all the different looks and ways how you can style your hair for day-to-day activities.

All About Heatless Styling For Short Hair + 13 Looks To Copy 

How To Style Your Hair?

Step 1: Embrace your natural texture. Make sure that you love your hair strands, even though they might be a bit messy, frizzy, or uneven.

Step 2: This can be an amazing heatless hairstyle that you can get done in your shower. Once you wash it, blow-dry it and pack all the needed oils and products, you’ll be good to go!

Step 3: You can achieve the va-va-voom volume without any type of heat. You can let your hair air dry or you can use wands & scarves to braid your hair and end up with Hollywood curls.

Step 4: Brush out your curls if you want and set them in place with your favorite hairspray to prolong their wear time.

1. Black Hair Relaxed Curls


Cute, wavy, and super relaxed-looking, this curly hairdo has it all! If you’re a fan of shorter looks and you want to style something in this relaxed and retro way, this will suit you. Age-wise this look might suit women who are in their thirties the best. Quick and easy, yet so charming.

2. Short Curly Brown Hair


If you’re someone who enjoys pixie cuts and short elf hairdos, why not give it a go with this beauty? It is cute, chic, and defined, as well as super low-maintenance. Women who love to follow different yet new trends will enjoy trying out this heatless yet curly beauty.

3. Messy Black Afro Curls 


If your natural hair texture is quite thick, curly, and wavy, this beauty will speak to you. It is a gorgeous curly hairdo with fringe bangs that you’ll enjoy, no matter your age. Those who enjoy defined curls and softer shiny curls will gravitate toward this beauty. Add your favorite oil to maintain this cute appearance.

4. Side Part Brown Hair


A side part and any hairdo with a unique parting will look elegant and truly different. If you have more hair on one side of your face, this will suit you! Add a bit of your favorite curl cream to your edges to maintain this design and prolong its wear time. Most mature women will love this design for their office moments.

5. Cute Messy Brown Hairdo


Short, cute, messy, and voluminous – this hairdo has it all! If you’re in your thirties you might enjoy this look the most. Go for a bit of fringe at the front and style your bangs to your liking. You’ll need a stronghold cream to maintain this design throughout the day.

6. Wavy Elf Haircut 


Wavy, cute, and voluminous, this elf curly hairdo is for women who know what’s hot and trendy at the moment! If you’re someone who likes shorter hairdos and you want an effortless everyday style, this is the one! Most women who are in their twenties might prefer this look. It is ideal for both formal and casual everyday gatherings.

7. Heatless Styling Curly Look


Super tight and curly, this defined hairdo with big and bouncy locks is for those who love their natural texture. If you’re in your twenties this is going to be a full hit for you. Make sure that you add your favorite curling gel and curling cream to define these locks. Set them in place with a setting spray as well, which is going to make the look great for night-out events.

8. Curly Hair With Accessories 


Add a couple of accessories to your hair and try out this cute style. If you are constantly watching Instagram tutorials you might have noticed that this style keeps on popping everywhere, right? Go for these loose and big bouncy curls, and let them dry naturally and without any heat to achieve this design.

9. Natural Curly Short Hairdo


If you’re someone who enjoys pixie cuts and short hairdos this style will suit you. Women who have naturally short locks and those who prefer simpler ideas will love this for daily wear. All you have to do is cut your hair every 3-5 weeks to maintain this hair so it doesn’t get to that awkward stage.

10. Cute Curly Space Buns


Cute and curly, space buns such as these will look amazing on women who love to follow trendy looks. If you’re all about Instagram transformations and you love to watch new ideas and follow cool looks, this will suit you. Make sure that you set them in place with your favorite hairspray so that they stay on throughout the day.

11. Curly Space Bun With Bangs


Cute and curly, this voluminous bun with stylish bangs is going to look the best on women who are in their twenties or thirties. Curl the ends and add volume to get this fierce design. Make sure that your locks are moisturized and that your hair is super shiny and healthy to get this exact same outcome.

12. Blonde Curly Heatless Look 


Blonde and curly, this stylish heatless look is for those who want glamour. You can push and style all of your hair in one direction to get this outcome. Set your bangs in place and make sure that they’re focal of your entire look. Those who love and live for elegance will also like this blonde beauty.

13. Curly Braid Hair


Go for these curly braids and place them on the side. As your hair naturally dries down and as you expose it to more and more air it will stick and stay in this position. Women who love practical looks and those who work out will enjoy this style the most, ideal for daily wear.

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So, which one out of these beauties is your favorite? Are you more so a fan of short, simple and quick, and easy looks, or do you prefer something a tad more voluminous and formal? Let us know, we can’t wait to see what you choose.

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