The holiday season is slowly approaching, which can only mean one thing – it is time to switch up your hairdo and get into this holiday spirit in full fashion! In this article, we’re going to list a ton of cute and cool looks that you can copy and recreate for your next big party and get away. Here is how you can look classy and elegant, as well as how you can rock some formal updos.

Top 18 Holiday Party Up-do Ideas

1. Blonde Up-do Hair Bun

If you know how to do a cute little bun, why not try this braided detail as well? The combo and this look will suit younger women who love that soft and romantic vibe.

2. Elegant Up-do Hairstyle

This updo will look cute and fancy + it is so easy to achieve with just one giant hair clip. Put your hair in a bun and rock these cute silver tones and silver jewelry as well to get the exact same stylish cut.

3. Up-do Hair With Gemstones

Not a lot of women would dare to go this wild and bold. But would you? This is a gorgeous haircut that will look mesmerizing for Christmas Eve and the NYE party. If you’re someone who likes elegance and cute buns decorated with a ton of accessories, book this asap!

4. Up-do Hair Ponytail

Such a cute, wild and messy ponytail, wouldn’t you agree? Women who love to do elegant hairdos and those who trust their hairstylist should try out this cute ponytail. It is done in all these little details, perfect for women who love voluminous cuts.

5. Stylish Ponytail Up-do Hair For Holidays

This quick and easy ponytail is very simple to do. If you enjoy doing your own hair and if you’re into messy voluminous effortless cuts, try this one out!

6. Elegant Up-do Hair

If you’re a fan of cute and elegant buns and you know how to do them yourself, why not embrace this beauty?! It is such a stylish ballerina haircut, often worn by those who enjoy sleek and stylish transformations.

7. Wispy Up-do Hair Look

A wispy updo such as this one is going to look great for your party moments. If you have lighter hair or highlights you will rock this design effortlessly. Simply clip it in the back and show off its subtle volume with full confidence.

8. Bright Orange Up-do Hair

Go for a couple of pearl details in the back when trying to recreate this haircut. This is a gorgeous design that will look amazing for any age group. If you know how to DIY messy buns and if you enjoy subtle curls, this is for you! Set the hair in place with your favorite hairspray and rock it with full confidence throughout the day.

9. High Up Bun Cool Up-do Hair

High-up top knot such as this one is a messy hairdo that is going to look fierce and modern. If you’re someone who loves to follow trends and if you love chic and modern hairdos, this is for you!

10. Fun Blonde Up-do Hair

Blonde women will love this stylish hairdo. An elegant bun such as this one is going to look amazing for the NYE formal party or any dance/dinner that you may have going on. Ready to rock this beauty?

11. Chocolate Brown Up-do Hair With Gemstones

Sometimes and for some women, more is more! Are you someone who loves and lives for pearl details? If you have time to DIY your hairdo and if you’re a fan of volume, this will suit you + just know that it will photograph so well.

12. Sleek Up-do Hair

If you don’t have a lot of time to do your hair and you don’t have a lot of accessories, you can always use your hair tie or hair clip. Go for this updo bun and rock the hair for daily events and casual moments. The final result will suit any age group.

13. Fun Bun Up-do Hair

A hair bun idea such as this one will take you 20-30 minutes to do on your own. If you’re someone who loves elegance and you prefer attention-seeking looks, why not book this cut? It is a piece of cake for your hairstylist.

14. Braid Up-do Hair

Try out this back braid detail and let the hairdo tell its own story. If you’re someone who likes and enjoy wispy and romantic hairdos and if you’re a fan of elegance, this will suit your character!

15. Elegant Up-do Hair

A high updo and defined style such as this one is for women who like formal ideas. A lot of women will love this haircut for their office moments and important events. If you have time to do it and you want to try out something different, this is the one!

16. Icy White Up-do Hair

Curl the front portion of your hair and add volume to the bun itself. Women who enjoy clean and mesmerizing looks, as well as casual buns will want this for Christmas moments.

17. Up-do Hair For Holidays

If you have an important event such as a dance or a party to attend we highly recommend trying out this haircut. It is an effortless beauty that is going to look amazing with a couple of pearl details on top.

18. Chic Ponytail Up-do Hair

A chic ponytail such as this one might look the best on women who have naturally thin and straight hair. If you don’t have a lot of time or knowledge on how to style your hair we recommend giving it a go with this trendy ponytail with golden elastic detail.

Holiday Hairdos Coming Your Way!

Are you ready to embrace your cute and luscious looks? If so, which beauty is your favorite from this list? Let us know what you fancy the most, we can’t wait to see it on you this holiday season.

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