Everyone looks forward to the awards season where A-list celebrities widen yet another gap in fashion.

They continually influence the fashion industry from the bold wave eyeliner, the red lips, and the ever-beautiful set of classic waves.

The Hollywood waves are famously called a very flattering and feminine look which makes it irresistible. You’d definitely want to recreate it.

The waves are perfect for special outings as well as everyday facelifts. These deep waves are the epitome of glamour with their flawless glossy shine and perfectly sculpted waves. Despite clearly being a coveted style, it’s very easy to recreate. You don’t need a celebrity hairstylist to create them, in fact, you can make this hairdo yourself. With the right products and little ingenuity, tada! Welcome, Hollywood waves! You can create the sophisticated, classic, and stylish Hollywood Waves from the comfort of your home, in front of your mirror.

Your Hollywood waves can either be tight to lose and you can achieve the look on your hair whether it is short or long. When you adjust the size of the curling tongs, it will give you the preferred look. Use large irons to get loose waves and smaller irons for a tighter style. The technique as listed below will still be the same, only the tong size may be different.

Now that you have that essential information, let’s begin.

Styling Tools You Will Need

Let’s start by listing the tools you will need to create the glamorous Hollywood Waves Hairstyle.

It is highly recommended that you use a styling product that will protect your hair from the heat.

Next, you will need curling pins, hairspray, your curling iron, and a detangling brush.

How to Create the Glamorous Hollywood Waves

Once you have all the tools ready, all you need to do is to follow our handy step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve the sumptuous Hollywood waves.

1. Prepare your hair

For this step, all you have to do is make your hair frizz-free even if you just used a bit of dry shampoo on your hair or you washed your hair thoroughly.

Then, Clip in your human hair extensions if you plan on using them before you get started with styling your Hollywood waves.

Since this styling process requires you to use heating tools to curl your hair, make sure to use your heat protection spray on your hair.

Also, work some serum into the ends of your hair and leave it for about 10 minutes, so that the serum can soak properly into your hair.

This step can be skipped if you don’t have enough time. But allowing the serum to soak will give your ends room to absorb the moisture before you apply the heat-protecting spray and use your heated tool on your hair.

2. The horizontal curling technique

First, separate two-inch of your hair at the nape of your neck.

Gather the rest of your hair up, before you brush through the row you parted thoroughly. Backcomb slightly at the roots to add a bit of volume to it.

Place your curling tong at the roots of the row of hair you parted and wrap the hair inwards around the curling tong, make sure to hold it at a horizontal angle.

Next, let your hair remain on the tool for about 30 seconds.

You may hold the heating tool for a bit longer if your hair is super straight. This is because the amount of time you leave your hair on the curling tool will determine how defined the waves will look.

However, to avoid damaging your hair, be mindful of using too much heat.

Let your hair cool for about 5 to 10 minutes after you release it from the heating tool.

Now move on and another two-inch row and perform the same action until you have gone around your entire hair. Make sure that you tong it in the same direction and allow it to cool. After you are done with all your hair spray it is set using your hair spray.

3. Final steps for your Hollywood waves

After all of your curls have cooled down, they are supposed to look like gorgeous tight ringlets. For a beautiful shape, have your hair parted to the side from the middle.

Now, Brush through your hair with a detangling brush, then use some curling pins to define some waves near your face.

Add some more pins if needed and spray your hair again. Then allow it to sit for ten minutes with the pins still in place so that the shape of the hair can be set in the position you want.

Lastly, take the pins out, fluff out your hair, and you are ready to go.

Best Tips for the Perfect Hollywood Waves

Here are some simple practices to keep your Hollywood waves bouncy and long-lasting.

1. Keep it smooth and soft.

To make your style natural and modern, use a barrel tong to curl your hair, then set it using your spray before you brush it to loosen the curls a bit. This way your hair will be voluminous and full but still looks natural.

Do not use too much hairspray so that your hair does not become rigid. The silky bounce is an important part of the Hollywood waves.

2. Use minimum accessories.

Try not to add too many hair accessories. Even a little clip can make your hair look outdated. For this style, less is more. Let your Hollywood Waves speak for itself.

3. Personalize your hair

It’s your hair, personalize it. The style doesn’t have to look exactly like Cameron Diaz’s or Beyonce’s. Add your details or accessories to make it look uniquely yours.

If you love Hollywood waves, you know you don’t have to shell out much dough to get it done. However, if you are not sure about doing this yourself, visit a skilled hair stylist and get your Hollywood waves done.

So get creative, try out our techniques and make them yours. If you get to create the glamorous Hollywood waves let us know in the comment section. We will love to see how beautiful it turns out for you.

Brown Hollywood Wave Hairdos 

1. Elegant Brown Hollywood Waves Side Swept 


Natural brunettes are going to adore this look! It is so elegant and truly Hollywood-like.

2. Warm Toned Colored Hollywood Waves


Add a bit of warmth to your hair and wear this look with full confidence at all times.

3. Elegant Brown Hollywood Waves


This is the perfect bridal hairdo! Show off your Hollywood elegant waves and enjoy this look for your most important day.

4. Natural-Looking Brown Hollywood Waves


Chocolate brown hair is ideal for those who want a subtle change to their hairdo. Secure it with the right amount of hairspray.

5. Voluminous & Long Hollywood Waves


Long loose Hollywood waves will make every girl look elegant and glamorous.

6. Hollywood Waves Long Hair With A Centerpiece


Add a centerpiece look to your hair to make it even more intriguing.

7. Soft & Subtle Hollywood Waves


Make sure that you comb your hair the right way to achieve this amount of elegance and pure glamour.

8. Long, Voluminous & Shiny Hollywood Waves


Your hair can look so shiny and elegant with the right color and highlights! Book the best hairstylist that you know to achieve this look.

9. Chocolate Brown Hollywood Waves


If your hair has that orange color to it just know that it will look the best and most appropriate for the fall season.

10. Long & Shiny Hollywood Waves


Show off your natural hair color and wear this look for both big and small events or gatherings.

Blonde Hollywood Wave Hairstyles 

1. Hot Blonde Hollywood Waves


Yellow-colored blondes will like this look for their big and most noticeable moments.

2. Long Icy Colored Hollywood Waves


Long hair that is well-nourished and taken care of will look elegant at any given moment.

3. Feminine Blonde Hollywood Waves


Show off your Hollywood waves and enjoy this look as well as its elegance for the big moment.

4. Blonde Ombre Hollywood Waves


A bit of highlights to your hair will look stylish and elegant without giving you a dramatic change.

5. Long & Loose Hollywood Waves


Ask your hairstylist for a lot of shine! The end result will make you look like a true elegant diva and a dominant lady.

6. Blonde Hair Hollywood Waves With An Accessory 


Add a hairpiece and make your blonde look work for any moment or event.

7. Natural Blonde Hollywood Waves


Shiny loose waves and this hair color will seek looks and attract attention any time any place.

8. Silver Icy Hollywood Waves


A bit of icy silver tone to your hair will look fancy and elegant.

9. Voluminous Blonde Hollywood Waves


Yellow-hue to your wavy hair will look pretty once done the right way. If you enjoy elegant waves you’re going to like this look.

10. Blonde Hair With A Braid Detail And Hollywood Waves


Tie a subtle and simple braid in the back to wear this beauty with elegance and class.

Dark Brown & Black Hollywood Waves

1. Elegant Natural Brown Hollywood Waves


If your hair is quite dark and different naturally you’re going to easily wear and show off this look.

2. Hollywood Waves On Dark Brown Hair 


Add some chocolate hues to your hair and wear the look for your big events with confidence.

3. Long Dark Brown Hollywood Waves Look 


Shiny hair will look so natural and gorgeous, as well as healthy. Wear this look with your favorite approach – the Hollywood soft waves look approach!

4. Voluminous & Shaggy Hollywood Waves


If you have dark hair that is naturally healthy you’re going to easily rock this concept and wear it for big and small events.

5. Soft Curled Hollywood Waves


Black hair will suit those who want a dramatic change. Go for this hair dye if you’re someone who likes to look elegant.

6. Bridal-Inspired Hollywood Waves Brown Hair 


Ask your hairstylist for a dramatic change and they will give you the curls and waves of your dreams!

7. Dark Brown Hair With Highlights Hollywood Waves


This dark brown hair will work and look well for your prom or night outs. Go for it and wear it despite your length.

8. Soft & Shiny Black Hollywood Waves


Add a stylish silver piece to your hair to make it more elegant. If you’re a bride-to-be, this is pretty perfect and spot on!

9. Bridal Hollywood Waves With A Silver Detail 


Show off this look and these waves if you have an important event going on, as well as if you’re interested in new innovative looks.

10. Elegant & Shiny Brown Hollywood Waves


Women who like elegance and glamour are going to enjoy this hairstyle for their any-time any-place wear!

Want Something Hollywood-Like?

Are you ready for a new hairdo? In need of something elegant, fancy, and formal? If so, you are going to love our 30 Hollywood-inspired waves for your formal or semi-formal gatherings. Let us know what works & looks the best in your opinion. 

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