The saying about the relationship between men and their barbers also applies to women and their hairdressers; this is why women travel a long distance to either get a haircut or have their hair done. After making the trip from your house, you get to the salon, get your hair done, and feel beautiful and confident.

Your hairdresser might not be your friend, but they do know how to make you happy (whenever they give you what you want). You have decided to appreciate them for their effort, but you are not sure how much is too little or enough.

Tipping your hairdresser is not compulsory, but it’s a habit you should learn. You might think, ‘’oh, I’m paying for the service, why should I tip?’’ Well, when someone renders a satisfactory service, tipping tells them you appreciate their service.

Now to the question, how much do you tip? Let me share my experience.

I had just gotten into college, and I was solely responsible for my hair maintenance (my mom used to handle that for me before college). I googled the closest hair salon around me, and I got a few. While looking through their site to determine which I should go to, I came across tipping.

I was surprised because I didn’t know tipping was a thing in any salon (My mom must have been doing that, I just never noticed). I read more about tipping, how much to tip, when to tip, and how to tip.

Below is what I do when tipping hairdressers.

How much do I tip my hairstylist?

The average amount to tip your stylist when they render a satisfactory service is 20% or more of what your hair cost. Ten percent is relatively small unless you are angry about the service rendered.

When to give twenty percent and above tip:

  • Your stylist fit you into a tight schedule
  • Your stylist nailed a difficult style or color
  • It’s the holiday season, and you want to do something extra.
  • The price your stylist is charging is lower than what you think it should be

When to give twenty percent tip:

  • You are impressed by the job done by your stylist
  • You want to build a good relationship with your stylist
  • Your stylist spent more time getting you your desired look.

When do I tip my hairdresser?

It’s good practice to tip your stylist every time they render a service.  The exceptions are:

  • When you go in to fix a mistake they made, you are not expected to tip them – it doesn’t mean you can’t.
  • When the service they are rendering is quick and easy, you spend less than ten minutes in there.
  • The salon doesn’t accept tips
  • When you only come in to get hair products.

How to tip your hairstylist

Different salons have their culture when it comes to tipping. Some salons allow individual tips, while others have a box labeled tips; at the end of the day, tips collected are shared amongst everyone in the salon. 

If the salon you frequent allows individual tipping, you can tell the cashier to distribute your tip to the people who attended to you, or you can discreetly share the tip among the staff who attended to you.

In conclusion, bear in mind that some salons only accept cash payment when it comes to tipping. Ensure you have enough cash with you or visit the ATM on your way to the salon.

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