An inverted bob hairdo is classified as a new modern and asymmetrical design of doing your hair. It is a look that never goes out of fashion, while mostly being worn by women who enjoy new and trendy looks. If you’re a fan of bob designs but you’re not too sure how to style one yourself or how to properly pull it off, keep on reading and let us introduce you to some of the sickest looks.

Top 27 Inverted Bob Haircuts

1. Beige Inverted Bob Hair

Go for an inverted beige bob and this undertone if you enjoy cool-toned hairdos. Women who are in their thirties will prefer this cut, along with those who have subtle grays peeking through.

2. Icy White Inverted Bob Hair

Not a lot of women would dare to go with this haircut. Would you? It is super chic and defined, and it also looks amazing in this icy white color. Show it off for your next big and glamorous event.

3. Warm Tone Inverted Bob Hair

This warm-toned inverted bob is going to look amazing on women who have naturally thick and full hair. If you fancy your defined upper portion and your voluminous strands, this is for you.

4. Black Inverted Bob Hair With Bangs

Go for a dark black inverted bob such as this one and pair it with some cute bangs. Women who like trendy and fierce defined cuts, as well as those who love to gather a ton of looks and attention will fancy this outcome.

5. Wavy Inverted Bob Haircut

A wavy dark blonde inverted bob that you’re going to enjoy for formal events! Curl it with your favorite foam and show it off everywhere you go.

6. Stylish Inverted Bob Hair Design

This inverted bob with layers will look amazing on mature women. If you’re in your forties – we recommend trying this look out.

7. Bright Blonde Inverted Bob Hair

Women who have a warm skin undertone should try out this look. Make sure that you’re ready for something creative, fun, and new before you fully commit to this style.

8. Modern Blonde Inverted Bob Hair

Modern bobs will attract a lot of attention. This type of inverted haircut will make you look high-end! Businesswomen who like attention will fall in love with this specific style.

9. Inverted Bob Hair Platinum Cut

If you can handle this shade and constant color touch-ups, this might suit you well. The final result is super wispy and vibrant, perfect for modern blondes!

10. Inverted Bob Haircut Look

If your hair is naturally quite straight and easy to style, why not switch it up just a tad bit more with this inverted bob approach?! It will look amazing on women who are in their thirties.

11. Chocolate Brown Inverted Bob Hair

Chocolate brown hair is often worn for the fall season! If you’re looking for something new and cute that you can show off during your office hours, this is truly it.

12. Light Brown Inverted Bob Hair

An inverted warm tones bob like this one is going to look modern and feisty. You should cut it at the right angle to achieve this exact same style and volume.

13. Auburn Red Inverted Bob Hair

An auburn red hair dye is going to be so popular for the fall season. If you prefer short haircuts and you want something that you can style within 5 minutes in the morning, this is for you!

14. Cool Inverted Bob Hair Look

Cool inverted bob such as this one just goes to show you that women with gray hair can look feisty! Make sure that you cut your hair every 4 weeks to maintain this beauty.

15. Dark Brown Inverted Bob Hair

Dark and healthy hair is a must-do! You should make sure that your strands are healthy, nice, and shiny, and that you’re up for something new. Women who like low-key looks will love this idea.

16. Natural Gray Inverted Bob Hair

If your hair is naturally grey and if you are looking for something new that can suit your age group, look no further! Anyone who loves voluminous locks will fall in love with this messy bob.

17. Inverted Bob Hair With Highlights

Try out an inverted bob and add gradual highlights to the ends. If you are a natural blonde or someone who wants a subtle change, make it happen!

18. Fun Inverted Bob Hair Look

This type of inverted bob is going to look so good for any type of formal event. Women who have shorter hair and those who are not too sure how to style it will fancy this design.

19. Subtle Brown Inverted Bob Hair

A subtle brown bob with an inverted approach that you’re going to fancy if you’re in your twenties. Spice it up with the right hairspray and rock on for day time!

20. Inverted Bob Hair Gray Haircut

An icy gray haircut and undertone will look fun and flawless on mature women. If you want a haircut that others don’t dare to wear – we highly recommend this beauty.

21. Inverted Bob Hair Cut

Cut your hair in layers and consider this design for the summertime period. With the right hairstylist – anything is possible!

22. Black Inverted Bob Hairstyle

A black inverted bob with sleek edges and shiny locks is going to attract a lot of attention. Women who are in their twenties or teens will gravitate toward this look the most.

23. Fun Inverted Bob Haircut

Fun inverted bob with a pair of bangs that you’re going to enjoy for any event or occasion. Make sure that you moisturize and hydrate your hair as it can get a bit too tangled with this specific style.

24. Brownish Inverted Bob Hair

Caramel and warm tones will look super pretty this summertime. Anyone can try out this unique and gorgeous haircut!

25. Fun Light Gray Inverted Bob Hair

A full-on grayish moment that you should proudly rock! If you have icy white hair and you’re not afraid to show it, an inverted bob is the way to go about it!

26. Wavy Inverted Bob Hairstyle

A wavy beige inverted bob like this one is going to look amazing on women who have naturally thin hair. Curl your ends and add an illusion of a fuller hairline with this design.

27. Inverted Bob Hair Look Design

Lastly, you can try out this haircut and proudly rock it, but make sure that you cut it every 3 weeks as it can get a bit too hard to maintain it.

Inverted Bob Hairdo Is Calling For You!

When will you visit your hairstylist, and which haircut are you going to book from our list? Do you prefer shorter or longer bobs, and do you think that this hairdo is going to be a new trend in 2023? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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