Everyone would love to pull off an elegant and classic look such as the Kim Kardashian style! Kim is known for her short nails, matte makeup, and hairdos that are often worn down yet with a ton of shine and elegance! If you want to browse through some of her iconic ideas and you’re eager to recreate either her platinum blonde bob, wavy ends; or messy buns – you’re exactly where you need to be! Here are some of the most popular and famous Kim K designs that you’ll want to recreate asap!

20+ Kim Kardashian Hairstyle Ideas

1. Kim Kardashian Hair 2023 Idea


Kim Kardashian is an icon, and everyone will try and copy her image. Some focus on her fashion, while others prefer hair makeup and hairdos. So, how about this haircut if you’re trying to make yourself seen and noticed?

2. Kim Kardashian Hair Braids 


Kim had a period of rocking these braids not too long ago, would you be interested in giving them a go? These braids are the perfect summer-inspired design, and they’ll come in handy if you want to look stylish and trendy for your beach or pool moments. Heads up as they need to be styled and done with artificial hair and hair extensions.

3. Formal Ponytail Kim Kardashian Hair


Nothing beats a formal ponytail that you can wear for your formal or semi-formal gatherings. If you prefer updos and you love your long, healthy, and voluminous hair, what’s stopping you from trying this look?

4. High Updo Kim Kardashian Hair


A high updo that’s pushed and slick back tends to look the prettiest for fancy dinners and when you’re trying to make yourself seen and known. Make sure you have all the right hairstyling tools before you try recreating this on your own.

5. Slick Back Kim Kardashian Hair


A slick back design is a classic Kim K look. Kim looks so feminine while rocking it, and so can you! Make sure you have a stronghold hairspray so you can push your hair in one place and prolong the wear time of your slick back cut!

6. Black Bob Kim Kardashian Hair


A black bob is a low-maintenance hair design that will look the prettiest on low-maintenance women, as well as busy workaholic moms. If you want to look like Kim K but you’re not too sure where to turn to or what your perfect design may be, you can’t go wrong with this timeless bob!

7. Chic Kim Kardashian Hair


How chic and sleek is this haircut? All the women will go crazy over this Kim K look. If she’s your idol and you want to look like her, this haircut is the perfect inspo pic you’ll want to show your hairstylist.

8. Platinum Blonde Kim Kardashian Hair


Kim has been killing the scene with her famous platinum blonde haircut! Although everyone remembers her as a dark-colored brunette, the real truth is that this haircut suits her skin tone and undertone so well. This design will look so good for the summertime season!

9. Kim Kardashian Hairstyles Up 


Channeling Kim Kardashian’s signature style, the sleek ponytail exudes effortless sophistication and modern glamour. You will love this hairdo when paired with defined cat-winged eyeliner makeup. 

10. Long Layered Kim Kardashian Hair


Pulling off Kim Kardashian’s iconic long layered locks is a must-do for formal events. This hairstyle radiates timeless elegance with its cascading waves and voluminous texture. Each layer adds depth and dimension, capturing the essence of Hollywood’s coveted glamour. Once set in place with a setting spray, you’ll be good to go to any event!

11. Formal Bun Kim Kardashian Hair


The high updo bun, inspired by Kim Kardashian, embodies chic sophistication. This haircut is all about glamour and confidence. You will achieve it in 20 minutes in the comfort of your home.

12. Black Updo Kim Kardashian Hair


Do you love this dark-colored high updo? It is an elegant hair that instantly adds a touch of refinement and grace to any look. It is something that Kim often wears to Red Carpets, so what’s stopping you from enjoying your little diva moment as well?

13. Red Carpet Kim Kardashian Hair


Kim Kardashian’s hair exudes a captivating blend of glamour and sophistication, especially when it comes to Red Carpet moments. These elegant waves will look the best for your formal dinner parties, birthdays, proms, weddings, etc.

14. Straight Long Kim Kardashian Hair


This is the most iconic and memorable look of Kim K herself when it comes to her hair! Her long hair epitomizes sleek sophistication, framing her features with effortless elegance while framing her face. A quick blowout is all it takes to make this hairdo work!

15. Platinum Blonde Kim Kardashian Hairdo


Another great bob you can recreate! Kim Kardashian’s platinum blonde hair is stunning and bold, showcasing her iconic style with flair. This undertone and color will suit warm-toned ladies the best.

16. Kim Kardashian Haircut In A Ponytail 


Kim Kardashian’s ponytail haircut exudes effortless chic + it is quick and easy to recreate. This haircut will complement different face shapes and will come in handy for parties.

17. Kim Kardashian Haircut Long Layers


This type of blonde looks so good on Kim, wouldn’t you agree? Kim Kardashian’s long-layer haircut is a timeless symbol of sophistication and versatility. If you can handle the maintenance of this haircut, why not commit to it?!

18. Side Swept Kim Kardashian Hair


Kim Kardashian’s side-swept hair is a popular style for her glamorous shoots. This is an iconic idea and a fabulous design if you want to recreate something on your own and not pay a lot of money to your hairstylist.

19. Blonde Kim Kardashian Hairdo


Kim Kardashian’s blonde hairdo is all about being bold and dramatic. If you want to try out some stylish highlights and you’re not afraid of bleaching your hair – this is perfect!

20. Fancy Kim Kardashian Hair


Kim Kardashian’s fancy hairstyles are often seen at Met Galas or during the Oscars. This specific design is all about elegance and striking a pose! If you have somewhere important you need to be – book this hairdo!

21. Platinum Blonde Kim Kardashian Hair Medium Length 


Kim Kardashian’s long platinum blonde is quite elegant, and this exact design will look the prettiest on ladies with pale complexions and lighter skin tones, as well as icy undertones.

Kim Kardashian Time!

Are you excited and ready to look like Kim K herself? The truth is that with the right hair color, haircut, and the right makeup look, you’ll look like a modern-day Kim! Are you a fan of some of these hairdos? Which one are you most excited to recreate? Let us know, we can’t wait to see you with something from this list!

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