Brown is such a lovely color to wear and the shade has an array of different hue that you can rock. Light brown hair can really brighten your face and leaves you with a lot of options when it comes to highlights and other shades in your hair. Whether you’re born with a natural brunette hair tone or you change you style up a little bit, we can all agree that light brown hair is stunning and a color that everyone should try out.

Here are a few of our favorite light brown hairstyles you need to try the next time you visit the salon.

1. Acorn Waves

These light brown waves have an array of beautiful shades through them.

2. Golden Brown

Add a little depth to your brown with a golden tone.

3. Melt

You can wear more then one shade of brown.

4. Chestnut

This light brown hair looks beautiful.

5. Ombre

This ombre color looks stunning on anyone.

6. Ashy

This ashy light brown is trendy and pretty.

7. Natural

A light brown shade gives you hair a natural feel.

8. Cool Brown

Lighten those strands up with a cool brown tone.

9. Milk Chocolate

You can still wear a lighter chocolate hue.

10. Bright Brown

Really lighten your brown up for a fun new shade.

11. Almond

This light brown almond color is stunning.

12. Caramel

A little red tint to your natural brown will be a gorgeous touch.

13. Brown and Blonde

Mix two beautiful colors together for an amazing hair style.

14. Nutmeg

This stunning color is natural and perfect for anyone.

15. Brown Sugar

We can see why everyone loves a lighter brown hair.

16. Duo

Have a little fun with your light brown hair.

17. Brown Waves

This mixture of light and dark browns is beautiful.

18. Bronde

A combo of brown and blonde together creates bronde.

19. Golden Hour

A lob with a light brown color is perfect to try.

20. Power Bob

This sleek and straight light brown bob is perfect if your looking for something new.

21. Caramel Macchiato

Mix all the beautiful browns together.

22. Brown Tones

An array of brown tones throughout your hair gives you a gorgeous look.

23. Specks

Light brown throughout dark brown hair gives it a nice pop.

24. Brown Shine

Light brown hair will give you hair a ton of dimension.

25. Rose

Adding a little rose throughout your brown hair really gives it a trendy vibe.

26. Textured Brown

A stunning brown hue like this leaves your hair with a ton of texture.

27. Balayage

The balayage trends look perfect with light brown hair.

28. Crisp Brown

A beautiful crisp brown shade is great for any time of the year.

29. Creamy Brown

This creamy brown color is great for people looking to change it up a bit.

30. Color Melt

A color melt of browns is low maintenance and stunning.

31. Caramel Tint

These caramel highlights is a great way to add a pop to your beautiful brown hair.

32. Brown Dreams

You can wear any light brown hue.

33. Cinnamon Mane

This cinnamon light brown color is perfect for a little change.

34. Mushroom Brown

A silver brown color is cool and trendy to try out.

35. Stunning Brown

Changing to a brunette color doesn’t mean your hair has to be boring.

36. Copper Brown

Add a little copper to your brown for a gorgeous blend of colors.

37. Summer Vibes

This easy light brown hair is perfect for the summer.

38. Cool Bronde

The bronde trend is coming in and we can see why.

39. Mixture Brown

This mixture of stunning browns is beautiful to try yourself.

40. Stunning Brown

A light brown hue like this will look perfect on anyone.

41. Sunset Brown

This warmer brown is gorgeous.

42. Messy Brown

A lighter brown works perfect with a messy style.

Light brown is an easy and gorgeous color to wear. You have a lot of variety when it comes to shades and styles and the colors works on anyone who wants to try it out.

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