Are you ready to discover the laid-back charm of “lived-in” blonde hair color? This is a newer trend on the market that effortlessly combines natural roots with golden highlights for a carefree yet stylish look that seamlessly blends into your natural hair color. Are you ready to color your hair and try out a unique take on ombre design? Here is how to achieve a sun-kissed glow that is perfectly blended!

Top 24 Lived In Blonde Hair Color Ideas 

1. Lived In Blonde With Money Piece

Keep your roots naturally brown and add a lived-in blonde down your ends. Women who want something wispy and feminine are going to love this medium-length hairstyle.

2. Lived In Blonde Wavy Hair

A light blonde hairdo with a subtle money piece is the perfect lived-in hair color for women in their twenties. This is a popular color choice these days on social media and it is often worn by those who like to follow trends.

3. Warm Toned Lived In Blonde Hair

A warm-toned yellow blonde such as this beauty is often worn for the summertime season. Keep your hair on the shorter side and try out this curl pattern to define it.

4. Lived In Blonde Hair Color Highlights

Try out different highlighting techniques to create this lived-in blonde. Blonde hair is feminine and flirty and you’re going to love its elegant style.

5. Voluminous Lived In Blonde Hair

A medium-length lived-in blonde like this one is on the low-maintenance side. If you prefer unique cuts and highlights this haircut will have it all! Anyone who is a busy person or a workaholic mom will like this look.

6. Wavy Lived In Blonde Hairstyle

Waves are a popular hairstyling technique that tends to look the best when paired with lived-in blonde hues. If you trust your hairstylist fully and you’re ready for an ultimate transformation, why not this?

7. Medium Length Lived In Blonde Hair

Try out a fun and voluminous blowout if you’re a fan of cute waves. This beach-inspired hairdo will look stylish and formal when done the right way. If you are off to an important event this will look lovely on you.

8. Lived In Blonde Hair Balayage

Go for this lived-in blonde and add layers and highlights to it. This cutting technique tends to look the best on ladies who have thick and coarse hair. It is a feminine outcome in the end.

9. Lived In Blonde Hairstyle With Waves

Try out these cute waves and combine them with a lived-in blonde hue. Often times this look works wonders on busy ladies who need a cute design that is also work-appropriate and easy to recreate.

10. Warm Toned Lived In Blonde Hair Look

A warm lived-in blonde that’s cut in layers is a popular choice for any season. Ladies who like to try out new ideas are going to fall for this flirty idea. Go for an angled haircut and show it off in style.

11. Elegant Lived In Blonde Hair Highlights

You can add these cute bangs to your hairdo and decorate your design with layers. A combination of lived-in blonde and this hair-cutting technique is a modern design that can’t go out of fashion. If you wish to look like a trendsetter it’s time to embrace this look.

12. Trendy Lived In Blonde Hair

With these curtain bangs and layers, you can look like a stylish trendsetter. Heads up as this icy blonde hair design can be on the high maintenance side and you’re going to need the right hairstyling and coloring products to maintain it.

13. Fun Lived In Blonde Hair With Highlights

A beige undertone and this shade of blonde are going to look exquisite when paired together. If you’re someone who likes chic and trendy ideas and you’re looking for a voluminous beauty – this will attract your attention.

14. Icy Lived In Blonde Hair

An icy lived-in blonde with a natural brown base is a fun and feminine look. It looks the best on ladies in their thirties and those who can handle the maintenance of their locks. Does this apply to you too?

15. Modern Lived In Blonde Hairstyle

A modern hair design with that icy or beige undertone and with these bangs is the perfect look for the fall season. If you like icy undertones and you fully trust your hairstylist to give you the design of your dreams, this will look great on you.

16. Balayage Highlights Lived In Blonde Hair

A lived-in blonde with subtle highlights and a curl pattern is going to look great for the summertime season. Define your locks and your gorgeous blonde hair color pattern if you prefer warm-toned ideas and one-of-a-kind looks.

17. Yellow Toned Lived In Blonde Hair Idea

Yellow-toned lived-in blonde is perfect for women who enjoy warmer hues. Show off your elegance and your love for stylish and shorter designs by recreating this bob in style.

18. Soft Lived In Blonde Hair

Anyone who enjoys wispy ideas will like this concept. If you’re in your twenties this may intrigue you the most. Style your hair with your favorite hairspray and show it off during the day and night.

19. Bob Lived In Blonde Hair

Try out this cute bob and pair it with lived-in blonde highlights. This design is going to make you look chic and trendy and you’re going to love its flawless and effortless design.

20. Short Lob Lived In Blonde Hairstyle

Be a trendsetter with your new haircut. You’re going to fancy this bob and you’ll love the lived-in blonde hue. When done the right way this hairstyle is going to make you look like a trendy and elegant beauty.

21. Medium Length Lived In Blonde Hair

Medium length lived in blonde with a brown base and with simple highlights is for anyone who likes stylish ideas. Try out this chopped bob and add layers to define your style and emphasize your outgoing side.

22. Lived In Blonde Hair With Layers

Don’t forget to get regular haircuts when it comes to this beauty. Anyone in their thirties will fancy this look. Show it off no matter your chosen event, just maintain it properly.

23. Lived In Blonde Hair Idea Design

Your next golden glow hairdo can be a masterpiece. If you enjoy pops of gold and you want to try out something sleek and vibrant just know that you can’t go wrong with this design. It is literally perfect.

24. Beach Waves Lived In Blonde Hair

If you’re impatient when it comes to your hair highlights and cutting techniques you should know that this design has it all! It is a universal look that looks mesmerizing when done the right way and when you try to style it in fashion.

New Hair New You!

With its natural roots and golden highlights, this trend offers an easy way to achieve a sun-kissed glow that suits your everyday life. Are you ready to try out something from our list, and which hairdo is it going to be?

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