Lobs are one of the hottest short hair trends today. It is a great length between long and short and if you’re not ready to take the short plunge, it’s great to have a little length with. Lob styles are easy to maintain and honestly look stunning on anyone.

If you want to hop on the lob train, we totally understand but you might not know where to start. We created a list of some of the best lob styles that you can get a little inspiration from and start your summer off right with. Take a look at our favorite looks.

1. Mocha Lob
Lobs look stunning pair with a mocha brown color and highlights running through it.

2. Shaggy Lob
If you love the messier look, try out a shaggy lob.
3. Light Lob
Lobs look beautiful when they’re pair with a lighter color hair, like the blonde.
4. Highlights
Make your lob pop with color by running some highlights throughout it.
5. Sassy Lob
Cut your lob a tiny bit shorter than normal and add a wave for a beautiful look.
6. Balayage Lob
One of the most popular hair trends meets a popular color trend. The balayage lob.
7. Straight Lob
Wear your lob straight and sleek for a stunning style.
8. Strawberry Vibes
Rock a stunning strawberry color with your sassy lob.
9. Dimensional Lob
Run a few highlights throughout your lob for a great dimensional look.
10. Caramel Color
Caramel looks stunning when it is paired with a gorgeous lob.
11. Pop of Pink
Make your lob really stand out with a stunning pop of pink throughout it.
12. Blunt Lob
Cut your lob short and blunt for a great straight style.
13. Messy Lob
Go a little messy with your lob for a stunning but structured style.
14. Cherry
Go bold with your new lob and throw a stunning cherry color on it.
15. Angled Lob
This look is beautiful and gives you a longer front and shorter back to your style.
16. Dark and Wavy
Your lob will look gorgeous with a dark color and a wavy vibe to it.
17. Ombre
Really make your lob stand out with a gorgeous ombre color, like this stunning peach.
18. Layered Lob
Give your lob a little dimension and shape with layers running through it.
19. Shadow Roots
Shadow roots combine with a lob and a beautiful color really makes an entire look.
20. Waves
Waves looking gorgeous when your pair them with a lob, giving you an effortless look.
21. Plum
Lobs are the perfect time to experiment with some fun colors, like this pop of plum.
22. Curls
If you like a little more spring to your lob, try some tight curls all around.
23. Winter Dreams
Give your look a 360 change choosing a stunning lob and a gorgeous silver color.
24. Sunset
Throw a mixture of colors throughout your lob for a stunning combination.
25. Vanilla
Throw a stunning blonde color over your lob with shadow roots for a beautiful look.
26. Rounded Lob
Give your lob some volume with a rounded back.
27. Natural Lob
Keep your lob nice and short and do a fun natural ombre.
28. Autumn Vibes
Give your lob a stunning orange color with a few layers.
29. Shiny and Sleek
A shiny and sleek bob with a slightly longer front is perfect for a new summer look.
30. Brunette Vibes
A glossy brunette color with your lob will completely finish your look.

When it comes to a lob you have a lot of options with length, style, and color. It’s hard to go wrong with a lob and the style looks beautiful on everyone.

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