Loose perm hairstyles are some of the most popular and common looks these days, often worn by women who enjoy durable and long-lasting hairdos. Are you looking for a haircut that you can wear for hours without worrying about how you’re hair is going to look in the end? This beauty requires minimal upkeep and maintenance, which is why most workaholic women love it. Keep on reading and find your next gorgeous everyday style.

What Is A Loose Perm?

This is a hairdo that has to go through a chemical treatment for your hair to get a nice, desirable, and wavy shape. The procedure is permanent, meaning your hair will end up looking like this for months (or even years) to come. It is most recommended that you do the look at a hair salon, not on your own at home. Your hairstylist will pick from different kinds of rollers which he or she will then apply to your hair, along with a perming solution to help set the wave or curl pattern for your ideal and preferred results. It is a time-consuming procedure, but truly worth the results.

Top 15 Loose Perm Styles

1. Soft Brown Loose Perm Hair


A soft brown hairstyle such as this one is going to look the best on those with naturally dark brown hair. Simply emphasize your locks just a bit to get this amount of definition in your curls.

2. Wavy Brown Loose Perm Hair


You can also go for a wavy look and only focus on your ends. Curl them a little bit to get this elegant and feisty outcome. It is a must-do for those who love feminine and cute ideas.

3. Curly Bob Loose Perm Hair


Moms who enjoy practical hairdos and shorter ideas will enjoy this cut. It is super feminine and practical, easy to wear for your important meetings and mommy moments!

4. Light Brown Loose Perm Hair


Cool and cute light brown hair with subtle bangs is for women who like elegance, as well as those who prefer chic cuts. This one has that “wet” vibe to it, and is often worn by younger and trendy women.

5. Short Pink Loose Perm Hair


Women who like to dye their hair and those who enjoy loud and colorful looks will enjoy this beauty. Make sure that you consider proper hair-care products since this shade can be tricky to maintain.

6. Blonde Loose Perm Hair


Go for a blonde perm and these wavy curls. Women who like feminine cuts and those who enjoy defined locks will enjoy this look. Show it off knowing that it is appropriate for most events and gatherings.

7. Ombre Loose Perm Hair


Go for this ombré hairdo and curl the edges slightly. Women who prefer chic and trendy looks will like this Korean style of doing hair. It is also the perfect haircut for those who have naturally thin strands.

8. Light Brown Loose Perm Hair


A light brown hairdo such as this one is going to look the best on younger women. It is a must-do for the fall, often worn by those who can color their hair on their own, as well as those who enjoy trying out new looks quite often.

9. Cute Curly Loose Perm Hair


Cute and curly, this chic hairdo is for women who enjoy getting perms often and showing off their thick texture. Show off this voluminous look and embrace it when rocking messy and wavy locks.

10. Short Brown Loose Perm Hair


Go for a short and loose perm such as this one if you’re a low-maintenance person. Those who want shorter and cute looks will enjoy this simpler perm. It is will look amazing for the summertime period and when the temperatures are quite high.

11. Brown Long Loose Perm Hair


Just curl your ends and add perm to one part of your hair. If you want a subtle difference and if you enjoy the elegance that you can show off on a daily and at any given moment, this is for you!

12. Cute Short Black Loose Perm Hair


If your natural hair is short and wavy, yet you want to make it curly and luscious, this perm look is for you. Show off its cute locks knowing well that they’re going to attract a lot of attention.

13. Hair With Highlights Loose Perm Hair


Even women with highlights can do a perm and they can transform their look in such an easy way. If you’re all about volume and chopped asymmetrical designs, this is for you.

14. Long Natural Brown Loose Perm Hair


Go for this subtle curl perm if you’re someone who wants a mini change to your look. Women in their thirties may prefer this style the most.

15. Soft Loose Perm Hair


Lastly, why not try out this gorgeous beauty? If your hair is naturally thin and prone to breakage, why not spice it up with this look? It is going to look elegant and is perfect for any day & night-time event, as well as most age groups.

So, are you ready to do a stylish perm?!

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