Mahogany is a gorgeous natural color that is perfect if you’re looking for a change but nothing overly dramatic. The color is a beautiful hue between brown and red, making the color perfect for fall and winter. If you’re looking for a new color, mahogany is a great color to consider.

Here are 28 of our favorite mahogany short styles that are ideal if you’re looking a new and fresh look.

1. Mahogany Top Knot
A top knot is a great style to try if you want to slightly up do without all the hassle.

2. Mahogany Balayage
Instead of going for a typical balayage style, try out a mahogany color.

3. Red Mahogany
Adding a bit of red to your mahogany is a great option when looking to change your hair up.

4. Mahogany Wine
Color your hair like a fresh glass of wine.

5. Auburn Mahogany
Really let your natural red show with a nice mahogany lift.

6. Mahogany Melt
Throw some mahogany in your hair via highlights and let it melt down.

7. Mahogany Ombre
If you love a good ombre, try it with a gorgeous mahogany color.

8. Mahogany Wave
Show your beautiful color off by adding a little curl to your hair.

9. Mahogany Pixie
Throw a stunning mahogany color onto your already sassy pixie.

10. Mahogany Lob
A lob is a beautiful and popular style, add a mahogany color to really show it off.

11. Short Mahogany Pixie
Short pixie looks are stunning and perfect, pair it with a mahogany color to really complete the look.

12. Mahogany Chocolate
Keep your natural color dark and add some red mahogany highlights throughout your hair.

13. Rich Mahogany
Mahogany is a beautiful color, pair it with some curls and product to get the ultimate shine.

14. Rounded Bob
A rounded bob is a great style if you want something shorter, add a mahogany color to finish the look off.

15. Messy Mahogany
Pair your gorgeous mahogany color with a messy, short style.

16. Deep Mahogany
Go for a dark and deep mahogany color to really show off some dark vibes.

17. Angled Bob
An angled bob is a beautiful style and looks great with a mahogany color.

18. Tousled Bob
Tousle your hair and really show off the stunning hues of mahogany.

19. Chop and Color
If you’re looking for a complete change, chop your hair into a messy lob and throw on a nice mahogany color.

20. Rose Mahogany
If you like a lighter mahogany color, try this rose gold mahogany.

21. Mahogany Undercut
Really show off your unique style by getting an undercut and pairing it with a fantastic mahogany color.

22. Deep Mahogany
This deep mahogany color is dark and stunning.

23. Sleek and Straight
This sleek and straight mahogany hair is beautiful and will look great on anyone.

24. Vibrant Mahogany
This vibrant mahogany will instantly turn heads.

25. Mahogany Color Melt
Start with a darker mahogany and let it melt into a gorgeous red.

26. Tangerine Mahogany
Go for a lighter version of mahogany to keep summer still around.

27. Tequila Mahogany
Lighten your mahogany up a bit by adding a few lighter strands.

28. Mahogany Mix
Mix your mahogany color with a cool blonde color.

Mahogany is a great natural color that you can rock in a variety of different ways. Which is your favorite mahogany look?

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