Do you want to try out a stylish man bun? If so, why not style it on your own and show it off whenever you get a chance? The truth is that man buns can look good for sporty, casual, formal, or everyday moments. It all just comes down to styling it the right way and combining it with the right outfit. Keep on reading and find a hair bun you fancy down below.

Top 26 Man Bun Hairdo Ideas

1. Low Man Bun Hairstyle

A low-man bun that is voluminous in the back is for guys who enjoy practical and low-key looks. If your hair is a bit frizzy and you enjoy natural and simpler ideas, this is for you.

2. High Top Man Bun

A high top such as this one with a subtle fade detail can look gorgeous on most guys who want a formal hairdo, as well as a look that is sleek and elegant.

3. Messy Man Bun Hairstyle

Messy, wavy, and a bit curly, this hairdo is going to work so well for your summertime period and your beach moments. If you want to show off your subtle curls and you’re a fan of effortless and easy ideas, this is for you.

4. Brown Man Bun

A man bun such as this one will take you 2 minutes to style in the morning. If you enjoy shorter and simple quick and easy looks, this is for you.

5. Relaxed Man Bun

Go for a relaxed man bun and decorate your entire face with proper facial hairs. This overall vibe and style will make you look a lot more masculine and attractive among most women.

6. Dark Brown Man Bun

A dark brown hairdo is elegant and neat looking on its own, which is why this hairdo is super easy to recreate. Show it off knowing that it is a sleek office solution that will compliment your natural and healthy strands.

7. Man Bun Hairstyle

A slick back bun such as this one with a fade detail is going to suit most young guys. If you want to look cool and edgy, this is for you.

8. High Updo Man Bun

Try out this samurai bun and show off the design no matter your age or your headed event. Guys who enjoy their natural texture and those with dark locks and healthy hair will want to try out this look.

9. Red Man Bun

Not a lot of guys dare to color their hair. Do you? If you’re a fan of bright shades and you enjoy rocking something outgoing, this is for you. Make sure that you can color your hair every 4 weeks since this shade can be tricky to pull off and maintain.

10. Thin Hair Man Bun Look

This hairdo just goes to show you that guys who have thin hair can also rock a cool bun. If your natural texture and volume is not as voluminous and full, don’t worry about it, you can still rock this updo bun!

11. Curly Frizzy Man Bun

A frizzy and curly man bun such as this one is very defined and modern. It is a high-up look that a lot of guys fancy for day-to-day moments. Brush out the locks and set them with your favorite hair product to achieve this cool hairdo.

12. Blonde Man Bun

Blonde guys will also enjoy this fade detail on the side! If you like to experiment and you’re often trying new looks, this is something for you to try out. It is a gorgeous blonde hair dye and an impeccable bun updo moment!

13. Chic Brown Man Bun

If your hair is quite thick and naturally voluminous and healthy, make sure that you secure it in place with the right hair products. You’re going to like this style, no matter your age.

14. Curly Brown Man Bun

Man bun such as this one is going to work so well on most guys with naturally curly locks. Make sure that you moisturize your hair and you’re going to like the final outcome of a stylish and urban bun.

15. Low Man Bun Hairstyle

A low bun for guys such as this one is the perfect look for those with a thin and soft texture. If you like your natural volume and you don’t want to do a lot to your hair, this is going to suit you.

16. Thick Voluminous Man Bun

A sleek bun such as this one is the perfect look for men with naturally thick and coarse hair. Show that you love big and fluffy updos by getting this duo combined.

17. Cool Man Bun

A man bun such as this one is cool and trendy thanks to its little side cut and fade detail. If you cut your hair every three weeks, this is right up your alley.

18. Brown Man Bun Hairdo

An updo such as this one is the perfect example of how you can make a look fun and fluffy. Guys who enjoy loud and noticeable designs will like this style. Twist the bun around a couple of times to get this stylish and trendy outcome.

19. High Updo Man Bun Look

You can secure your bun with a ton of different hair accessories and items. Why not go all out to get a ton of attention and compliments on your new look?!

20. Short Thin Man Bun

A short bun combined with a long and voluminous beard is going to look so good on guys who wish to look formal and professional. This is a good look for blonde guys with a natural and thinner texture. 

21. Voluminous Man Bun Cut

If you wish to look classy, this is for you! Guys who want to look well-put and trendy, this is for you! A messy bun such as this one is quite cool and easy to achieve.

22. Man Bun Haircut

Guys with blonde hair will also love putting their hair up in a bun. Set it in place with your favorite hair tie and enjoy it for the entire day.

23. Simple Short Man Bun

If you have naturally thin and fragile hair which is prone to breakage, try out this look. It will suit those with shorter and thin strands. 

24. Slick Back Man Bun

Why not look like an actual gentleman with this man bun? If you have 10 minutes to spare, why not give this look a try? 

25. Man Bun Hairstyle Idea

If you plan on playing sports and you want to look cool and stylish while rocking something practical, this is for you!

26. Blonde Slick Back Man Bun

Lastly, this blonde hairdo will look gorgeous on most younger blonde men. Show it off and just know that it will photograph so well. 

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