Are you a guy trying to rock cool and defined dreadlocks? This look is a type of hair styling in which the hair hangs in long thick twisted pieces. It can be thick, long, thin, short, colored – you name it! A lot of African guys love to rock this type of hairdo, but almost anyone can give it a go! If you want to find some cool dreadlocks ideas and you want to braid your hair on your own (or book a professional to do it for you), keep on reading! Here is what you’ve been missing out on.

What Are Dreadlocks?

Often tied to tribes of Africa, dreadlocks have made a major impact across the world and nowadays everyone is intrigued rocking them. This is a Rastafarian hairstyle in which the hair is combed and twisted while wet into tight braids. Bob Marley is one of a few people who has made dreads popular & has spread good vibes about this look. Dreadlocks don’t have to be washed too often, and they are a low-maintenance look (just getting them initially may take you a couple of hours to do). You can give them a go at any point and for any event that you may like.

Top 13 Men’s Dreadlock Inspiration Hairdos

1. Thick Dreadlocks For Guys

Guys with naturally thick and healthy strands will appreciate these types of dreadlocks the most. If you have shorter hair and you want to add volume and definition to it in your own way, here’s what we recommend! The end result is perfect for those who enjoy voluminous and chunky braids.

2. Dreadlock Hairdo Bun

A hairdo bun that is done in this dreadlock way is a fierce and powerful look. It is often worn by those who are sporty people or sports players who want something that can withstand your chosen activity for hours! It is not too hard to do on your own either.

3. Detailed Dreadlocks Hair

Detailed and tied this way – dreadlocks such as these are going to look amazing on those who enjoy thick and defined hairdos. The end result is perfect for guys who are in their thirties and trying to figure out a new look that they can rock anywhere and everywhere they go.

4. Black Hair Dreadlocks

Try these thin locks and give this deadlock hairdo a try if you’re a fan of smaller and shorter ideas. Guys who have naturally thinner hair will like this look quite a lot. Give it a go and secure your braids in place with a proper elastic to show them off for day-to-day wear.

5. High Up Thick Afro Dreadlocks

A high-up and thick voluminous hairdo such as this one will not go unnoticed. If you enjoy long locks and you can handle their maintenance and upkeep, this is for you. Men who have long and luscious hair will appreciate the beauty behind this design, as well as the maintenance of your cool dreads

6. Light Brown Dreadlocks

If your hair is on the lighter side and you want something that is appropriate for the summertime period, this is for you! Show off your cool locks and rock these dreads everywhere you go. The end result is thick and healthy hair that is going to look amazing when exposed to a bit of sunlight.

7. Long Voluminous Dreadlock Hairdo

Long, bold and so fun to do – these dreads are for those who love their long and high-maintenance locks. If you can grow your hair to this length and if you’re looking for something new, modern and trendy – give this look a go. Heads up since growing it out may take months to do.

8. Dreadlock Hair For Guys

You can add this cute and subtle little detail to your hair to make it more fun and unique. The right type of hair elastics will add so much fun to your look. The end result is the right look for most young guys or teen guys who enjoy trendy transformations.

9. Dreadlock Bun Hairdo

If you want a practical hairdo that you can rock to any event you want – this is it. Try out this hair bun and rock this stylish bun for your next big sporty event. Guys who can tie their own braids or buns should give it a go with this dreadlock idea.

10. Thick Long Ponytail Dreadlocks

Thick and defined, this cool dreadlock hairdo is for guys who enjoy attention-seeking ideas. Show off your dominant side and your defined locks this way and in this specific hair styling and braiding technique.

11. Funky Dreadlock Look

How funky and creative is this look?! Do you enjoy retro and voluminous ideas? If so, this is for you! Try out these cool and edgy dreads and rock them with full confidence everywhere you go. Just make sure that you can commit to this look since growing it out may take a couple of months.

12. High Up Dreadlock Look

A high-up dreadlock look such as this one is for guys who love fun and fierce hairdos. If you can grow your locks to this length and you want something that others don’t have or something that others don’t dare to rock – this is perfect for you!

13. Black Hair Dreadlocks For Guys

Lastly and for those who want something a bit more simple and classy, this is the way to do it. Try out these cool edgy locks and rock them even at the office or when doing any type of formal job/interview!

Rock Your Dreads!

Are you a fan of long hair and stylish dreads? If so, why not commit to some of these ideas? It’s time to rock and show off your dreads! 

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