Are you a guy who has medium-length hair and super-defined locks? If so, this article is for you! On the other end, you might be thinking about switching up your look and trying out something new and trendy. If that is the case, why not consider growing your hair and embracing its full potential? You don’t have to go all the way out, but you can consider adding some volume to your medium hair length. Here is what’s going to be popular and what you may want to recreate sometime soon.

20+ Men’s Medium Length Haircuts

1. Cool Bun Medium Length Hair

Go for this updo bun and style it high up for daily moments. If you enjoy slick back looks and you want something that you can style on your own when running errands or when at the gym, this is perfect for you!

2. Wavy Blonde Medium Length Hair

Guys who love their wispy and wavy locks are going to fall in love with this look. Wear your hair on one side only to achieve the exact same design. Combine the look with a stubble beard as well to achieve this cool and edgy look.

3. Stylish Shiny Brown Medium Length Hairstyle

If you love your shiny and healthy hair, this look is for you! Make sure that you can commit to this bob length before you try growing it out. It will take you a couple of weeks to get to this exact same length.

4. Brown Thick Medium Length Hair

If your natural hair is thick and healthy, this look is for you! Make sure that you can grow it to this length before you commit to its maintenance since it is a high-maintenance look. Combine it with a long and bushy beard to rock the exact same design for daily events and for chic reckless wear.

5. Bob Medium Length Hairstyle

Guys who love their bob should embrace the design. This medium-length hair is for those who enjoy showing off their shiny and healthy strands. You should style it with a bit of your favorite hair gel or pomade.

6. Light Brown Medium Length Hair

Those who have straight and healthy long hair should try out this straight and sleek look. Go for it if you’re a fan of punk rock looks. Shave your facial hair to look elegant and clean for day-to-day events.

7. Straight Medium Length Hair

Some guys love to color their hair. Are you one of those guys? If you want you can commit to this look. It is going to look amazing on most age groups, just make sure that you’re ready for the upkeep and coloring of your ends.

8. Simple Everyday Medium Length Hair

This hairdo just goes to show you that you can look feisty and cool without doing a lot to your hair. This look is very low maintenance and cool, often worn by those who are in their mid-twenties or thirties. Give it a go if you’re all about practicality.

9. Thick Brown Bun Hair

If you have thick and healthy hair, this look is for you! Make sure that you go for a proper hair tie to set your bun in place. Men who have thick and bushy beards will enjoy combining them all together and in this stylish way.

10. Blonde Voluminous Hairstyle

Show off this cool and long hairdo for the summertime period. Guys who have thick and healthy strands will enjoy this look the most. If you’re a fan of sleek straight bob hairdos, this is for you! Comb it out and rock throughout the day.

11. Bob Hair With Natural Highlights

You should color your hair every 2 months when it comes to this specific style. If you’re in your twenties this is a popular hairdo to rock at the moment. Don’t forget to invest in your hair care products if you plan on coloring your hairdo and bleaching it.

12. Black Hair Medium Length Hair

Men who have voluminous hair are going to like this sleek look. Simply brush out your hair and give it a go for day-to-day events. You are also going to enjoy a short and subtle beard with this hairdo. This is a must-try for your office moments.

13. Thick Hair & Beard Duo

How gorgeous is this duo?! This thick and healthy hair is going to look amazing with a fuller beard. Men who love that lumberjack look are also going to look amazing with this duo. Make sure that you properly moisturize your beard and hair to get a healthy outcome.

14. Braids Medium Length Hair

Do you enjoy braids? Some guys love to rock them on a daily. If you know how to tie your hair this way, why not give it a go? You can also spice it up with some unique hair dye or extensions to get this retro outcome.

15. Side Swept Medium Length Hair

A side-swept hairstyle such as this one is very model-like. Men who are in their twenties are going to adore this look. You are going to look and feel like an actual model with this design.

16. Half Up Half Down Ponytail Hairdo

If you don’t know what to go for, a half up half down hairdo is always a bulletproof solution. Men who enjoy elegant ideas and those who want a stylish haircut for everyday moments are going to like this look. Add a bit of hairspray to set your strands in place during the day.

17. Black Hair Wavy Medium Length Hair

This hairdo just goes to show you that you can look cool and trendy without putting in a ton of effort. This effortless beach hairdo is for guys who enjoy their wavy strands, as well as for guys who don’t have a lot of time to invest in doing their hair on a daily basis.

18. Fun Blonde Medium Length Hair

A cool and fun wavy blonde hairdo such as this one is a full strike for the summertime period. All you have to do is brush your hair and rock it! Add just a bit of sea salt hairspray or pomade to get this voluminous outcome. Men of any age are going to appreciate this beauty.

19. Trendy Medium Length Hair

You can look like a true hipster with your new hair. If you’re a fan of medium-length hair and you want to style it on your own, this is how you can do it! Pair it with a subtle and simple beard to get the exact same style as this guy.

20. Black Wavy Medium Length Hairstyle

If your genetics has blessed you with voluminous and healthy locks, this look is for you. Make sure that you brush out the strands to get this wavy bob. Men who are in their thirties might enjoy this look the most. It can look so good when paired with a thick and full beard.

21. Medium Length Hair In A Bun

Slick-back ponytails or slick-back bun looks will never go out of fashion! Men who want to make a serious impression are going to enjoy this design. Add your favorite hairspray on top to set your locks in place and prolong its wear time.

22. Wet Hair Medium Length Look

Lastly, if it is the summertime period, we recommend that you give it a go with this hairdo. It is chic and retro, as well as super easy to pull off. If you’re a fan of a bob or shoulder length, this is for you!

Grow Your Hair Out!

Are you ready for any of these hairdos? If so, which one is your personal favorite? Let us know what you want to rock and recreate, we can’t wait to see you with something new.

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