Mullet haircuts for women might come off as an unusual choice, as mullet hairdo is mostly seen as a guy’s haircut. However, when executed the right way, this hair design can look wild, retro, and feminine! Anyone who enjoys blowouts and voluminous ideas will fall in love with the mullet concept. Not too sure how to style it, or how it is going to look on you? If that’s the case, fear no more as we will answer this question for you down below! Here is what we recommend that you get.

20+ Mullet Haircuts 

Blonde Mullet Hair 

1. Edgy Mullet Hair

This blonde and edgy hairstyle is a common look by women who enjoy defined and retro ideas. If you can handle the coloring touch-ups and you love that rock and roll punk vibe, this is for you.

2. Blonde Mullet Hair With Bangs

Try out this blonde mullet with bangs and enjoy a shorter design. Ladies who love that tomboy aesthetic are going to fall in love with this beauty.

3. Curly Blonde Mullet Hair

Go with a curly blonde mullet and express your wild spirit with this defined rock-punk style. Ladies who prefer their natural texture and those who love cute girly looks are going to adore this one. Use the right curl cream or curl gel to define your stylish locks.

4. Long Blonde Mullet Hair

Somewhat long, this mullet is often worn by ladies who love to express their punk rock style! If you are a fan of edgy ideas and you want to express your bangs in a creative way, along with some retro highlights – we can vouch for this look.

5. Platinum Blonde Mullet Hair

Go platinum and show off your short wispy bangs everywhere you go. Women who are on the low-maintenance side are going to adore this idea for everyday wear. The final outcome is a must-try for younger ages.

6. Dark Blonde Mullet Hair

A dark blonde haircut with subtle highlights is a trendy look that is often popular for the fall season. If you enjoy darker shades that are somewhat natural-looking, we know that this is the best pick for you.

Light Brown Mullet Hair

1. Brown Curly Mullet Hair

Light brown natural mullet with cute blonde bangs is a hairstyle that you’re going to love for the summertime. Step out of your comfort zone and try out something new that you have never done before.

2. Curly Mullet Hair

Curly and defined mullet with bangs and a natural shade of brown is for those who enjoy subtle looks, yet want to define their natural beauty. If you prefer quick and easy, as well as lighter styles that are easy to recreate on your own at home, try this beauty.

3. Messy Mullet Hair

Go for wispy and wet-looking bangs to try out this hairdo. Women who prefer cute and elegant wispy ideas and those who enjoy retro bangs are going to fall in love with this concept. Go for funky eyeliner as well to round up the look.

4. Mullet Hair With Bangs

Natural brown mullet hairdo and this gorgeous style is for ladies who enjoy shorter and low-maintenance ideas. If you’re someone who likes trends and you want to find something new and bold for yourself, this may be it.

5. Warm Toned Brown Mullet Hair

A warm-toned hairstyle that you’re going to like for everyday wear and when trying to look like a diva. If you prefer elf or mullet designs and you are into shorter looks, this is truly for you.

6. Mullet Hair Brown Color

Mullet brown and messy hairdo that you’re going to love for your next chic moment. If you’re someone who prefers shaved sides and short edges, we know that you’re going to adore this beauty.

7. Mullet Hair With A Fade

Fade details are there to either add style or edginess to your look. Women who like retro and playful (even vintage) looks are going to like this hairstyle.

Dark Brown Mullet Hair

1. Dark Brown Mullet Hairstyle

A dark brown or almost black hairdo that shows your natural color and your locks in its true beauty is for those who love minimalism. Show off the fringe and enjoy this cute moment.

2. Short Brown Mullet Hair

Short brown mullet with straight bangs and baby bangs is for those ladies who love retro low-key ideas. Show off your edgy style and your playful spirit with this exact hair outcome.

3. Mullet Hair With Bangs

You should cut this mullet hairdo every five weeks to maintain the style. If you prefer shorter hairdos and you like low-maintenance ideas, this is for you.

4. Dark Brown Mullet Haircut

Add a fade detail to your mullet style and style it with your favorite hairspray and hair gel. If you have thinner hair – this is perfect for you.

5. Voluminous Mullet Hair

Show off your curly texture and recreate this look for everyday wear. Add these short bangs to recreate the exact same look.

Orange And Pink Mullet Hair

1. Light Orange Mullet Hair

Add orange and pink shades and combine them to achieve this wild color pattern. If you love outgoing ideas and crazy color patterns, we know that this is going to look good on you.

2. Dark Orange Mullet Hair

Invest in high-quality hair products when it comes to this design. Orange hair color can easily wash out, so watch out for it before trying to commit to it.

3. Hot Pink Mullet Hair

Color your pink mullet every four weeks and maintain the design. If you enjoy lighter shades and you want to stand out everywhere you go, this is for you.

4. Light Pink Mullet Hair

Try out a light pink shade and combine both a mullet and a fade detail with it. If you want something sweet, short, and simple, yet colorful – we know that you’re going to love this. 

5. Mullet Hair Orange Color

Dark orange mullet such as this one is a must-do for the fall season. It is trendy and often worn by younger ladies. 

6. Mullet Hair With Bangs Orange Color

Cut your mullet into layers and combine this dark orange color to the whole look. Ladies who love parties will fall in love with this attention-seeking design.

Unique Colors Mullet Hair

1. Purple Mullet Hair

Use the right hair toner when it comes to this look. It is going to look amazing for the spring season.

2. Teal Mullet Hair

Dark green haircut and mullet combo will suit younger ladies who love to follow trends. It is also a popular look on social media.

3. Dark Red Mullet Hair

Rich and warm-toned mullet is going to look great on mature ladies. The final result is a must-do for the fall season.

4. Hot Red Mullet Hair Cut

Comb your hair in one minute and head out! Effortless and truly timeless, this is a must-book with your hairstylist.

5. Dark Green Mullet Hair

Lastly, if you are a lady who loves dark green and dominant shades, this is for you. Color it every six weeks and maintain in the long run.

Mullet Hairdo Time!

Are you ready for your next mullet design? What do you love to wear more often, neat and wispy or curly and retro designs? We have covered them all in this article, so let us know what you end up picking for yourself. We can’t wait to see you with something as fun!

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