Mushroom brown hair is, honestly, such a vibe at the moment! This is a gorgeous hair color and shade that can add so much elegance and depth to your current hair color. You don’t have to color it completely either, which is one other reason why women love this shade. You can just get some seamless highlights that will add that pop and create the perfect mushroom shade range and the perfect ombré design. If you’re a fan of chic and trendy looks and you’re not too sure what color to go for, keep on reading! In this article, we’re going to list some cool options that can suit different age groups and hair lengths.

Top 30 Mushroom Brown Hair Color Ideas

1. Dark Brown Mushroom Hair Color

Cute and elegant, this wavy hairdo is such a vibe! If you’re a fan of cute and wavy locks and you want to try out something new that can look feline, this is it! Show it off knowing that everyone will compliment your hairdo.

2. Shiny Mushroom Hair Color

A mushroom-colored hairdo such as this one is colored in a unique way and is done in layers. If you want a wavy outcome and you’re a fan of fuller hairdos, this is perfect for you.

3. Natural Mushroom Hair Color

Darker colored mushroom brown cut such as this one is a must-do for the fall. If you love your natural style and you’re a fan of elegant ideas, this is going to suit you so well.

4. Icy Dark Brown Mushroom Hair Color

A cool-tone hairdo such as this one is going to look great on most age groups. If you prefer icy tones and you want something that is super popular for the fall, this is it! Show it off knowing that it is a chic and trendy solution.

5. Mushroom Hair Color With Highlights

Add a couple of highlights to your hairdo and show off this gorgeous outcome. A darker base will easily sink in the color and you’re going to enjoy this final design for formal events and most important gatherings.

6. Brown Roots Mushroom Hair Color

Make sure that you can maintain this design and this color to prolong this beauty. If you’re a fan of elegant wispy looks, why not give this a go? Age-wise, it can suit most women and age groups.

7. Brown Healthy Mushroom Hair Color

Long brown and healthy sleek hair such as this one is a subtle beauty for you to try out. If you prefer simpler ideas and you’re a fan of elegance, this is for you!

8. Chocolate Brown Mushroom Hair Color

An elegant chocolate brown mushroom hairdo such as this one is going to look amazing on younger women who love “party” ideas. If you enjoy elegance and want to attract a ton of attention and looks, this is for you.

9. Light Brown Mushroom Hair Color Look

A lighter shade such as this one is going to make an amazing mushroom brown hairdo. It is a gorgeous lighter hue that will look amazing when you show it off in the sunlight.

10. Elegant Wavy Mushroom Hair Color

Go for these cute waves and make the color come to life! If you want to spice up your ends just a little bit and bring them back to life, this is perfect for you!

11. Brown Mushroom Hair Color With Highlights

Add these chocolate brown mushroom highlights and refreshen the look just how you like it. If you’re a fan of warm-tone ideas and you enjoy stylish hairdos that are popular for the summertime period, this is it!

12. Stylish Mushroom Hair Color

An icy tone such as this one is going to look amazing on women who are in their twenties. If you enjoy fresh and wispy ideas and you fully trust your hairstylist, why not commit to this gorgeous design and show it off everywhere you go?

13. Long Mushroom Hair Color Look

Long and elegant, this hairdo is for women who can maintain the outcome. Make sure that you’re ready for all the upkeeps since this color can be tricky to do.

14. Dark Roots Mushroom Hair Color

Keep your roots dark and let your hair flow and show it off in this unique way! Women who enjoy their subtle highlights and those who love longer looks will fancy this beauty. Show it off for any headed event.

15. Wavy Look Mushroom Hair Color

A wavy hairdo such as this one is going to look elegant and formal. If you fancy voluminous updos and trust your hairstylist, this is for you! If you’re in your twenties we know that you’re going to fall in love with this outcome.

16. Feminine Mushroom Hair Color Hairdo

Super dark and feisty, this style is a must-try for the fall. If you’re a fan of longer ideas and you think of making a major change – this is the right move to make!

17. Natural Brown Color Mushroom Hair

Some women love to do mini hair switch-ups. Not everyone is a fan of going all the way out hairstyling technique. If you prefer defined cuts yet a subtle change in color, this is perfect for you.

18. Warm Blonde Mushroom Hair Color

A cute blonde hairdo such as this one is going to suit most young women who enjoy subtle transformations. If you want a warm-toned look and you’re a fan of bright summer hairdos, this is for you.

19. Mushroom Hair Color With Warm Highlights

Add a bit of dimension and depth to your hair with this coloring technique. If you are a fan of lighter highlights and you enjoy wispy outcomes, this is for you. Add a cute curl to achieve this formal hairdo that you can wear for most important events.

20. Straight Mushroom Hair Color Cut

If your hair is straight and shiny and you want something elegant, this is for you. Show off this look for your everyday moments knowing that it is the perfect office or job solution.

21. Mushroom Hair Color Middle Part

Women who like icy haircuts and lighter shades will fancy this hairdo transformation. If you’re a fan of elegance and you want to make your transformation obvious and worthy of checking out, give this a go!

22. Smooth Dark Brown Natural Mushroom Hair Color

Dark brown wispy hair with these cute locks is the perfect example of a mushroom brown transformation. Those who enjoy cute and mesmerizing ideas, as well as those who trust their hairstylist, will enjoy giving it a go with this formal beauty.

23. Warm-Toned Mushroom Hair Color Look

A warm-toned mushroom brown hairdo such as this one is going to suit women who enjoy bob cuts the best. If you’re a fan of elegance and you trust your hairstylist + you want to look fierce, this is for you.

24. Fun Mushroom Hair Color Hairdo

Make sure that you can do these highlights every 3 months to maintain the outcome. If you prefer low-maintenance hairdos and something that you don’t have to color too frequently, this is for you!

25. Long Mushroom Hair Color Hairdo

A long mushroom brown hairdo such as this one is super voluminous and wispy. Women who have naturally longer locks and those who love their texture will want to give it a go with this design.

26. Voluminous Wavy Mushroom Hair Color

Add this hue of yellow to your hair to create a gorgeous and elegant style. If you’re a fan of longer looks and you can maintain your hair color and cut, this is for you, especially for the springtime.

27. Chopped Bob Mushroom Hair Color

A chopped brown bob such as this one is going to look amazing on busy moms and those women who are always running around doing errands. If you don’t have a ton of time and you’re a quick and practical woman, this is for you.

28. Simple Mushroom Hair Color Cut

Some women may prefer this haircut over other kinds. If you’re someone who enjoys chopped bobs and monochrome colors all throughout, this is perfect for you! Color it every 7-9 weeks to maintain its beauty.

29. Simple & Smooth Transition Mushroom Hair Color

A smooth transition such as this one and this gorgeous ombré shade is going to look the best on women who are in their thirties. If you enjoy subtle waves and you want a formal hairdo, this is it!

30. Chic Wavy Mushroom Hair Color Look

Lastly, if your hair is on the curlier side and if you enjoy defined and soft defined locks, give this a go! Show it off, especially during the summertime period for the best and flawless results.

Coloring Time

Are you ready for something new? If so, which hairdo you can’t wait to copy and recreate from this list? Let us know which is your top pick, we can’t wait to see you with something new.

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